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Amnesia is a sativa-dominant strain that combines all the psychedelic effects of Haze with the high resin content more commonly found in indicas. Like Haze, Amnesia offers users an intense, uplifting high that can even result in a loss of short term memory in some cases.

Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A sativa-dominant strain that combines all the psychedelic effects of Haze with the high resin content more commonly found in indicas, Amnesia offers users an intense, uplifting high that can even result in a loss of short term memory in some cases.

Though this high-powered plant should be used with care, it’s potency is no reason to shy away from trying it out. Grown from top-quality Growers Choice cannabis seeds, Amnesia boasts an impressive 20% THC, and often appeals to people struggling with emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression, because it offers a “happy” high that can brighten your mood and bring you out of a bad day. Thanks to the relaxation from that little bit of indica, Amensia alleviates stress as well, and can help you fall asleep if you find you’re often too stressed out to drift off. It has also been known to ease pain.

The Benefits of Amnesia Cannabis Seeds

A citrus fruity flavor means this strain is pleasant to ingest, if smoking or vaporizing, though it also makes a great addition to any home-baked edibles. Be ready for a bit of dry-mouth, but that short-term, harmless side effect is well worth the wonderful benefits of this strain. Because Amnesia’s heady THC effect isn’t countered by CBD (it has only a small amount of this other significant cannabinoid), it’s best for people seeking some of that famous cannabis “high”, and should be avoided, or used in very small amounts, by those who are seeking only medical results.

Grow Your Own Amnesia Cannabis Seeds

Though Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds can be grown outside, this strain is a good strain for indoor growing too, with both soil and hydroponic set-ups. It also bears up well to slightly cramped conditions, making it suitable for Sea of Green and Screen of Green growing methods. After the cannabis seeds have germinated, the plant will flower in nine to ten weeks, and produce a moderate yield.

Read our Amnesia Cannabis article to learn more about this mighty strain.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Haze x Northern Lights


10% Indica, 90% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



energizing, Happy, Uplifted

Best Use

creative pursuits, Daytime, Improve mood, reduce stress


Citrus, Earthy, Pungent

Indoor Yield

600-650g per m2

Outdoor Yield

650-700g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

117 reviews for Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Derek Snyder (verified owner)

    Working hard every day…you know I am gonna need some fat nug to feel better. I started growing this last fall in the basement…watched it grow bigger and bigger over the winter. LOVE the sweet flavor and the very enjoyable vibes. I get baked and usually watch some art film to analyze. Makes writing papers waaaay easier LOL.

  2. Phyllis Mathews (verified owner)

    Amnesia is your new calling in life. It’s the best stuff you can buy, especially for such a reasonable price! Ordered online and it shipped directly to my place here in Oregon! Wow I really love living here, and I love the way it makes me feel. Gonna definitely buy more marijuana than ever before!

  3. Oscar Hoover (verified owner)

    A very uplifting strain of marijuana…really helps with stress and depression and it’s great to smoke it in the morning when you wake up! I like getting a little high before work, it really helps the day move along faster…can’t wait for my next little batch of seeds to arrive. Such fast and reliable delivery from these kind folks!

  4. Franco Lane (verified owner)

    When it’s time to forget, and you need a little pick me up, then it’s best to break out the amnesia strain and get super baked. I like smoking this and then chilling out on my sofa and watching a really good movie. I watched Deliverance last night, and it’s a pretty scary movie!! Very excited for the next few days though, and I got a bong packed for each and every one of them. Definitely gonna make it all work out!

  5. Bridget Archer (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a strong smelling strain, gets me all jazzed up when I take a huge whiff! I ordered 3 seeds online and they shipped out so quickly! I barely had time to prep my garden! I am a little bit old and have arthritis so gardening is helpful for my joints and is also helpful for my mental health, plus the marijuana I grow is top notch and very relaxing.

  6. Raisa Oakley (verified owner)

    I like this weed it’s very sativa friendly and gets me all kinds of stoned. I am very happy I purchased from GCS cause their seeds are top-quality and ship out really quickly. I am very stoned even right now, and I like how amnesia helps me keep my energy levels up and stay focused when I need to work. These pink nugs are really special and you’ll love them too!

  7. Vivaan Nelson (verified owner)

    Getting buzzed and taking the ferry to Bremerton is my JAM! Got real high the other day and walked around the peninsula for hours. Man, I just love having legal weed in this state, feels pretty awesome to get home and see the weed in your own backyard, really good vibes, very sativa heavy. Gonna be very excited to grow this stuff again!!

  8. Ammaarah Wilder (verified owner)

    dAAANG amnesia weed is like hella dope! I buy myself this weed every year and grow it over the summer. Pacific is my go-to cause they got some dank seeds and they ship out very very fast! A nice time for all of us, and a very buzzy advantage. You’ll be in the right headspace to handle anything from work to cooking to parties! Amnesia is a cure-all for anxiety!

  9. Gabrielle Bernard (verified owner)

    Amnesia is sooo powerful that I honestly forgot I had work today LOL and then I got called in late and they were pissed. OH well, either way no regrets, love how this weed makes me feel and really enjoy the sativa flavor. Need some sweet sweet relief at the end of the day and this is the best way I know how!!

  10. Cassidy Buchanan (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a powerful tool in your arsenal, definitely try to get baked on this weed and just watch TV for hours or play COD it’s honestly sooo much fun. I am not a GREAT grower, but I definitely enjoy smoking this stuff and will keep doing so in the future. A VERY nice buy, especially for the affordable pricing and great growing advice on this website!

  11. Randy Galloway (verified owner)

    This weed is awesome…it’s a great strain and it gets me good and stoned. I ordered it online and had it shipped right to my front door. I was so excited to receive the package! I put these seeds in the ground nearly right away, and they sprouted very soon after. It was pretty good watching these plants progress. Definitely gonna buy more!!!

  12. Minnie Cantu (verified owner)

    What were we talking about? Oh yeah, amnesia weed!! Ordered this stuff online and it got shipped right to my spot here in California…perfect growing weather here in Cali, the sun is perfect for all this weed, and if I just water regularly, then I am in a good spot!Got myself 3 seeds which turned into 3 beautiful plants. They were so much fun to grow, and really easy too, best time everrr!!

  13. Amiya Gillespie (verified owner)

    I was so happy to receive my seeds in the mail a few weeks ago. I started growing mj in my basement and feel pretty great about it….got a very nice vibe from this particular strain, never lets me down and usually puts a nice smile on my face. I find that growing indoors is a nice way to get a good yield, it helps with stress and depression too, being active with your hands 🙂

  14. Lucas Hess (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a heck of a strain, makes my body feel like its floating down a lazy river. One of my favorite activities is smoking a joint and then going to the grocery store and wandering up and down the aisles looking at all the food, so nice! Got it shipped right to my place, too, very convenient and also very nice to have this stuff in the backyard, it looks magical!!!

  15. Tashan Fritz (verified owner)

    I was really pleased with how this turned out…got a very nice yield from my plant which was about 5 months old! Great smell and taste to this marijuana, makes me feel very relaxed and happy, and it’s a pretty fun project to grow. This was my first time growing weed, and it was pretty fun, not too hard and very reliable seeds! Great purchase!

  16. Conor Lozano (verified owner)

    This weed actually helps me focus in school and it’s pretty awesome. I really like the taste and smell, gets me nice and stoned and it makes homework a whole lot easier. Definitely appreciate this strain for all it offers me, and I enjoyed growing it as well. I hope you try to smoke this yourself, cause when you do, all the fog will disappear from your eyes, and you’ll be a lot happier!!!

  17. Joel Whyte (verified owner)

    I was almost not gonna write a review for this weed, but then I started smoking it and it turned into my new favorite strain and I just had to say something about it! I LOVE growing my own marijuana, it’s so fulfilling and definitely a good buy. I REALLY wanna keep growing this stuff cause it makes me happy and it also has a lot of sativa energy which keeps me up and running throughout the day!

  18. Anniyah Green (verified owner)

    I was never a fan of getting high in college, but now that I have begun my working life, I feel like this is all but necessary to keep me sane in the face of all this madness. I really like this stuff though, it’s an easy grow and makes for a great and smelly harvest and the buds are nice and pink, the size of my fist, and so fluffy they seem lighter than air!

  19. Haisam Kassis (verified owner)

    Nobody out there is gonna tell me that I can’t grow and smoke my own marijuana! GCS really makes that possible too! I ordered online and everything shipped out perfectly, my seeds just arrived in beautiful packaging, they looks like little marbles and they do so well in the ground! My first batch is nearly ready for harvest. I feel really fortunate for all the great things my life has given me!

  20. doorsandjamsllc (verified owner)

    I woke up this morning and smoked some of this amnesia weed. It’s really good! I am a hash critic too, and I really appreciate the seriously weed smokers of the world. I always buy seeds from GCS when I want to grow some myself. Online ordering is simple and delivery is reliable and fast (and discreet if that matters). Always solid germination and yield, and a very relaxing bud.

  21. Melissa Berg (verified owner)

    Amneisa feminized strain is all about the benjamins….meaning it saves you dough!!! I got like 800 grams of marijuana, better than anything I have grown in the past by far and all the weed is top quality stuff. Has to be one of my favorite strains, one of the better vibes out there, I am telling ya, and it makes you feel just fantastic. I highly recommend you give it a go, and you’ll be a master grower in no time!

  22. Jerome Mueller (verified owner)

    I was very intrigued by this weed when I first saw it, I loved the pink leaves and green flower, it was so alien and mysterious. I kinda love this stuff and really hope to keep growing it. This was just a wild experiment in my life, and it all kinda just worked out beautifully. Very happy for what happened in my backyard this season, a truly remarkable accomplishment if you ask me! I am a great weed grower!!!

  23. jay garcia (verified owner)

    I used to smoke this weed back in high school, but don’t tell my mom! Now that I am an adult, I can finally grow my own marijuana. Like I smoke this in the evening to help me just chill, and be smiley or whatever, and in the morning, I take a little puff with my coffee and I am ready for the day. I feel like such an adult growing my own weed, it’s a sign of indpendence, so that’s pretty cool I guess 🙂

  24. mike guerrara (verified owner)

    I was always more of a sativa guy myself. I like getting kinda hyped up on weed, and I really like smoking this stuff during the afternoon to avoid my 3pm crash. I don’t know about you, but I get soooo tired at my desk in the afternoon. It gets to be too much sometimes. I smoke a little at lunch and it makes me feel much better. I am very excited to have more weed in my life, and homegrown especially. Very pleased with my purchase 🙂

  25. hyperspace90 (verified owner)

    I really like amnesia weed, it’s super nice and smooth and is great for headaches and even helps with depression. I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered, got a great little grow from my 3 plants, not too much management, but just enough. Very pleased with the result and definitely want to buy more from this site, they have great seeds!!!

  26. cleanproservices (verified owner)

    I wake up in the AM and smoke a little bit of this marijuana to feel ready for the day. Ordered online and had it delivered to my door. Got it in just under a week! It’s a really easy strain to germinate and grow, and it does really well in the backyard during the summer and fall. Love it for the pink and green color and the wonderful sour smell. I like it for all it’s worth!!

  27. dreamerweaver (verified owner)

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this strain, it’s easy to grow and lasts a really long time. PLus the colors are just amazing, pinks and greens and oranges OH MY! Ordering online is fast and simple, and the seeds ship out super fast. I am just thrilled at how well this turned out, can’t wait to buy some more 🙂

  28. kg8379 (verified owner)

    When you smoke amnesia, all your worries just disappear, plus it gives you this sharp focus that lets you get done all the work you’ve been neglecting for months lol. I think this weed has actually helped me with my procrastination, and it’s been an excellent buy for me cause I just love working in my garden. Live free and be happy 🙂

  29. newbiepie99 (verified owner)

    I am a new grower. A friend recommended me to this website…and I am really glad she did. There were some snags getting the seeds to germ, but I got them to finally sprout and they grew big and tall. Very useful for when you want a LOT of weed, but you don’t wanna spend a lotta cash!! I like its sweet flavor, and the Sativa buzz, well worth it!

  30. greenmunster35 (verified owner)

    If you wanna just put your worries behind you….and float down a relaxing river to flavortown….why not try out this sweet and sour amnesia weed for some good times!? That’s what I did….and I feel great!!! Ordering online is fast and simple…makes for a good smoke with your friends and loved ones, and honestly, it’s pretty easy to grow, just kinda takes a while. So be patient!!!

  31. whippit380 (verified owner)

    Amnesia is where the magic happens…I am a HUGE fan of this marijuana…it’s great for just dealing with your stress or depression, and it makes for one heck of a buy! I ordered this online and got it shipped right to my place here in southern Cali, where the sun is hot and everything grows beautifully. I just can’t wait until things pick up again next season!!

  32. Edie Brickell (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a strain worthy of your time and effort. If you take the time to raise this weed properly, then you will be very surprised and happy to see if flourish in your backyard or basement. The nugs are nice and green and some of them even look pink! Very eye-catching! A nice and stimulating sativa, great for dealing with pain and stress!

  33. Munki Munki (verified owner)

    I don’t want to forget how much I LOoooooove this weed! It’s lincredible! These little pink and green nugs are addictive, they crumble and break so nicely, it’s like magic powder…and you load up your bowl and smoke it and all your troubles disappear. I have been so excited to have this in my life, and you will too!

  34. foto period (verified owner)

    One of the best strains out there, totally rocked my world when I first started smoking it….keeps my head up high…keeps my mind clear….makes life a little bit better! Ordered online, got it delivered to my home…made for a great buy….the growing info on this site is clutch!! Awesome experiment, will definitely do again 🙂

  35. Durango (verified owner)

    Brighten up your morning with amnesia strain weed. It’s a really nice variety…pretty good for beginners and it helps with stress and anxiety. Mostly it’s a model sativa strain in my mind, definitely gets me buzzed and makes me wanna skateboard around town. And so I do!!! It’s a very active strain…pretty dope overall. Well worth the effort!

  36. Davin Johansen (verified owner)

    You won’t forget why you purchased this sativa strain! It’s a delicious blend of sweet and sour flavors…a chill wave that washes over your body and gives you a mintue to slow down and focus. I get a lot of work done on this weed, some late-night work sessions, and good vibes with my friends. I really like the pink flower too, it’s prett exciting stuff!

  37. Brent Leslie (verified owner)

    Amnesia strain is a powerful sativa blend that sharpens the senses and relaxed the mind…makes me feel like the next-level me! I am way more productive at work when I smoke this dope…helps me manage my work and value my time more. Always a good decision to have this in your life. I think you’ll totally enjoy!

  38. chubbybunny (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a really nice weed, it helps me chill out when I am feeling super stressed or upset. I ordered 3 of these weed seeds online, right on this website. I got them delivered right to my door and grew them in the basement. They did really well and created a beautiful colorful harvest. I smoked this earlier today and feel just great. I really think you should buy this pot!

  39. Kamuela (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a real summer treat. I grew my seeds indoors in my basement and they were ready for harvest just in time for the weather to turn warm. I am really happy I decided to do this. It’s always been a good distraction from my daily life to grow marijuana, but this weed makes me wanna transform it from a hobby into a career. Definitely excited for the prospect of growing more, especially this Sativa weed, so relaxing and uplifting!

  40. mrnicerguy (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a nice and powerful strain….it’s a great wake up strain if you’re feeling tired or depressed. I usually roll a nice spliff after work is done…cruise around on my bicycle and I am feeling like a total baller…all my stress just disappears and my head is filled with creative thinking….I love to hang out with friends and share this weed…it always makes for a good time. Easy growing too, barely had to worry about it!

  41. Jess Freesan (verified owner)

    If you ever need a way to calm your nerves…amnesia is a great way to do it…it’s a pretty strong sativa….so it helps with stress and it keeps you focused…I really enjoy its earthly qualities….am very impressed by the harsh smoke and the nice even buzz. I honestly can’t believe I grew this myself. Maybe I am a better gardener than I thought!

  42. Chris Costa (verified owner)

    Don’t forget to buy this weed, or you’ll totally regret it. I love this amazing taste and smell and it’s so good for these crazy times. I am so stressed out…I am just glad I got to grow some weed in my own home….in my own garden….with my own hands….very fulfilling….very tasty and gets me super buzzed! Can’t complain!

  43. Zack Hopper (verified owner)

    You won’t forget a thing when you smoke amnesia weed. It’s a lovely strain with some very powerful relaxation effects. I smoke it to help with my anxiety, cause folks, these are some anxious times and we need some relief. I love growing weed out in my backyard. It’s such a nice smelling strain too…so sour and earthy and it wakens my senses, like a quick jolt of caffeine. Great buy!

  44. Tagger (verified owner)

    I don’t wanna forget your name…so I write it on a napkin and post it to my fridge and I smoke amnesia weed and look at the fridge and it’s there, right in front of me, every single day. I miss having my gf around…helping me grow all this weed. She was so GOOD at growing marijuana…what a GAL! I will definitely keep buying from GCS though…cause these seeds are radical and awesome. The weed is super high qual. Some fancy stuff right here. Def give it a try!

  45. Mr Nice Guy (verified owner)

    I forget why I am writing this review…oh yeah…Amnesia weed! Definitely a good buy on my part…really helps me relax and stay focused on what really matters…myself! Bought 3 seeds from Grower’s and had them in my mailbox in one week! Smoke to maintain my sanity lol…I mean really, don’t we all? This sativa strain will brighten up your afternoon, and put a smile on your face. Great buy!

  46. @drinkurweed (verified owner)

    Amnesia is one powerful kick in the brain! I smoke this stuff to wake up! I need a little pep in my step in the afternoon cause I usually just get super tired and nod off at my desk. That’s what Chipotle for lunch will do ya. I don’t care though. I’ll duck into an alleyway and smoke till I am blue in the face. Nobody at work will ever know, I just chew some gum and put in some eye drops, and I am right as rain. Cool buy from Grower’s!

  47. Jonathon Miller (verified owner)

    I want something that keeps me awake rather than puts me to sleep, which is why this strain of MJ really sealed the deal! Got myself 5 ounces of pure green and pink bud from my little plants, pretty prolific and productive stuff, and always keeps me feeling focused and strong. I am a big fan of GCS. Their selection is just right, always on point and their prices can’t be beat. Definitely worth the buy!

  48. Jeep Puma (verified owner)

    Don’t forget to buy this weed! Amnesia is a GREAT sativa strain, helps with stress and anxiety and also keeps me focused during the workday. I find it very relaxing, and also very euhproic, it helps me with my depression and anxiety and makes for a great investment. I am quite happy with the result!

  49. greenwashed (verified owner)

    Amnesia is one of those strains that gives you everything you want, plus a little more 🙂 Got myself a nice big harvest off these 3 little plants. The buds are pink and green and really beautiful when you store them in a jar…I am very excited to have this weed around…I smoke it most nights when I am feeling stressed, or even during the day when I am looking for a little energy boost. It is a sativa…so it does tend to make you a little jittery…so maybe best not right before bed haha

  50. Big Ol’ Trees (verified owner)

    Amnesia weed is not about forgetting where you are or what you’re doing, but it IS about forgetting your stress and worries and letting yourself be free. I am new to growing marijuana but I feel like sativas are definitely my favorite strain. I like the flavor and the buzz, it’s nice and creative and get’s me focused on getting done what I want to get done. It’s kind of like Adderall and actually does help me with my ADD! So much fun to have around the house. I will definitely recommend this to my friends!

  51. Coffee Mugs (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a big sativa fan. Have been growing these strains for years, and I can tell you that this might be one of my favorite. I got 3 seeds online from GCS. Was skeptical at first, but the seeds arrived right on time and were very easy to germinate. I am lucky to have an outdoor greenhouse, so growing these out back was easy as pie! I love pruning and watering weed, the smell is so intoxicating. Once I got to smoking it, I was feeling great! The buzz was strong but focused and it helped me stay energized throughout the day. Also great for my ADHD!

  52. Spectator Sports (verified owner)

    Hi there! I bought these seeds a few months ago and they are great! I ordered them online with GCS and they shipped out right away. I got nearly 500 grams from growing them out back WOW, so amazing! Perfect germination and a really beautiful plant when it’s in the ground, gets pretty tall too, almost as tall as me! I love this weed because it’s so strong, but it makes me super focused. Very happy with my purchase!

  53. scott1571

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  54. Smokeroom (verified owner)

    Don’t forget to buy these seeds! This is some top quality stuff, easy to grow and manage and produces a ton of nug. You definitely will wanna grow indoors if you have the space, makes it soooo much easier to manage and it’s just as fresh when it comes off the plant. Even of you’re not experienced, you will probably enjoy this strain. Really helps with stress and energy levels. You won’t be disappointed!

  55. Florida (verified owner)

    You won’t forget why you bought this weed, that’s for sure. These seeds are a dream to germinate and grow, especially if you have some experience or have an indoor grow space. I love the taste and smell of this stuff, but I guess I feel that way about all weed lol. It’s the genetics that make it so special. The feminized seeds ensure some nice flower is on the way, and the buzz is juuuuust right. Give it a try!

  56. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  57. inthkitchenw/ (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried this weed, then what are you waiting for? It’s both delicious and uplifting. It helps with stress, anxiety and depression and allows for some serious creative energy to flow through your mind. I ordered my 3 seeds online with GCS and they were very fast and professional about delivering them right to my home. I built a little indoor grow space and got some beautiful flower after about 4 months. Sour and sweet, and very energizing!

  58. RedLIght (verified owner)

    Are you looking for a strong, fast-acting sativa? Then amnesia may just be the strain for you. It’s an easy grow with a lot of flower and the smell is absolutely phenomenal. I smoke this with my roommates after work and we all get soooooo high. I got my seeds in the mail one week after ordering online and I am extremely pleased with the results. I’ll continue to order from GCS.

  59. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  60. Addict (verified owner)

    I haven’t forgotten to write this review…which I guess is a good sign I don’t have amnesia…This is a great weed though lol, It’s pretty energizing and euphoric, helps with stress and anxiety, gets me all amped up for work and school. I get my homework done right away, I eat a TON of food….me and my brother grew it in the backyard together, came out really well, have me a good haul and very fresh dank herb…much obliged to GCS!

  61. Sonny (verified owner)

    I kind of always felt like this weed was made specifically for me. I really enjoy the flavor and the buzz and the grow was really easy, fun, and straightforward. I got an excellent harvest from my 3 plants (all grown in my backyard btw) and I’ve had them hanging up to dry since then. Finally got to smoking the bud just a few days ago, and I am in love with this weed, has done great things for my stress and anxiety, I really think you’ll love it!

  62. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  63. Silvester (verified owner)

    If you dig the taste of sour sativa weeds, then you’ll totally love this stuff. It doesn’t make ME have amnesia, it just makes me happy and relaxed and helps me with all my stress and anxiety. It’s actually pretty darn chill. I don’t mind the growing period or any of the stresses that come with making good weed, I find it relaxing and rewarding, plus you’ll impress all your friends with these pinkish green nugs that are dank af! Try it out you won’t be disappointed…

  64. Ginger (verified owner)

    Sometimes, getting out of bed in the morning is just so damned hard…I really need a weed that will give me a strong energy burst and a renewed sense of purpose. That’s where amnesia comes in, this weed is full of flavor and spice, has a nice aroma to it and the buds are deep green and very sticky. Got a nice little package in the mail from Grower’s only 5 days after ordering online and grew them in my backyard. Excellent grow and high quality nug. Great buy!

  65. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  66. tripledub77 (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  67. Peaches (verified owner)

    Gosh this weed is so good….It helps me every single day with my stress and anxiety levels and gives me a great head buzz that keeps the creative juices flowing. I am able to handle anything life throws at me, and I can do it with grace and ease…I loved growing this weed too, it was easy to germinate and grew super quickly! The buds are really big and fluffy and it smells amazing!!!

  68. Joyce Stevens (verified owner)

    Uhhhh I forgot what I was writing about…just kidding! This weed is actually super energizing, helps me get up in the morning and keeps me hella focused at work, I love the way it looks too, the trichomes are really fat and juicy looking, gives me a nice buzz, nice and green and pink in color, super uplifting stuff. I definitely wanna grow this indoors next time, maybe then I can increase my yield which was decent, but kinda small tbh. I’ll be back for more!

  69. chuckwebster (verified owner)

    I like the way this weed makes me feel, it’s uplifting, euphoric and very relaxing. Ordering from GCS was very easy to do online, they have a very straightforward ordering system and their customer service team was very helpful. My seeds arrived quickly and I got to growing them right away. It’s an easy grow, for the most part, and I got a nice yield that really inspired me to grow more!

  70. bethanyderson (verified owner)

    When they say Sativa dominant, they are not kidding! This weed kicks my butt into gear, and the only forgetting that I do is how tired or depressed I was feeling before I smoked. Not too hard to grow, honestly I am a total newbie when it comes to this stuff…but the grow guide on this site really helped! I feel like I got way more weed than I would have going into this blind, but now I am way more confident in my abilities to succeed at weed!

  71. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  72. bimg shore (verified owner)

    One heck of a strong weed. Gives me a huge energy and creative burst, great for smoking before or after work and does great things for my focus and productivity. Who knew I could be so productive on weed! Did so well in the backyard that I could barely keep up. It’s almost like these seeds were meant to grow back there! I got a pretty astonishing yield, and I am really stoked about it! I really enjoy the sativa makeup!

  73. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  74. Adam Alacano (verified owner)

    Forget about your worries and troubles, they will just melt away when you smoke this weed. It’s got a nice easy flavor, kind of sour, but not too bad. I get just high enough to feel a nice sativa buzz and burst of energy, but then I am chilled out, watching the tube most likely lol. I love gardening, it’s been a hobby of mine since I was a child. Now I am very thankful I can maintain a garden all my own and grown my very own marijuana. Thanks GCS!

  75. brendan keele (verified owner)

    I was always a fan of this weed, even when I was a college student. Never thought to grow my own, so I am pretty stoked I finally got the opportunity. Was recommended GCS by a friend, and got my seeds delivered. Great advice on the site about how to germ and cultivate, and stellar results! Very high quality weed, feels great to smoke in the afternoon. Always wakes me up and puts a smile on my face!

  76. Freddy.thompson (verified owner)

    This is one of those strains that really keeps the brain ticking, gets my creative juices flowing and really improves my day at work! I love growing weed, have been doing it for years, was looking to have some pot seeds delivered to my home, and voila! I stumbled on GCS and what an amazing find! I love the amazing online selection and the incredible array of strains to choose from. But I do love a good sativa hybrid and this was right up my alley!

  77. Lindsey M. (verified owner)

    This weed makes me forget about my worries and troubles and gives me a boost of energy to take on the day! I loved growing this in my backyard, the plants did super well and they all got really tall and bushy. I hardly had to make an effort! The yield was good (I think) and now I have fresh sticky herb for the whole winter to look forward to. It’s an excellent weed when you’re feeling tired and blue. Highly recommend!

  78. RBA (verified owner)

    If you need some help waking up in the AM, have you tried this MJ? I swear, it’s almost as good as a nice strong black tea. It’s got a nice sour and earthy taste, and just the brightness of the green nugs will wake up your senses. I am pretty stoked about this, it’s helped me get through some really difficult days at work, and it keeps a smile on my face, even when customer service is trying on my nerves, which is does a lot lol!

  79. natalie (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of both haze and northern lights, so I thought I’d give this weed a try. Turns out it’s pretty easy to grow. Didn’t have any issues with germination and the yield was also exceptional. Very high quality stuff, very fresh and with great effects. I love the smell and taste, sour and earthy, and helps me with stress and energy levels. Great buy!

  80. shaved cat (verified owner)

    This weed is my mid morning pick me up. I start work super early in the am and by like 11 I am wicked sleepy so I take a few hits of this in the alley out back and I feel way better. Not much of a grower myself but my gf helped me a lot and we got a pretty good yield together. Love the sour earthy taste of this weed, it’s super uplifting, great website too.

  81. Goose (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever got a ton of work to get done, but don’t have the motivation to do it, then try taking a couple puffs of Amneisa weed. This stuff always gets me motivated while keeping me focused. Its remarkably easy to grow and offers up some really nice dense green nugs after just 4 months. Helps me with anxiety and pain and definitely ups my energy levels as well. A great choice!

  82. donatello (verified owner)

    This mj has done wonders for my energy levels and has even been helpful for my depression and anxiety. I got 3 seeds from the GCS website, amazing online collection! Got a nice yield after about 4 months or so, nice sticky bud that smells like pine trees! I usually smoke in the afternoon, really helps with my energy dip around 3pm, since office life is so boring haha! Happy as can be!

  83. gr8 m8 (verified owner)

    Well, I guess I forgot to write a review, but that’s cause I was just too stoned off this amazing amnesia weed! Got these seeds delivered from the online GCS store, it’s a heck of a selection, but I am familiar with this strain, have been smoking it for years but now I am a new grower and things are going great! Amazing yield off this plant with an incredible smell and taste, looks kinda pinkish green, super impressive stuff, happy as can be!

  84. Melanie G (verified owner)

    This weed kicks my butt into shape! I actually enjoy being active when I smoke weed, that means running, hiking, etc! It’s perfect for my lifestyle. I’ll just take one or two hits and off I go. I run all around Portland feeling amazing on this weed! It’s super easy to grow and doesn’t give me any trouble at all! Big fan of the smell and taste, nice and sweet with a sour aftertaste. What a treat!

  85. goobert (verified owner)

    I haven’t forgotten to write a review for this weed, so you know it’s gotta be good. This weed actually tends to improve my memory and focus due to its sativa dominant makeup. Gives me a great boost of energy during the long part of the afternoon, when work never seems to end. It’s a great weed for all kinds of stress and anxiety and it’s easy to grow too, try it out for yourself!

  86. calvin (verified owner)

    Whenever I am feeling down or blue, this is the strain that I turn to! It’s really nice on the mind, gives me a great pick me up kind of attitude. It’s great before or after work, or for a full day smoke during the weekend. KIller grow as well, super straightforward and very few problems, great producer and gives off a lovely earthy sweet smell. I highly recommend this strain!

  87. Zach Faye (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain if you’re feeling tired during the day. I usually spark up a bowl of this around lunch time and come back to work feeling energized and refreshed. It’s nice having the sativa elements keep me creative and focused throughout the day. I definitely enjoyed the growing process as well. It was simple and a lot of fun. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  88. chocoDiva (verified owner)

    This is a very impressive strain. I’ve been buying it for years from the dispensary, and the bills were just racking up. I decided I’d best grow my own weed. It’s been a fantastic experience. I got like 300 g per plant and the sativa driven buzz is great when you’re feeling down or blue. Also great for my energy levels and delicious to the taste!

  89. Lisa Randall (verified owner)

    This is a surprisingly powerful weed, very good sativa mix that helps get me on my feet when I am tired or having a bad day. Ordered my seeds with GCS and had them delivered to my home. Used the germ guide on this site to help me get started, worked great! Just a few months later I had nearly 1000 g of weed from just 3 plants, amazing! The buzz is wicked strong in the head, great for creativity and focus!

  90. Jony McHale (verified owner)

    This is some powerful stuff, wakes me up every morning alongside my coffee and eggs. I really appreciate the smell and the taste of this weed, it’s remarkably easy to grow too, did so in my backyard with some really stellar results. Has been great for my energy levels and for my depression. Worth the longer growing time, and great yield!

  91. huskymama (verified owner)

    This is one of the best sativas out there. I’ve been getting this flower from the dispensary for a long time, but I wanted to lower my bills so I decided to grow on my own. SO worth it! I got like 500 g per plant and now have weed to last me the whole year pretty much. It’s so great for my energy levels and my focus. I think my work performance has improved since I started smoking on my lunch break. Great stuff!

  92. redd babcock (verified owner)

    Don’t forget about this weed! It’s an amazing sativa dominant high that will actually improve your memory and focus, it’s incredible! I smoke on my lunch breaks to help me avoid the 3pm crash. Now I stay sharp and creative all day long. Very easy to grow, did so right in my backyard and got a nice medium sized yield. Great stuff!

  93. 3.1415926 (verified owner)

    You’ll just straight up forget how tired and groggy you are with this weed. It’s been so helpful with my stress and anxiety and helps me stay cool under pressure. Grew it in my basement under a grow lamp, very easy to to do, and it offers a lovely 4-500 g of pot per plant! Definitely worth the long growing period!

  94. steve bateman (verified owner)

    This stuff is great. Super sativa heavy and filled with delicious herb. I loved growing the plant, got a nice tall plant, got around 400 grams of pure marijuana, smoked it like a fiend, and it got me where I needed to be. Super high and feeling alive.

  95. dennyphantom (verified owner)

    This is definitely the original “dude where’s my car?” weed. I get really stoned off this stuff and my short term memory goes out the window haha! Seriously though, this is a great strain of mj. I liked the grow and had a pretty successful yield. I usually smoke this stuff in the afternoon when my responsibilities are winding down but I still want more energy. Great sativa blend!

  96. willieb1977

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  97. Ruth Vader (verified owner)

    Amnesia is all about forgetting your worries and feeling great! This is the perfect backyard strain, it looks amazing in my garden and smells super strongly of skunk and berries. Easy to harvest and dry. Not I’ve got a ton of flower just chilling in a jar at home. Happy I did this, this weed’s been great for my mental state and has helped me with depression!

  98. Josh Martin (verified owner)

    This is my favorite seed purchase to date, I love just how strong the sativa side of of this weed is. It’s got a ton of great properties that make it a winner. It smells and tastes great, a little sweet then sour, and it gives you a great head buzz that really helps with focus and creativity, even headaches. I usually smoke in the afternoons to avoid crashing at work. Love this stuff!

  99. nugget smoker (verified owner)

    A surprisingly well balanced high that will give you a nice energy boost in the afternoon. Has been a great lunch break weed for me, cause I usually need a little pick me up in the afternoons. I appreciate the smell and taste of this weed, it’s very sour but also nice a sweet. It’s a great weed to have around the house. Would buy again!

  100. Dove Lefine (verified owner)

    I forget why I purchased amnesia weed…just kidding haha! No this weed is fantastic, the name is a bit misleading, does great things for memory and focus I find. It’s actually a great strain for doing on your lunch break at work, really helps with staying on top of it during the work week. It also helps me with my stress and depression, so definitely a good buy if you’re in the market for a sativa hybrid.

  101. Lara Johnson (verified owner)

    What a fabulouso, wondrous high I get from amnesia marijuana! I learned the hard way why this strain is called amnesia when I smoked too much and couldn’t remember why I had gone out to the garage one time. LOL! Nice taste too – kind of mushroomy but also citrusy and very comforting. Amnesia calms all those anxious feelings and I find it also helps ease me into a good, sleepy state if I smoke it late enough at night. Very happy with the convenience I get ordering seeds online with GC, you can’t beat their fast delivery.

  102. Amy P. (verified owner)

    This weed definitely lives up to its name. I had to rewatch a movie my boyfriend had on after i vaped because i had no recollection of it! But, I do remember really enjoying the high. I have ordered a few different types of seeds from this website, and the pot is really good in terms of quality and it’s so convenient.

  103. Gale Langston (verified owner)

    Sweet stuff and an excellent bag for your buck. Have been smoking the amnesia strain for years, but those dispensary bills are just too high, so I decided to grow myself and glad I found GCS! Such a great online collection and I got my seeds shipped out super fast. I followed the germination guide on this site and got all 3 of my seeds to pop! The grow was easy and relatively short, plus the yield was really amazing from an indoor grow. I smoke this in the afternoon or on my lunch break to keep me feeling focused and energized throughout the day!

  104. James T (verified owner)

    What a fantastic sativa blend! I have been smoking this strain for many years but this was my first time growing my own! I purchased my seeds online from PSB and got them shipped out super fast! I am really happy with the results of my grow, almost 500 grams per plant, right from the backyard. A very tasty smoke, like pine and citrus and it keeps you feeling great all day long!

  105. Blake Vargas (verified owner)

    Super pungent and delicious! I am super glad I gave this weed a go. Ordered 5 seeds from GCS, somehow was able to get all 5 to germinate, they grew beautifully! I was really impressed by the size of the bud and the size of my harvest as well. Love the sativa qualities, keeps me really focused on my work, a huge benefit to my professional life haha! Will be back for more.

  106. Charlie Kidd (verified owner)

    A great strain for beginning growers. Fairly easy to cultivate and grow indoors or out! Plus if you do your work correctly you’ll walk away with at least 500 grams of mj, a solid harvest all around! GCS offers such an extensive online selection it;s hard to pick just one, but Amnesia has the sativa properties I am looking for to help me with my focus and creativity. It’s an excellent afternoon smoke to help avoid the 2:30 crash! Lovely taste of citrus and earth. I’ll be back for more!

  107. Tanner Y. (verified owner)

    First time buyer with GCS, was very impressed by the wide array of seeds available online, plus seed delivery was incredibly fast and also discreet! I vastly prefer sativa dominant strains, as I find they are better for my mental health, help me with my mood, and also increase focus and motivation, I only ordered 5 seeds, but all of them germinated. Grew outdoors, and thankfully had some marked success in the backyard, with each plant producing a solid 300-400 grams of smokeable marijuana. Definitely a daytime smoke, a great replacement for coffee if you’re trying to cut down, and has been really great in helping me stay organized and productive!

  108. gerald79lasko (verified owner)

    so far so good look and smell beautiful, good 7 weeks since she seen her first light great experience so far I luv it

  109. paytonlesser43 (verified owner)

    I FINALLY found a sativa strain that isn’t too overpowering. I’m sensitive to a lot of things like coffee and marijuana. What some people drink in a day is enough to keep me going for three. I prefer the sativa strain but have a hard time falling asleep after smoking them. Coffee does the same thing to me and I can’t stand it. Finally, after many sleepless nights, my boyfriend bought me Amnesia. I really enjoy the psychoactive effects without feeling overwhelmed at night when I want to fall asleep.

  110. tagme5150 (verified owner)

    Shipped within the week. 2 out of 2 germinated and are on their way. Will follow up at a later date.

  111. Harry W. (verified owner)

    It’s crazy how my favorite strain is so cheap! These feminized cannabis seeds are a real treat and a bargain for sure. Not only are they great, but they really were easy to grow and the quality was more than I could ask for. Buying online is definitely my deal, so I was lucky to find this company first because the reviews are awesome. I’ll definitely be buying more pot seeds from here soon.

  112. Hazel.Eyed (verified owner)

    This was my first time with Amnesia feminized seeds. Earthy smell, nice dense nugs. Strong sativa. Took some along on a day hike and I had lots of energy, one of the clearest highs I’ve known. Never noticed that weird zoning out some people talk about. This is easily one of my new faves, and looks like Growers Choice has them in on the reg. Love ordering my seeds online from these guys. You don’t have to wait to long or pay too much. I can’t get this quality seed locally.

  113. Chris Li (verified owner)

    Found this company looking for where to buy feminized cannabis seeds. After the last few weeks, I’d say that ordering online was the best purchase I’ve made in a while. Amnesia is a good strong strain that’s great for all sorts of issues. I personally like it recreationally. I’d have to say that I’m incredible impressed with the quality.

  114. John M (verified owner)

    I got amnesia for my anxiety, and it’s super strong. If you don’t have a high tolerance, I’d suggest CBD blueberry, which I’ve also ordered. Feminized cannabis seeds will make it easier for you to grow, because you don’t have to try and pick out the male. I’ve been growing for years, but I still don’t want to waste money on that. This is where to get quality seeds. I’m always happy with my order, they ship almost anywhere in the USA, and it’s just good weed.

  115. Melinda R (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered so many strains from this company, but this is by far one of the best. I don’t personally find it helps me sleep, but it does help me relax and I rarely have anxiety attacks after a stressful day at work anymore. I was talking to a friend about where to by pot seeds, and he recommended this site because they deliver quick and have quality feminized cannabis seeds. Will be ordering again soon.

  116. Iris W. (verified owner)

    The positive reviews really helped push my choice. I ordered these 6 months ago, germinated and grew them into beautiful plants. This strain not only helped tremendously with my depression, but just paying attention to the plants and gardening helped me. Overall, great feminized cannabis seeds. I’ll be ordering more plus other strains soon.

  117. Martyn (verified owner)

    I didn’t think I was going to be able to get a good harvest from my Amnesia seeds since they’re so finicky but I’m super impressed with the result. Granted, I really babied them, definitely paid more attention to these buds than I may have a different strain. I only planted 3 of the 5, because I also picked out some Blueberry I really wanted to try and I didn’t want to go over the limit. You get a super potent high, but it’s also nice and smooth. I agree with other reviewers here, this is just an all-around good strain.

  118. gregalldays (verified owner)

    The reviews on this one had me sold, and I wanted a feel good high. Got exactly what I was looking for with Amnesia. Low-key grow that produced good results, a decent yield, and some beautiful buds. Couldnt be happier.

  119. amy_huang1987 (verified owner)

    The amnesia sure lived up to its name! The seeds grew well and worked great for me. The package arrived really quickly, I’ll get this again for sure. Thanks!

  120. william15scott (verified owner)

    Love sativa dominant strains, and this one hit every checkmark for me. Plants grew nicely, and they didn’t require much work from me. I love when I can just let them be and not have to worry about ruining my grow at all. Flowered really quickly, and I was expecting it to take a lot longer, so that was a great little surprise. Will agree that the yield on this wasn’t insane, but I knew that going in to it so I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.
    Overall I would buy this again and again. High was perfect, grow was simple, and I didn’t have any issue with any of my seeds.

  121. krsvghn (verified owner)

    I’m a sucker for the happy strains and Amnesia is one of my favs. It lives up to its name, because with Amnesia you definitely forget all of your worries. Need something to really lift you mood and give you an intense high? This is defs the strain for you.

  122. delpasochron (verified owner)

    All I have to say about Amnesia is Wow! The trichomes on this one are amazing. Full, sappy! The taste has a little lemon(?) and sweetness to it. I had these babies under light for about a month and a half when the buds started getting super stinky. Killer high with a little energy boost. Awesome wake and bake right here