AK-47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Delivering rapid-fire relief from pain, depression, stress, and muscle spasms, AK-47 marijuana is an aromatically pleasant and potent medical strain that will test the skills of intermediate level cultivators.

AK-47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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AK-47 marijuana is an award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid that is potent yet delivers a mellow high that has become a favorite among the cannabis community. The strain overpowers the nose with its earthy aroma and sugary undertones, but its sweet and herbal spiciness, coupled with its ability to deliver rapid-fire relief from a host of medical conditions, including anxiety and depression, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and loss of appetite, will secure AK-47 marijuana’s place among your favorites as well.

Featuring an above-average level of THC at its top (19%), the primary effects of AK-47 are happy and uplifting, and almost immediately upon consumption one notices their head becomes clear and their mood rises. Ideal for a relaxing evening alone or with friends, you’re sure to be worry-free and cheerful with AK-47 marijuana on board.

As AK-47 marijuana seeds tend to be sensitive to common molds and rot, this strain is better left to gardeners with at least an intermediate skill level when it comes to growing weed. Careful attention must be paid to ventilation and humidity levels. AK-47 marijuana plants tend to be on the aromatic side, and gardeners will need to invest in a high-quality exhaust system if cultivating indoors, or be considerate of neighbors with sensitivities if planting in the yard. AK-47 needs roughly 7-9 weeks of flowering to produce a moderate amount of harvestable bud, (500 grams indoors, vs 400 grams outdoors).

Additional information

Strain Genetics

AK – 47


40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Skunky, Woody

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

5 reviews for AK-47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Tommy-Lee Solomon (verified owner)

    Been a weed smoker since I was 21, and I haven’t stopped since. Now that I am finally a homeowner, I feel like I can actually grow my own pot, in my own backyard! Ordering online is simple, they make the website very easy to navigate, and the end result is almost always great weed! A smooth indica that makes any afternoon feel lighter and easier. Smokeable under any and all circumstances!!

  2. Nicky Huffman (verified owner)

    Never tried a marijuana strain I didn’t like, but only a few do I truly love. AK-47 is a godsend, it’s been miraculous for my back pain and joint pain all around my hand and ankles. I have some inflammation from a recent surgery as well, and AK calms those symptoms. It’s a fairly easy plant to manage, usually yields about 500 grams and helps with stress and depression. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  3. Colette Ramsey (verified owner)

    Earthy, sweet and relaxing. Been smoking AK since the 70s. Weed has evolved a lot since then, and these Fem seeds almost guarantee you a solid yield. Best purchase I have made in a long time, the seeds take about 1 week to germ, and about 5 months to grow/harvest. Make sure you cure the flower properly!!!

  4. Charlene Pham (verified owner)

    Kicks stress and depression to the curb. Has a nice earthy sour flavor that leaves your mouth tingling. Took 6 months to grow. OMG I was looking at it everyday and caring for it like it was my baby. Paid off tho cause I got 500 grams of pot from 2 plants. Good buy 🙂

  5. angel.solorio.sol1 (verified owner)

    If your into earthy woody natural flavor weed get this one it’s that hippie vide ..it’s in my top favorite strains ..

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