Reports of cannabis’ medical benefits are quickly outbalancing the negative press the plant has received in the past. From headaches to cancer, research is exposing the surprising, and in some cases seemingly miraculous, results of patients using cannabis for treatment. Wide-ranging studies are still relatively scarce, but there is abundant evidence that this natural product can offer a whole new realm of therapeutic possibilities.

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis owes its therapeutic qualities to the abundance of unique cannabinoids it contains. The articles in this section offer important details about the two most popular cannabinoids, as well as news of the medical benefits of lesser-known cannabinoids currently being explored.

Medical Cannabis

Learn why cannabis is such a potent medicine, and why it has been used in this capacity for thousands of years. We have also developed a breakdown of cannabis’ effect on a wide range of symptoms and conditions, from insomnia to multiple sclerosis, so you can choose the best strain for your needs.

Cannabis as Treatment