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Why buy from Europe – and pay outrageous shipping and customs fees – when you could order from a company based on your own continent? At Growers Choice, we offer North America cannabis seeds from reputable breeders both on the continent and beyond, and you never need to deal with extreme time changes, unexpected costs, or weeks of delay. Order from Growers Choice today, and you’ll find yourself outfitted with premium cannabis seeds, the finest in the industry, for an affordable price.

Are cannabis seeds legal in North America?

In North America, you are completely within your rights to purchase and possess cannabis seeds! That means any products you order from Growers Choice come with no danger of legal ramifications. Better still, in many parts of the continent, you are welcome to germinate and plant your cannabis seeds, and watch them grow into healthy, hardy cannabis plants that will offer you remedy for a wide range of medical conditions.

Buy cannabis seeds in North America

North America has many climates perfectly suited to growing thriving cannabis plants, and where the weather might be just a bit more finicky, indoor growing is a great option. On the Growers Choice website, we’re proud to offer a mass of helpful information to walk you through the sometimes-tricky process of planting and tending to cannabis. But if you’re willing to put in the time, you won’t be sorry you turned to us: cannabis seeds give you the opportunity to cultivate and harvest your own all-natural medicine. What could be more rewarding?

How are feminized cannabis seeds different?

We’re so happy you’re interested in feminized cannabis seeds! The great thing about our 100% feminized seed strains is the burden they take off you, the grower. Where regular cannabis seeds might develop into male or female plants (and you never know how many of each), feminized seeds are guaranteed to become flowering, medicinal female plants. Did we mention male plants are useless to the grower who just wants to harvest bud?

With feminized seeds, you’re saving money because you don’t have to weed out the male plants once they can be identified. Plus, you don’t have that fear of inadvertently overlooking one of the male plants. When this happens, the male can fertilize the females, and you entire crop can be ruined!

The best cannabis seeds for sale

Of course we’ll tell you we sell the best cannabis seeds on the market, but give us a second to back up that claim.

Not only does Growers Choice sell only the best, tested, hand-selected cannabis seeds from reputable breeders, but we also have 20 years of horticultural and medical expertise behind us. Our products are all sold packaged in medical-grade glass vials for prolonged freshness and viability, and our outer shipping packaging never lists our company name or what’s inside because your privacy is of the utmost import.

We’re knowledgeable, we carry a great selection, and we’re always here to help. If we haven’t convinced you yet, just browse through our offerings!

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