Marijuana has lots of excellent qualities. It can help ease chronic and acute pain, soothe the muscle spasms of multiple sclerosis and eradicate the seizures caused by epilepsy. It helps people fall asleep, lessens the effects of PTSD, and can even heal skin irritations.

But even good things can become problematic in large quantities. Is it safe to use marijuana every day? Let’s look at a few different factors to address this question.

Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana Everyday?

The most common stereotype about people who use marijuana every day is that they are “stoners” or “pot heads”. In the social eye, these are individuals who wake and bake, only to sit on the couch and watch Netflix or stream YouTube videos for the rest of the day, missing work and stopping only to toke up again.

Though there are people like this, there are also a lot of folks who use marijuana on a regular basis and still manage to lead productive, healthy lives. So, there’s the first question you need to answer when you’re wondering if it’s safe to smoke marijuana every day:

Is cannabis making you less productive?

how does cannabis affect productivity?

The effects of marijuana on productivity vary from person to person, and dose to dose.

If you find a hit or two off a joint or bong leaves you sprawled on the bed for hours, unable or uninterested in getting up to shower, walk the dog, cook lunch or go into the office, than you might be using too much cannabis – or the wrong kind.

It’s possible to use a bit of cannabis each morning, and still carry on normally with your day. Strains that are energizing rather than sedating can give you that jolt you need, possibly in a healthier manner than caffeine. If the strain you choose makes you high in earnest, then you might want to cut back or try something else.

Secondarily, if you find you need weed to get going in the morning, you should speak to a doctor about other issues – with your sleep, diet, or possibly something more serious – that might be contributing to your fatigue.

Possible Problems Caused By Too Much Marijuana

Taking a dose of marijuana when you’re feeling achy, fatigued, or sleep-deprived is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s really not much different than popping an aspirin to ward off a headache, or some Pepto Bismol to soothe your stomach. As long as you’re just vaping, smoking, or snacking on edibles intermittently, you’re probably fine.

Here are a few issues that can arise if you start going overboard on self-medicating with cannabis:

marijuana and sleep

Marijuana can change the length of your sleep stages.

  • Sleep Issues. Cannabis helps you sleep by changing the sleep-wake cycle. This is great for letting you fall or stay asleep when sleep has been eluding you, but if you start using cannabis every night, you might find that when you stop, you’re hit with strange, intense dreams. This is because cannabis can affect REM sleep – the periods during the night when you dream – leaving you without dreams. Numerous nights of no dreams can result in a flood of them once you stop.

    Ideally, if you need cannabis to help you sleep, make sure you aren’t using it every night, and try to explore the deeper reasons for your insomnia.
  • Tolerance. Like any therapeutic substance, the more marijuana you use – or the more often you use it – the quicker your body will build up a tolerance. The result: you’ll need more marijuana to get the same effect. This can end up costing you a lot of money.

    Try to stick with the lowest dose necessary for giving you the relief you need.
  • Addiction. You’ve probably heard from advocates that cannabis isn’t addictive. This is true, in a sense. Opioids, for instance, can cause extremely adverse reactions when you stop using them because the body has become chemically dependent on the substance.

    The body does not become chemically dependent on marijuana, which is why there are no recorded deaths or scary overdose stories about the substance. That’s not to say, however, that your brain can’t start relying on marijuana to make you happy, or help you sleep, or ease your pain. Marijuana is habit-forming in a similar way to caffeine – you can become dependent on it.
    is cannabis addictive?

    Though the body does not become physically addicted to cannabis, it is habit-forming.

    It makes sense, then, that regular use of marijuana can leave you craving it, which can result in problems at work and in your social life.
  • Lung Dangers. While there is some evidence supporting the idea that cannabis does not cause lung cancer, it simply can’t be denied that inhaling burnt plant and paper into your lungs isn’t good for you. This point is specific to smoking cannabis, of course, but is worth noting. Smoking introduces particulates into your throat – which is why you cough – and potentially your lungs if you inhale.

    At Growers Choice, we recommend vaporizing marijuana if you need the quick onset of effects, or choosing another method such as edibles, tinctures, or topicals.

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“Can I Mix Cannabis with My Medication?”

Daily Microdosing with Cannabis

So, in general, we would recommend avoiding daily use of marijuana, but there is one exception. You may have heard about microdosing with cannabis, a practice that involves using very small amounts of marijuana every day.

microdosing marijuana

Microdosing involves taking small amounts of cannabis each day, as a preventative “vitamin”.

Microdosing usually involves taking very small, measured doses of THC – such as 5 mg – each morning, much like you might take vitamins. There is some evidence that shows this type of consumption has preventative qualities, protecting against inflammation and stress, and strengthening the metabolism.

Doses of this size do not result in the classic euphoria of a cannabis “high”, and most patients will not experience any adverse side effects (such as red eyes, dry mouth, etc) with such a small dose.

Choose Good Marijuana Strains

One good way to make sure you’re benefiting from your marijuana but not going overboard is to invest in high-quality strains that offer the medicinal relief – or the general relaxation – you need at small or moderate doses.

At Growers Choice, we offer more than 40 cannabis seeds strains so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Even if you’re just wanting to chill out with a bit of a high, these premium strains let you enjoy yourself without putting your body in danger.

The Best Cannabis Seed Strains:

mazar feminized cannabis seeds

Mazar is a relaxing, indica-dominant strain.

  1. For deep relaxation, we highly recommend Mazar. A great option whether you’re looking for that heady couch-lock sensation or relief from anxiety and insomnia, Mazar will leave you deeply relaxed and cheerful.
  2. Tangerine Dream is a unique strain in that it provides both energy and pain relief (unlike most strains that offer primarily one or the other). An auto-flowering variety that is easy to cultivate, Tangerine Dream is popular with those who want to treat stress or depression, or reduce inflammation.
  3. For those who really want to avoid the “high”, CBD Critical Mass is an excellent choice. This strain has equal amounts of CBD and THC; as a result, the CBD counteracts the euphoria that might be caused by the THC. Critical Mass also eases chronic pain and lends low-energy creativity.

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