American Haze Feminized Seeds

American Haze Feminized Seeds

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(119 customer reviews)

Boasting an exceptional yield, delicious flavor, and easy accessibility for growers both seasoned and up-and-coming, American Haze is a strain that keeps on giving.

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American Haze Feminized Seeds

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Benefits of American Haze Strain

With a potent strength and flavor profile equal to its physical and mental health benefits, this California native strain with high yields is an easy-to-grow and stress-free wonder.

Cannabis Origins

With vague beginnings in central Asia (or western China), the first actual documented origin of cannabis cases dates as far back as 2800 BC. While also documented in other countries, it was primarily used to treat ailments like arthritis, depression, asthma, and inflammation.

Not too long later, global distribution was seen out of Persia, leading to a global revolution. While not without difficulty of consumption (the Middle Ages specifically being a time when banning such use was common), many consider the Dutch as being significantly involved in the widespread legal distribution of cannabis.

Native Cannabis Plants

As cannabis discovery expanded in locations like South America, it made many privy to plants such as Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Panama Red. Each with THC counts ranging from 10 to 24 %. Haze strains in particular began to emerge as potent and popular choices for those looking to remain active, and social while hoping to relieve stress and other mental health aggressors.

What is the American Haze Strain?

A beautiful feminized and potent strain with a floral, sweet citrus, and spicy flavor profile and an earth taste, American Haze Weed Seeds are the perfect fit for anybody looking to take it easy, or looking to heal and recover from medical conditions such as treatments for chronic pain with its euphoric effects.

American Haze has found its eclectic origins in plants tied to South America, South India, Thailand, and Mexico, but originates from Santa Cruz, California, earning the alternative name California Haze.

Body Effects of American Haze

If you’re looking for a relaxing decompressor, look no further than American Haze. Its 24% THC level makes it a desirable and potent salve for those looking for assisting medical benefits for dealing with various forms of body pains such as muscle spasms, and it can act as a helpful aid for those suffering from loss of appetite from chemotherapy treatments or just looking for general appetite stimulation.

Mental and Creative Benefits of American Haze

American Haze is a perfect fit for those dealing with affective disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, and ADHD, or anyone looking for relief from deep-seated sadness with its elevating sensation. That said, without proper caution and discretion, it can lead to intense headaches or paranoia

For those not recovering from medical conditions, but looking for a little extra spring in their step with an energizing strain, American Haze’s cerebral effects, like a strong cup of coffee, elicit a vitalizing uplift, and a euphoric rush perfect for those seeking mental stimulation and for people with creative endeavors seeking some additional inspiration.

With so many fantastic benefits, it’s worth knowing why Growers Choice would implement such a commitment to these feminized seeds.

With higher yield as well as higher quality crops, feminized seeds can still be somewhat of a complicated beast. However, while time-consuming, the product they elicit without the worry of accidental pollination or infection from male plants makes it a fantastic addition to those who are new to growing their own plants.

American Haze’s feminized seeds allow for treatment for stomach sickness, pain, and fatigue. With an inviting aroma and taste, it’s a perfect strain for people looking to gain the most out of a stress reliever.

Feminized vs Regular Strains/Seeds

For a lot of newcomers stressing about product quality and minimizing cost risk, with feminized seeds, you have plenty to gain. You’ll be able to trim all the male plants without worrying about accidentally removing important female plants. Cultivation and care also become easier as with feminized strains, you’ll be able to maintain a flexible harvest on your own schedule without having to wait for male plants.

Indoor or Outdoor Growth?

For American Haze, which does offer the flexibility of outdoor and indoor growth, Growers Choice recommends growth in an indoor soil or soilless hydroponic garden. For First-Time growers, don’t be discouraged by the difficulty of cultivating feminized seeds, They are an incredibly tricky type, but the rewards are worth the risk and time.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Indian


20% Indica, 80% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-75 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Energizing, relaxing after-effect

Best Use

Anxiety, creative pursuits, Daytime, pain management, reduce stress


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

400g per m2

Outdoor Yield

500-600g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow

Greenhouse, Indoor

Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

119 reviews for American Haze Feminized Seeds

  1. user36 Verified Owner

    This strong hard-hitting strain can easily become any heavy stoner’s new favorite everyday smoke. From the great taste of sweet herbalness to the amazing relaxing effects these buds have a lot to offer. Easy to grow and great yield size these plants give you a good value from just a few seeds!

  2. THC_Temptress Verified Owner

    It’s a nice light full-body stoned feeling, personally really like to use this to help destress and deal with post-workout soreness. Growing went quite well as this plant did not ask for much in terms of upkeep. Ended up with a high yield size and for all those reasons I would highly recommend growing this seed yourselves.

  3. Ahmed Ali Verified Owner

    Happy I FINALLY pulled the trigger and grew my own weed. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been doing research for months on this stuff, best growing techniques, soil quality etc. SO excited to finally grow indoors. I have a HUGE indoor setup, lots of LED lighting, reflective paneling, and generally a NICE looking yield (between 400-600 G) at a time. Great choice, and so soothing!

  4. sc0ttr1chman_3569 Verified Owner

    Truly one of my favorite strains of all time! I am so happy for the opportunity to grow this pot! It’s been an amazing time, usually takes about 10 weeks in the summer. The flower forms in a beautiful way. It’s tight, colorful, and covered in fresh crystals. Easily the nicest weed I’ve ever grown! I harvested about 500 G this last time around. How about you?

  5. GreenGuru420 Verified Owner

    American Haze! works wonders in putting me in a good mood. Because I work in the art industry it really ignites my creativity. it was really easy to grow and its really strong stuff.

  6. K Moses Verified Owner

    If you love the USA then you’ll Love American Haze! Maybe not red white and blue in color, but VERY GREEN! Love the flavor, the vibes….such a fan! I will definitely buy again. GCS = great weed!

  7. Carlos Ware Verified Owner

    American haze is one of those weeds that really brings back the good ol’ days…a very nostalgic smell and taste….and the buzz brings me back to the days when I would drive around in my SUV and smoke a blunt with the homies. Thanks GCS for bringing back the memories.

  8. Chris Porter Verified Owner

    As a musician I swear by this strain. It totally inspires me to write new stuff and stay in the zone.

    Chris P., Oakland, CA.

  9. Vladimir Munro Verified Owner

    Sooooo much flavor!!! I am literally swimming in flavor and things just look and feel awesome every time I smoke this delectable marijuana. I bought this stuff online and got it shipped right to my little doorstep by the nice and friendly postman. Pretty happy for the result, will definitely buy some more, gonna make life better!!

  10. Jamie Wharton Verified Owner

    American Haze is a good strain for some afternoon chill out time. Gets me real baked, like higher than I have ever been! I will absolutely buy more of this weed cause it’s way easier to relax with. I promise you, it’s a good vibe, and it’s easier than ever to grow at home! Gotta get this stuff into my life!!

  11. Marius Lord Verified Owner

    This website and strain was recommended to me by a friend….I ordered it online and it shipped right to my little mailbox, how cute!! Awesome taste and smell, definitely makes for a great high when you’re driving around and listening to your favorite Tuuuuunes!! Gotta stay focused or else I just need more weed!!!

  12. Piers Craig Verified Owner

    American haze is everything you wish America was, without any of the guilt! I smoke this weed on the weekends usually…kind of puts me in a FESTIVE mood, and I have nothing but a good vibe every time I get baked on this stellar strain. Ordering online is nice and simple, it makes my life feel really easy, especially since the seeds ship out super fast! Got a BIG yield too, nice and bushy, very exciting and well worth the time!

  13. Haris Blackmore Verified Owner

    This is the weed I am always breaking out at family occasions. Me and my brother and uncle like growing our own pot and we all compare when we get together. Feeling pretty excited about how my latest batch turned out, American haze is everything I had always dreamed of, and I am feeling really happy and relaxed about it. I definitely won the family weed-smoking contest, they just don’t know my secret it GCS seeds haha.

  14. Dionne Contreras Verified Owner

    American HAZE is AWESOME!!!! It’s the perfect hybrid for almost any occasion. I feel absolutely stunned when I finally get to harvest my weed, and I totally enjoy the lifestyle this allows me. You should really consider abandoning the dispensary and growing your own. It will save you money and reduce a ton of plastic waste. Very exciting stuff, will definitely buy more!

  15. Caspar Stokes Verified Owner

    Have you tried this strain? It might just change your whole life! Get in shape and get outside and get yourself growing in the garden and get some weed into your life!!! This stuff will wow you like nothing else, the bright emearld greens and fiery oranges are sure to make you feel like you’re tripping and the indica energy is gonna help you relax you stressed out stoner you!

  16. Toni Witt Verified Owner

    This strain of marijuana may just make you feel extra patriotic! It’s a nice indica blend and helps with stress and depression real nicely. I love the green color and the excellent flavor, definitely makes for a nice strain when you want to drink some beers and relax with your friends. Purchased this stuff online and had it delivered to my place right quick! Great buy overall.

  17. Bea Dillard Verified Owner

    American Haze is super relaxing and relevant to this time we are living in. It’s my opinion that we all need to chill out and if we all smoked a lil more of the American Haze, we would all be less stressed out and angry. I will sing this company from the rooftops, I love GCS and their amazing weed, it’s so tasty and good for the soul 🙂

  18. Ashanti Lucero Verified Owner

    It’s time to spark a joint and get down and dirty with some pizza and video games my homies. A VERY strong variety, but also super stoney and vibey, wow it’s like surfing for the first time, gets me real drunk, oh wait, it actually gets me stoned lol what a funny mistake! Gonna buy more weed from these guys soon, and I am pretty stoked for the near future!!!

  19. Clinton Dougherty Verified Owner

    Yesssss, this weed is a true victory for us all….it feels like we just won the Revolutionary war against the British again…it’s awesome and its sooo relaxing! Ordered it online and it shipped out super fast! Got it growing in my backyard very quickly, and it looks and smells fantastic….gonna definitely keep smoking this weed though cause it’s great for my stress levels and depression. Good vibes!!!

  20. Blade Perez Verified Owner

    This hazy American weed is something that all of us can appreciate….it’s a great blend of indica and sativa and helps a lot with stress and depression. I usually smoke a joint after work is done, then I just chill out hardcore and watch some movies….I definitely wanna keep buying from GCS as well, their seeds are top notch and ship out FAST! Have not one single complaint!

  21. Moshe Forster Verified Owner

    American haze is definitely a good buy, and especially for the price it’s a great bang for your buck. I am a HUGE fan of GCS, have been buying my seeds from them for some time now, and really enjoy the taste and smell of the homegrown stuff, it’s truly magnificent. Ordering online is the absolute best way to go, the seeds deliver in just a few days and they grow beautifully, highly recommend this seed company

  22. Miya Bruce Verified Owner

    Was very pleased with this strain…grew it all summer long, took a while to really take root but once it did it was doing very well. Got a nice buzz of this plant, helps me get stoned and helps me relax…I definitely want to keep it up it’s pretty fun, and I like ordering online with GCS, they’re a great company with a lot to offer!!!

  23. Hareem Mann Verified Owner

    The American Haze strain is a wonderful blend of indica and sativa and grows really nicely almost anywhere you decide to plant it. Pretty excited for the next batch to be ready. I planted about 3 months ago and it’s already waist-high! I LOVE buying this weed and will definitely come back for more once the days get longer and warmer again 🙂

  24. Tate Becker Verified Owner

    I was soooo excited to buy this weed…I have been wanting to grow my own strain for years and this one just fell into my lap! My cousin Fred recommended it to me, so I thought I’d give it a try cause what else am I doing during quarantine?? I was so stoked to try this out, and I definitely am gonna keep growing this weed for the foreseeable future. Great vibes!

  25. Liam Heaton Verified Owner

    I had to write a review of the american haze before I keep on smoking it cause this stuff is truly amazing, I smoke it all day long and I get baked as hell. I am sooooo inexperienced at growing that my gf had to help me lol but whatever now we smoke with our cat and that’s totally fine. We are happy and I feel just grand!

  26. Isma Issa Verified Owner

    This is one of my all-time favorite strains…makes for a nice buy too, cause it’s so darn productive and is absolutely amazing!!! Ordered nline, got the seeds delivered to my home, and they all arrived beautifully. I have a massive garden and I just love to grow my own stuff, this is a very nice buy, helps me stay focused and very happy. I love weed!!!

  27. squilliams Verified Owner

    This weed is really remarkable and easy to grow too! I was recommended this site from a friend and am doing really well at this whole “growing my own weed thing.” Things are looking up though, and I am getting some really nice weed out of this strain, it’s been pretty great overall and I really want to keep growing more. I am doing so well!

  28. Stephanie Murray Verified Owner

    American haze is what this country is all about, it’s all about that sweet sticky dank that helps us stay positive during lockdown part 2! I smoke it all day every day, and I get hella stoned, no doubt about that. I will totally buy more tonight cause I just wanna be stocked up for the winter, and will grow it all indoors, in my basement! It’s the perfect sativa blend and helps me stay positive!

  29. Michael Edwards Verified Owner

    I was looking for a nice even-keeled hybrid strain that would help with stress and depression. I got this stuff recommended by the amazing customer service team over at GCS, they really came through! I just cannot keep saying enough good things about this strain, it’s been great for my headaches and depression, and even makes me feel a little energized and creative, so good for me!

  30. normal chris Verified Owner

    American haze is a really nice strain…it’s more relaxing than you think, and it is very nice to have in your back pocket, as a joint or something of the sort. I am pretty excited to share this weed with the world, my friends, my family, etc. Can’t deny it’s been a journey for me, and growing weed is my way of getting back into the swing of things after a long battle with depression. Well worth the effort my friends!

  31. farmgirl420 Verified Owner

    This is a very uplifting strain…it feels good in the body and in the mind, and it’s pretty easy to grow, even for inexperienced growers like myself. I honestly just decided to try it out. I was feeling a little jumpy cause I was so low on weed, then decided to take matters into my own hands. Ordering online from GCS is super easy and the delivery is nice and fast. I really wanna keep growing with these guys. Excellent seeds!

  32. callie golightly Verified Owner

    I was thrilled to see that they had American haze on this website, I’ve been looking everywhere for this strain, and finally found it here on GCS! What a great purchase on my part, the seeds arrived shortly after ordering online and they had a great grow to them, very excited for the taste and smell of this marijuana. I love its sweet earthy taste and the low-key buzz associated with this weed!!

  33. Steve C Verified Owner

    I was really intrigued by this strain, just cause I love America and want to support out Troops!!! I mean, I know this stuff is just for me, but hey, it makes me feel patriotic to grow this strain in my basement and rip huuuuuge clouds in the evening with my buddies. They LOVE this weed, and it helps us all keep in positive spirits. I am so thrilled by how nicely this all worked out for me, and I highly recommend trying it yourself!!!

  34. wiredout11 Verified Owner

    American Haze is a wonderful strain with all kinds of mental health benefits, like a sweet and relaxing vibe that helps me deal with stress and depression. I ordered this online and had it delivered to my home. Quick delivery, all the way out to the west coast, and always a reliable grow. Can’t beat having your own special stash!

  35. supadense92 Verified Owner

    American haze is a strain worthy of the good ol’ US of A. It’s a strong indica leaning hybrid and it smells just like FREEDOM! I ordered 3 seeds online and they shipped out very quickly, faster than expected, and grew very nicely in the backyard. Helped me get out into my garden, which has been good for my mental health during quarantine!

  36. Bill Carter Verified Owner

    The haze is just about as bad as the wildfires are…but you’d catch me smoking this just about any day. I actually live in san fran and smoked this haze weed and watched the sky turn bright orange and red….it’s incredibly surreal, and pretty scary too, not gonna lie. Glad I was able to grow this weed at home, it’s so rewarding!

  37. trebledsoul Verified Owner

    Man…I really miss the vibes of a relaxing American summer….this summer has SUCKED because of covid and everything else…so I definitely think it’s what you wanna do to escape, if you don’t mind my saying. I think ordering online and growing these seeds in my backyard has kept me sane this past year, and smoking this high qual weed is really paying off. Good buy!!

  38. Maximum Verified Owner

    I really like American haze, it’s a pretty impressive strain and it helps me with my stress levels tremendously. I ordered it online and it shipped out right away, only took about 4 days to arrive. I followed the growing info on this website and found it really useful. There are all kinds of benefits to growing this weed, and working in your garden in general. I will absolutely come back for more 🙂

  39. Bohemian Verified Owner

    American haze is the best strain in the nation. It helps with all kinds of depression and stress and makes chilling out at home much easier. I like smoking this weed when I am having some work-related anxiety or when I have relationship issues. It tends to help a lot. Growing your own weed is definitely a good cause as well. I like this stuff!!!

  40. @doyourworst Verified Owner

    The haze is boss! I ordered this online and had it delivered to my place in Salem OR. Very fast delivery, and a pretty relaxing vibe. I like the smell the most probably…has this great bright citrus smell that makes you feel like you’re in an orange grove in Cali. I will always buy from this website, their selection is HUGE!

  41. @1stepforward Verified Owner

    American Haze is one of the better strains you can find on the internet….it’s wildly relaxing but has a very energizing smell to it….very strong and smells kina like a citrus tree in California. I haven’t harvested my plants yet, but I can just tell by the golden-green flowers that they will be amazing and very fresh. It’s gonna be a good day when I can smoke this weed for the first time!

  42. earth best ingredient Verified Owner

    I usually grow haze strains cause I love their citrusy smell and taste and all those beautiful crystals that form on the flower…it’s like magic. I am pretty happy I was able to order these online, seriously corona-proof delivery and soon I was on my way to growing my own bud. It’s immensely rewarding, and IMO, a waaay better option than spending money at the dispensary. I highly recommend it!

  43. Derby Verified Owner

    I usually smoke some American haze along with my American breakfast of bacon and eggs and hash browns and I feel patriotic all day long! In reality, this weed has a nice citrus flavor, and it helps me wake up in the AM and establish a great vibe for the day. People seem to notice as well, they react in the perfect way, chatting me up and it’s easier to make friends. Has been great for my social anxiety and was fun to grow!

  44. Scott Freeman Verified Owner

    American Haze is your new best friend cause it makes for a pretty relaxing smoke session with your buddies or just on your own. It’s mostly an indica strain, so it’s pretty nice to smoke at night….I usually smoke and go for a jog or just go sit at the beach for a while. I am quite impressed with the quality of this weed and the speed with which this site delivers its orders. You will be too!

  45. allweneedislove Verified Owner

    I love the american haze strain cause it’s almost the 4th of july and we all need to get a little high to manage our stress. I am super excited for this holiday, it’s finally time to get high and enjoy a day outdoors. I like the smell, the taste, and the buzz most of all. It’s good for my stress and anxiety levels, but mostly it’s just fun. Give yourself a treat and grow this pot!

  46. Boomerang Verified Owner

    American haze is a real treat that helps with stress and anxiety and depression. It’s pretty easy to grow too…if you’ve ever grown tomatoes then you can definitely grow marijuana, it’s kind of the same thing. It’s pretty fun to take care of…and really makes for a nice buzz….pretty euphoric and kind of sour….I really like this bud and definitely wanna buy more from GCS, best seeds in Canada!

  47. Adam Mederos Verified Owner

    The haze is boss…it’s super uplifting and enjoyable…I ordered my seeds online…got them in a week, super fast delivery and a great price too. American haze is a dream come true…makes for a great indoor grow, whether in a greenhouse or a basement somewhere…pretty excited I got to try this out…and it turned out pretty nice too. Got nearly 500 grams of smokable stuff. No complaints!

  48. Jellybelly Verified Owner

    Time to wake up and bake! I got 3 seeds to grow my own and am very pleased with the results, got some amazing weed and barely had to do any hard work. The whole process was a breeze and I am very, very happy with the results. Can’t wait to grow more of my own, especially this sativa dominant goodness.

  49. Trust Phillipps Verified Owner

    Haze is a niiiiice strain…it’s soooo relaxing and has the most potent smell….reminds me of the lakehouse in Michigan getting stoned with uncle Harry and taking the canoe out on the lake….such a great buy from this site and for the price? It’s a steal! Got myself 500 grams of premium pot…perfect for smoking at night and in even in AM if it’s the weekend. Just be prepared for a chill afternoon and the munchies!

  50. Fredde Simpson Verified Owner

    I wanted something strong but relaxing….something that would help me with my back pain but wouldn’t get too overwhelming if I smoked too much. Got myself 3 seeds of the American Haze online…shipped right to my door and it was a true treat to grow in my own yard. I got nearly 500 grams of delicious herb…helps me chill out and have a nice evening, even helps me sleep.

  51. the Victory Garden Verified Owner

    Sticky, sweet and all around delicious…it’s like biting into a fresh orange on a beautiful summer day, everything just comes to life and the world is just so much brighter…I am a stoner by nature…been smoking since I was a college student…I started growing as an adult and just started to get my seeds from GCS, hands down the best seeds on the internet…makes life a whole lot better!

  52. Navy Bratt Verified Owner

    Haze it up on the right side of the country. Get yourself some PHAT american haze buds to make all the bad days go bye bye! Smoking this dope with my droogs, getting baked and going paddle boarding or skate boarding, or even kayaking…who cares!? I smoke cause I wanna, you gonna stop me? Nah, cause you’d love this too, with some ham and eggs and SPAM. BAMMMMMM! Buy your GCS seeds and see what Imma talking bout.

  53. Redneck Grower Verified Owner

    I wish it were summer….and I was out on the lake in Wisconsin and got myself a nice little cabin and the flies are buzzing and the lake is super serene, it’s humid. The grill is on and there are burgers sizzling…it’s the 4th of July, and I am BLAZED! This weed reminds me of all those positive feelings, makes me happy and feel patriotic. I am a big fan of growing my own bud and will absolutely grow this strain again!

  54. the Unicorn Verified Owner

    If you love America, then you will love this weed. Everything about this weed embodies all the feelings about this country that I love. I feel light, happy, euphoric and relaxed, great buy for when you’re looking to get stoned on a budget. Very pleased with the results of my grow…got nearly 700 grams of pure American pot, and definitely worth it for the high-quality stuff, couldn’t ask for more!

  55. legaleagle Verified Owner

    I miss the days when we could all go to my uncle’s lake house, drink beers and watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Such a great tradition and smoking this weed fills me with the same feelings I used to get watching those fireworks as a kid. I love growing mj, one of my favorite pastimes, and these seeds in particular are just great to grow on your own. I ordered mine online and had them delivered here to southern Cali. They did great in my backyard and I can’t wait to buy more!

  56. @travelers Verified Owner

    My favorite movie as a teenager was American pie, so I figured I’d grow the American haze to celebrate when I started smoking weed in the first place. I have a house now and I really like the grow space I set up for myself in the backyard. It’s a nice raised bed with some drip irrigation and some good soil. I found growing this weed to be very easy and straightforward, plus it gave me a great hobby during the summer. Definitely good to be smoking homegrown mj, and to be working in the garden again!

  57. @thclawtub Verified Owner

    When I first recieved my package of Grower’s choice seeds, I was amazed how quickly they had arrived. It was a wonderful sunny day, so I decided I would start growing them right away. After 3 days I saw the first little signs of germination, which was really exciting. I then processed to pot them up till they were ready for the ground. 5 months later I was swimming grade-a flower, super sticky and sour delicious. Helped me with stress and anxiety and usually put me in a good mood too 🙂

  58. @pizzabytheslice Verified Owner

    American haze is a killer strain, definitely helps with anxiety and depression and makes for a great backyard grow for the beginner grower. I have a greenhouse I use to germinate seeds and my pot plants did very well in this environment. Got nearly 500 grams of pot from these plants, better than expected, and the weed is all super fresh and sticky and sour. Excellent smoking, hits pretty harsh, which I like. Good buzz.

  59. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  60. Tomkelley4221 Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  61. Chimney Verified Owner

    I was used to smoking indica for years and only recently did I realize I’ve been doing it all wrong! I am super happy I switched over to this sativa dominant hyrbid…it really helps me stay awake and alert throughout the day, plus it’s pretty fun to grow and produces a ton of nug. It’s very green, like neon green, with some bright orange pistils, a really pretty plant and easy to order online!

  62. Seed Sower Verified Owner

    America does seem to be in a haze of confusion these days, and this weed is a wonderful example of that. I sure to like smoking this with my buddies and drinking some beers, it’s relaxing but also it’s pretty uplifting too. Makes me chill but not groggy, and the flower is bright green and super fuzzy! I have been growing my own weed for years, and this is waaaaay better. Great quality seeds!

  63. Paula Polizzi Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  64. Morgan Verified Owner

    Don’t short change yourself. This weed will bring you to the next level and beyond. It’s got wonderful crystalline flower that looks and smells pretty darn incredible. I smoke this with my buddies and we are always ordering pizza and playing video games. It never disappoints me. I think this is my 3rd time growing this mj and I have been impressed with the overall quality of GCS seeds this whole time. You’ll see me back again!

  65. FlowerPower Verified Owner

    One of my all time favorites!! What a treat this was to grow at home. I am super impressed by the sheer yield I got from just 3 plants! The bud is super dank and sticky and it smells just incredible. I smoke it most afternoons to help me stay awake at work, or maybe after I get home for an extra pick-me-up. It’s a strong sativa so expect to be feeling buzzy and alive!

  66. Tomkelley4221 Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  67. Catalog Verified Owner

    This stuff is no joke, very high THC content, even one hit will get you super stoned. It’s good weed though, very fresh and aromatic, has kind of a citrusy, floral smell to it, and the plant is covered in crystals. It’s very beautiful. I really enjoyed growing these seeds, easy to germinate and care for the plants. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of doing this again, maybe indoors to increase yield. Great for my stress!

  68. George Burns Verified Owner

    Haze is almost psychedelic, gives me an excellent buzz and makes my mind feel like its swimming in a neon-colored pool of water…it’s uplifting and relaxing at the same time and is great for getting some creative work done. I ordered online with Grower’s, they were great about getting me my seeds on time and I found the grow guide on this site to be very helpful. I was impressed by my yield, can’t believe how fresh and delicious this weed is…some of the best I have ever tried!

  69. BOGO Verified Owner

    If you like the haze strains of weed, then this one will be at the top of your list. It’s a nice, buzzy strain with a great dreamy cloudiness about it that makes me feel like I can do anything. It’s my go-to hiking weed, and it offers up an amazing array of smells and tastes and even colors. I grew it in my backyard and got an excellent yield, much bigger than I was expecting, and the nag has stayed fresh for months with proper storage! You really can’t go wrong with this weed!!!

  70. Belushi Verified Owner

    If you’re like me then you LOVE the 4th of July, and when it’s time to watch fireworks, then it’s time to get high on this American Haze. This stuff is top notch high quality weed, great for stress and depression, and also excellent for giving you a burst of excited energy that lasts all day long. I LOVED growing this at home, felt so accomplished when I finally harvested my own bud after 4 months of working on it. Very nice earthy sour flavor. If you love America, you will love this weed!

  71. Roaster Verified Owner

    I really like to use weed in the morning to help me wake up and get ready for work. I know it sounds crazy, but getting stoned is the best way to start out my day. I feel much more alert and positive, the euphoria really helps with my depression and puts me in a good mood for work. It’s a nice easy grow too, really rewarding cause it’s such a beautiful plant! I got a really nice yield after about 4 months and harvest was nice and easy!

  72. mr right Verified Owner

    The haze is backkkkk! I feel like it’s 1985 and I am jet skiing out in South Florida again, life is good! I grew this stuff at my apartment in a little space bucket, which is a surprisingly effective tool for indoor growing…got a phat yield! Maybe 300 g per plant, nearing almost 1000 g in total, how amazing is that? I smoke this usually on the weekends, share it with my friends, and we always have a great time, laughing and eating delicious food. Great buy!

  73. rayman Verified Owner

    When the haze hits, then you know you’ve got good things on the way. I swear, as soon as I take a toke of this American Haze, it feels like the 4th of July and I am just chilling poolside…maybe it’s just winter in Oregon but it sure FEELS pretty good! I grew it in my backyard, not a bad option all things considered, was a little cold back there for my little plants but they persevered…I think they really like heat, so I’ll be more caring for them next time to increase my yield!

  74. Denny Talbott Verified Owner

    Glory days! This weed makes me feel like a kid again, running around in the backyard and swinging on the swing set and whatnot. I mean, I am a full grown adult now and don’t really do that stuff, but it sure pops back into my head. Helps me manage depression and anxiety and gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Can’t believe how easy it was to grow this stuff….what kept me back all these years?

  75. Mitch godel Verified Owner

    One of those mj’s that just keeps on giving. It’s a really nice yield, and it helps a lot with the stress and daily anxiety. I feel very relaxed when I smoke this. Very strong smell and taste but worth the longer than normal growing time. I hope that next time I can grow indoors, maybe I can increase my yield by even more, but who knows? This was my first time, and I am no expert, but it seems like GCS has great seeds and the weed speaks for itself!

  76. Barry Carlson Verified Owner

    When the day is hot and lazy and you’re looking for some fast-acting relaxation, I’d recommend reaching for the American Haze. A nice sativa blend that helps with depression, anxiety and stress. I love packing a joint and heading out for a long day hike. It’s so nice to feel the nice buzzy numbing high from this weed and enjoying the views on top of a mountain. My gf and I did really well growing this together.

  77. vanacker Verified Owner

    It’s better than the 4th of july….if that’s even possible. I do love this stuff, it’s really strong and also has a nice mellow backbone to it, so it gets me stoned but I never feel outta control with this stuff. I like the smell, very sour and earthy, and the look of the weed is just gorgeous. I smoke this most days after work to just unwind and let my mind wander. Helps me manage the stress of my job!

  78. Julie Martin Verified Owner

    I love smoking this weed mid-summer sitting out on a lake and taking in the cool breeze. It’s such a relaxing time, and It’s also very uplifting and doesn’t make me tired or groggy. VERY fresh bud, so nice and fragrant and sticky and helps me on days when my depression is really strong. It’s a better buy than many other seeds from other sites. The yield you get is incredible and the sweet earthy flavor is unbeatable. Great seeds!

  79. Leslie N. Verified Owner

    This is what the american dream is all about! I love the sour flavor of this weed, it wakes up the senses and puts me ina good mood. Great buzz in the head and very relaxing for the body. I feel so calm yet alert when I smoke this and love sharing it with friends. I am stoned as I write this, and let me tell ya, this is some Grade A weed, I will definitely be back for more!

  80. greenmoneygreenweed Verified Owner

    For stress and depression, I like to turn to a strong sativa blend to calm my nerves and put a smile on my face. American Haze does just that, and it helps to smoke it in the AM before work, or right after I get off. I feel like this weed helps me be more social, more talkative with strangers, which has been a great help for me. Great for backyard growing, and produces these beautiful resin covered nugs. Very exciting!

  81. John D. Verified Owner

    If there’s a Sativa on the market that captures the essence of the American Dream, then this is it! When I smoke this, I feel like shooting off fireworks and eating hot dogs at a baseball game. It’s got a great vibe, helps with focus and creativity and even stress, makes me super sociable and I love how easy it was to grow. GCS has an amazing online selection, and I will definitely be back for more!

  82. bork bork Verified Owner

    Great bang for your buck on this weed. Grows super nicely in the backyard, and does really well in full sun, pretty stoked about my yield, got probably 4 or 5 Oz. from just a few plants, all looking really healthy. It’s got this great sour smell and taste, and the high is really euphoric and uplifting, great for rainy days or when you’re feeling depressed for some reason. I think this may be my new favorite weed!

  83. Roger Thompson Verified Owner

    I’ve got a great looking greenhouse in my backyard, came with the property, but this was my first time growing in it. My seeds germinated really well. I got a great yield, probably almost 1000 g in total, and that’s just from 3 seeds! A really impressive strain too, very sour and earthy tasting, and great in the afternoons to help with minor pain and fatigue. Has helped me at work numerous times, and I’ll definitely be back for more

  84. Michaelangelo Verified Owner

    If you’re looking for a sativa to brighten up your day, then I highly recommend this strain! it’s strong and pungent, and actually really easy to grow, offers some delicious nugs, and the harvest is actually pretty quick and a lot of fun if you get some friends to help you out! Love the online selection on GCS, and am definitely coming back for more!

  85. pookie Verified Owner

    Well, I knew I had to buy this strain cause it’s got everything I am looking for in weed! I really dig the delicious taste first of all, it’s nice and sweet and a little bit earthy as well. It’s got a nice smell to it and is always a relaxing but energizing weed. Helps me with stress and definitely helps with depressive episodes. I feel like I am getting along better with my gf haha! Great grow, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  86. STOP YELLING Verified Owner

    One of the better weeds I’ve purchased from this site. I’ve been a long-time returning customer because I just love GCS and their extensive online selection, it’s really something special!!! I got my seeds in just one one week. Easy to germinate as always and never fails to make some amazing plants. Tall and bushy and beautiful, I got a nice medium sized yield from just a few plants Now I am smoking this weed every day, especially in the evenings. Great vibes.

  87. sarah w Verified Owner

    A nice sativa dominant hybrid, really helps with anxiety and stress, which is why I usually smoke this during or after work. It’s got a nice sour earthy taste to it, love the dense green and orange buds too, super eye catching. The buzz is really uplifting and euphoric, helps me focus and be creative. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  88. annette Verified Owner

    Have had a lot of late night smoking sessions with this weed. Me and my buddies love passing around a joint and smoking it until the wee hours of the morning, catching up and riffing on old jokes. Have been growing weed for a long time. I really enjoyed the process of this stuff, very straightforward. I like the vibes and the delicious flavor of this weed. It’s super intoxicating and fun!

  89. Ginko Lady Verified Owner

    This is a remarkable variety of weed. It’s super easy to grow and produces a ton of mj. It’s a beautiful plant, with tall dense trichomes, and lovely flowers. It’s got a killer smell, really sweet and kinda sour too 🙂 Definitely worth the longer growing time. Hoping I can keep smoking this weed for years. Great buy!

  90. Reaper Verified Owner

    This strain really strives to achieve the American dream. Perfect for beginner growers and offers up some delicious nugs to enjoy, this stuff has been great for fighting my depression and anxiety. It’s also surprisingly good for my back and neck pain with its mild CBD content. I am feeling excellent these days all thanks to this weed. I will definitely be back for more!

  91. McDermott Verified Owner

    This strain makes me laaaaazy! It’s super delicious stuff, really a fun grow especially if you have grown weed before. It’s got all sorts of great health properties. Has been great for my stress levels and helps with anxiety as well, definitely a great strain for smoking on the weekends and offers a ton of nug! Definitely a worthy buy!

  92. catlover629 Verified Owner

    A nice strain to grow in your backyard. It has a classic appearance with bright green trichomes and orange pistils, makes me think of the 4th of July. Awesome stuff with some great mental and physical health benefits. It helps me stay positive and focused but helps my body relax too, great after work or sharing with friends! This weed is where it’s at!

  93. Savannah H Verified Owner

    A beautiful weed, almost as grand as the American dream. This plant is super bright green with white and orange trichomes, such a wonder to look at and adds so much to my garden. The buzz is very…buzzy! Sativa dominant for sure, helps me with my energy levels and focus and really offers a great mood boost as well. Highly recommended!

  94. qwidjosjc oiwqjd Verified Owner

    A gorgeous weed, so bright and colorful and offers up a great yield! I absolutely love this stuff when I am feeling tired or blue. It’s been amazing for my stress and anxiety, helps me focus much better too so it’s been great for ADD symptoms as well. Super easy to grow and very nice to have around the house on the weekend. I am a big fan of this stuff and will definitely buy again!

  95. Anna Bealey Verified Owner

    Hows about those american summers, feeling hot and feeling good. That’s how this weed is. Great to grow and offers up a ton of nug for your devouring pleasure. It’s fantastic for your headaches and great for your mind. I will definitely order from GCS again!

  96. shortcake728 Verified Owner

    This weed is all about the american dream. It’s so easy to grow and produces the brightest green nugs I have ever seen! Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they showed up super fast and discreet. Used the paper towel method to get the seeds to germ and then just a few months later I was swimming in my own mj! I love the heady but relaxing buzz and the sweet and sour taste!

  97. bigfrank Verified Owner

    Just in time for summer, this weed is bound to get you stoned and ready to chill out at the beach. I grew in my basement over winter and just harvest my flower. It’s some seriously dank stuff, and it stores well too. Great for my mental state and for helping me relax and stay focused. Happy as a clam, will definitely be back for more!

  98. Michelle J Verified Owner

    If you need that extra pick me up in the afternoons, try out this weed. It was really easy to order online with GCS and the seeds showed up directly at my door. It’s amazing how easy it was to grow, and right in my backyard too! This weed offers everything from a gorgeous green bud, to an amazing smell and taste, to a buzz that keeps you chugging along all through the afternoon. It’s the weed of summer for sure!

  99. doctor420 Verified Owner

    This weed is where it’s at! So happy I found these seeds on GCS. Ordered online and had them shipped to my door in no time at all! Amazingly easy to grow, so simple I thought I MUST be messing up lol. Got a great yield, somewhere between 400 and 600 grams per plant! Has a great sour taste and gets me feeling very relaxed and happy!

  100. Amy P. Verified Owner

    I am really happy with this marijuana purchase. The seeds arrived quickly and have been growing really well. As for the plant itself, it’s an awesome way to spend a weekend afternoon. Tons of energy and that nice happy weed feeling. Would definitely recommend to anyone hoping to experience a good mood and feel less fatigued.

  101. frannie mcdonald Verified Owner

    If you need to have yourself a good time, what better way than to kick back with the american haze! It’s a really amazing weed, I mean it! I don’t leave good reviews often, but this stuff really blew my mind. I usually smoke weed in the afternoon or evenings, otherwise I get groggy and tired. I think this weed holds up really well, and it makes you feel relaxed and euphoric, great for joint pain and sleep as well!

  102. Lara Johnson Verified Owner

    I’ve had some pretty bad depression and I finally got up the energy to do something about it. I’m glad I decided to grow american haze mj. I choose it cuz i liked the name and also I heard it was a good for treating depression. It is starting to work for me. I’m started to do normal things again: take a walk in then park, have lunch with friends. Baby steps, lol. Also growing it wasn’t too much of a chore. I grew mind indoor even though they grew a bit tall and I had to trim them so they wouldn’t mess up my ceiling.

  103. Dan O. Verified Owner

    Good ol’ American Haze, great weed for those hot, hot American summers, where you’re sitting down by the lake, drinking beer and eating hot dogs. You really can’t beat that strong sour taste and the buzz is just stellar, a great sativa blend that’ll put you in a patriotic mood, helps with stress and depression, even headaches. The grow time is a little long, but it’s well worth it, a solid grow indoors or out. Try it out for yourself!

  104. growgreen9985 Verified Owner

    This mj is a great bang for your buck purchase! It’s very easy to grow (got all 3 of my seeds to germinate using the paper towel method) and the harvest is huge! You’ll be swimming in mj for days! I love the heavy relaxed feelings I get on this weed, also the increased focus and drive to do creative projects, super worthwhile if you’re ever feeling down or blue. A great strain on the whole!

  105. Omar Stone Verified Owner

    Honestly this is a great strain for anyone looking to get into marijuana growing. I’ve grown weed a few times and found this strain to be the easiest, plus you get a really nice yield that will last you a long time! The buds are dense and green and really sticky, smells like citrus and pine. I plan on buying more next time and growing twice as much! Great for uplifting your mood and making you focus!

  106. Cole Winters Verified Owner

    An excellent buy at an even better price. I love me some American Haze mj, an incredibly satisfying sativa strain that offers a long-term buzz with the added benefit of a mood boost and increased focus and creativity. Such a beautiful plant to grow, with dusty white crystals and dense green nugs! I smoke this anytime of day, love the cirtrusy taste of the smoke! Never fails to put a smile on my face.

  107. Cara G. Verified Owner

    An excellent strain of mj for the more experienced smoker. The THC content in this weed is no joke, so do keep that in mind if new to weed growing or smoking. I have been growing mj in the basement for some time, regular customer of GCS, and always impressed with their vast online selection and availability. I find this strain to be a relatively straightforward grow, seeds germinated reliably, and their light and watering schedule stayed fairly consistent throughout. A medium sized yield of around 350 grams per plants, but you won’t need more than that. I hit it and quit it, as the effects are very strong and sativa properties are readily apparent. Great for creativity and getting work done, but don’t smoke before bed.

  108. marcusketch Verified Owner

    Be careful with this stuff because IT IS STRONG. The THC levels in this strain are not to be messed with or taken lightly, especially if you’re a marijuana beginner. I happen to enjoy THC-heavy products to give me a powerful mental high. As an artist, I sometimes need a creative boost in the early morning or late at night. I get some of my best work done after smoking American Haze. It boots my productivity, creativity, and overall brain function. It’s a natural energizer that stimulates the mind and body.

  109. Reggie K. Verified Owner

    I decided to grow these indoors in a double-ended grow space and then received my seeds the day I finished setting it all up. When people were commenting that delivery was fast, I didn’t think it would be that quick. I also love how great the customer service is…best I’ve ever experienced with an online store. The whole experience was exactly as described and I’m happy that I decided to buy these feminized cannabis seeds.

  110. Mitchell Kyle Verified Owner

    I’ve tried a few different cannabis seed types for depression but I found that American Haze is one of the best. Growers Choice has pretty good stock too, but I wasn’t too impressed with how long it took to ship. They promised five days but it took longer. I’m hoping that my second order shows up faster than the last one, I don’t really want to have to keep shopping for my cannabis seeds locally, I prefer online, it’s a lot more convenient.

  111. Massey Plin Verified Owner

    I only had 3 of 5 seeds grow, but they replaced them pretty quick. It just happens. I’ve placed 6 other orders before and never had any issues, so I’m not concerned. Feminized cannabis seeds make growing easier as a whole, and I got a good yield regardless of only having 3 plants.

  112. MorganG Verified Owner

    These seeds are extremely easy to order in Canada, for anyone wondering. My delivery came super quick. I was trying to find where to buy feminized cannabis seeds, and this was the first company to pop up. Did some research and compared other companies, and this one just seemed like the best. Way more knowledgable, they actually test the seeds, and there is a lot of other information in general on the site. It’s surprisingly thorough for ordering online. Already looking into making a second order. Probably some of the kush strains, as I’ve heard only good things.

  113. Quincy Verified Owner

    I grow American haze for my mom, who has been undergoing chemotherapy for a while. i’m so glad that I decided to grow, because she says her symptoms are much more manageable than her first round. I decided to get feminized cannabis seeds because I’m new to growing. It was pretty easy, and I followed the steps on the site. The hardest part was probably setting up the grow room to grow indoors, but after that it was a breeze. This stuff is the best!

  114. Orphie Verified Owner

    I’m a complete novice when it comes to growing, but I really needed something to get me through my chemo. Someone suggested that I look for feminized cannabis seeds, and I found this company almost instantly. The yield was better than I expected, and I learned a lot just by reading the blog. I’m highly impressed with the whole ordering process.

  115. Chris Verified Owner

    I really didn’t believe it when they said that THC strains could help with pain but boy, does American Haze ever kick pain in the ass. I try to microdose because it is STRONG but it is good. If you’ve never grown a Haze before, I prefer to plant indoors because you have more control. You also have to know that this one takes its time to get to where you want it to be but it’s worth the wait. Just give it the love and attention it needs and you’ll be set. Thanks to Growers Choice for such a Grade A strain!

  116. petethogue Verified Owner

    Grow time on this was a bit slower than my other plants, but it really was worth the wait. I knew going in to it that it wasn’t the quickest to flower, so I wasn’t bothered at all. The results were perfection though, and this is for sure my favourite strain. The taste was great, and the high was even better. This one just makes me feel good, absolutely good.

  117. wongforrest8 Verified Owner

    I’m no beginner, but this is the perfect beginner plant if you want something super easy to grow that produces buds that are easy to smoke. I’ve been smoking Haze now forever, and it’s a staple for me. 5/5 germinated for me, and growth was just as expected.Yield was great, and I get such a nice hight off of this.

  118. flannerygetsyounowhere Verified Owner

    The trichomes on these plants are absolutely beautiful. I’m really happy with this strain and will order again. I got a pretty good yield per plant and the buds were amazing. Really nice high with no paranoia associated.

  119. picklesoup09 Verified Owner

    Ordered these a bit ago. They all sprouted perfectly, and are growing into bushy, stinky little plants so far. Yield already looks like it’s going to be a good one. Would buy again.

  120. raidernationvet Verified Owner

    The plants took a few weeks to really start going after germination but after that the plants were bushy, full and stinky! I yielded over a lb off of each plant. A few puffs and my anxiety has melted. Would order again.

  121. Richard Hawk Verified Owner

    Bought this to try and it seems pretty manageable for someone who doesn’t keep plants around. Very excited to see the results in a month.

  122. Eugene So Verified Owner

    This is the best I have ever had. I got a few seeds to try and they all sprouted perfectly. Within a few weeks they were ready to be harvested. Lots of resin and smells great. Very satisfied and highly recommended.

  123. Elizabeth Wilson Verified Owner

    You guys are the greatest! Awesome selection… I ordered the American Haze, 10 seeds, I was a little worried about shipping but it arrived in time like it was promised (I did fast shipping option, it was the same price). 9 out of 10 germianted, I was pretty happy with that, but I’m hoping next time it’s 100% for sure!

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*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.