If you’re looking for real medical benefits without the psychoactive effect for which cannabis is known, you have come to the right place. Growers Choice medical cannabis seeds offer gardeners the chance to cultivate and harvest a personal supply of natural, high-quality medicine.

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At Growers Choice, we offer a selection of three premium medical cannabis seed strains. Each strain contains high levels of CBD, a healing cannabinoid many patients use to treat conditions like epilepsy, curb nausea and chronic pain, and ease muscle spasms brought on by Multiple Sclerosis and joint pain caused by arthritis.

In addition to high CBD, these strains contain low levels of THC. Though the levels of CBD and THC are equal, only very small amounts of CBD provide therapeutic relief, so the potency of these strains is great. Furthermore, CBD has been noted to be more potent when combined with THC than when used alone. As such, Growers Choice medical cannabis seeds have incredible medical potential.

What is high-CBD cannabis?

The primary reason most people turn to high-CBD or

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medical cannabis seed strains is their lack of psychoactivity. Cannabis is quite famous for the “high” it can cause, which can lead to an euphoria that can soothe mood disorders and that makes this plant a popular recreational choice. But not everyone is looking for a mental high, and medical, high-CBD strains are for this latter demographic.

CBD is the second-most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis, though it generally occurs in much lower quantities than well-known THC (0.1 to 12% CBD to 5-30% THC). These cannabinoids are only two of 80-some different compounds, all of which likely have medical qualities, but only a few of which have been investigated.

In the past, when cannabis was primarily sought for the enjoyment caused by that euphoric high, the plant was deliberately bred to have low levels of CBD because not only is CBD non-pyschoactive, it also actively blocks the psychoactivity of THC.

But with the rise of CBD’s promise in treating epilepsy and other diseases, a reverse can be seen in some circles. While some breeders continue to strive for higher and higher THC percentages, others have managed to develop cannabis strains with as much as 12% CBD.

Facts about CBD

  • You will get more CBD from the leaves of the cannabis plant than you will from the flowers. If you’re seeking this type of treatment, consider using dried leaves as well as buds in your medicine.
  • Edibles often have more CBD than other ingestion options, for two reasons: first, the leaves are more often used in edibles than in smoking or vaporizing; second, CBD prevails under higher temperatures than does THC, so less of it will be burned away in the baking of edibles.
  • Despite its usefulness for muscle pain, CBD seems to be the active cannabinoid in strains that leave you feeling alert. Regardless of the THC level, your favorite pick-me-up strain quite possible has a moderate level of CBD. This could also explain why ingesting the same strain with different methods could affect the same user differently.
  • We don’t want any cannabis to be prohibited, but it’s interesting to consider that even though high-CBD strains contain no psychoactive side effects, they’re grouped with all other cannabis on the US list of Schedule 1 drugs.

Get Medical Cannabis Seeds

At Growers Choice, we stock three powerful natural medicines in our Medical Cannabis Seeds category:

1. CBD Blueberry: Boasting an impressive 7% CBD, this indica-dominant strain is a popular choice for pain management and relieving stress. Our CBD Blueberry seeds result in fruity-tasting plants that offer up a considerable yield.

2. CBD Critical Mass: Another 7% CBD, indica-dominant strain, CBD Critical Mass enhances creativity while relieving pain, and is suitable for relaxing days and evenings. A single square meter of this strain can yield 600 grams of flower.

3. CBD Moby Dick: A nearly balanced hybrid, our CBD Moby Dick contains 5% CBD for a long-lasting, cheerful sensation that can be sought any time of the day or night. This strain can reduce anxiety and depression, and ease muscle and joint pain.

Learn more about the amazing effects of CBD: read about medical cannabis, and discover how it can be used to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

Choose Growers Choice for your medical cannabis seeds, and start your garden of homegrown, holistic medicine right away.