At Growers Choice, we love cannabis. No surprise there! We take great care to curate only the finest cannabis seeds around, a careful combination of enduringly popular strains and lesser-known wonders that are on their way to greatness. We wouldn’t quite go so far as to say we’re tastemakers but…we take a lot of pride in our selection!

What Are Kush Seeds?

Included in this awesome array of healing, therapeutic, and just plain enjoyable cannabis seed strains is an impressive collection of kush strains! Kush is another name for predominantly indica-dominant cannabis strains that harken from cooler parts of the plant’s native habitats, such as the Hindu Kush mountain range (one guess where the term came from), which provides part of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Our kush seeds are sourced from trusted breeders with decades of experience in their field, and are all fully feminized and lab tested, hand-selected when you place your order, and packaged in medical-grade glass vials before being quickly and discreetly shipped right to your front door!

The Best Kush Seeds

Like anything you’re passionate about, it can be hard to choose favorites, but we’ve done our best. Here, for your reading pleasure, is our list of the Top 10 Kush Strains!

  1. Purple Kush

    First created in our beautiful home state of California, Purple Kush boasts impressive parentage: pure Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This strain inspires deep physical relaxation that can work wonders on chronic pain and stress, and even alleviate insomnia. You can look forward to a bit of happy euphoria as well, which makes Purple Kush a possible choice for battling some symptoms of depression.

    Growers Choice Purple Kush cannabis seeds may not be the ideal pick for a brand new grower, but nor are they overly tricky to cultivate. You can expect a fairly short flowering period to match the short stature of Purple Kush, and a decent yield of up to 300 grams per plant in ideal outdoor conditions.

  2. Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering

    We’re proud to offer an auto-flowering version of this popular classic strain. Coming of course from the Hindu Kush mountain range, our Hindu Kush boasts an impressive coating of resin, which was originally required to protect the plant from the harsher climates of its homeland. It’s no wonder this strain is so sought after by those seeking the well-known indica benefit of physical relaxation, or people who want to get a really great batch of hashish.

    Try Hindu Kush auto-flowering seeds if you’re looking for relaxation and a natural option for fending off insomnia. The strain will also leave you happy and a touch euphoric while it fights stress, chronic or acute pain, and symptoms of depression. Our seeds are easy to grow thanks to those automatic qualities, and the resulting plants offer as much as 400 grams per square meter following a very short flowering period.

  3. Critical Kush

    Looking to relieve anxiety and stress in a way that doesn’t end in you waking up eight hours later? Critical Kush seeds are deeply healing, offering a cheerful relaxation that won’t leave you snoring, but will leave you with a nice, gentle case of couch lock. If you need to treat chronic pain or muscle spasms, this strain is an excellent bet, and the touch of happy euphoria helps to fend off bouts of depression, as well.

    Great for indoor or outdoor growing by intermediate and advanced gardeners, Critical Kush usually reaches a middle-of-the-road height offset by a slightly higher THC (21%), and completes its flowering process within seven to nine weeks. You can expect a pretty good yield of big buds from this strain, complete with that rich resin coating.

  4. Bubba Kush

    Known for its seriously sedating effects, Bubba Kush exemplifies all the indica traits including a sweet flavor and deep relaxation with a dose of happy. You’re likely to find yourself feeling a bit sleep with this strain, so keep to the evenings and nighttimes or you could notice a drop-off in productivity. But for days when stress, pain, and sleeplessness have gotten the better of you, you’ll be glad you bought Bubba Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice!

    Like most of our regular feminized kush strains, Bubba Kush isn’t the best pick for brand new gardeners, but can flourish under the care of someone with a bit of experience. An average flowering time of seven to nine weeks delivers moderate yields with great medicinal and recreational benefits.

  5. Sour Kush Auto-Flowering

    If OG Kush or Sour Diesel tops your list of Favorite Strains of All Time, then you won’t want to miss our Sour Kush Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds. Despite its indica dominance, this strain offers a nice balance of indica and sativa, delivering deeply relaxing euphoria and a boost in mood. Though a long draw could leave you couch-bound for a few hours, small amounts of Sour Kush usually let you retain your daytime motivation, and could even offer a light boost in energy (depending on your current stores and your body chemistry). Anxiety and depression will take a hike, along with nausea, after treatment with this great, multi-purpose strain that’s quick and easy to grow.

  6. Blueberry Kush

    A lovely combo of much-loved Blueberry and the ever-popular west-coast stable OG Kush, our Blueberry Kush boasts insomnia-fighting effects and doubles as a power-house painkiller. Expect to feel cheerful, a touch euphoric, and ultimately ready for bed with this stress and anxiety-relieving strain.

    Flowering in just seven or eight weeks, Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds grow into bold plants that offer considerable yields, especially when grown outdoors.

  7. Kush XL Auto-Flowering

    Another popular autoflowering choice we offer is Kush XL auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Big yields and easy cultivation make this a top pick for new gardeners, and the combination of pain relief and physical relaxation make for a medicinal or recreational strain supreme. You won’t find yourself dropping off to sleep if you’re wide awake, but Kush XL can encourage sleepiness if you’re on your way there already, and help you relieve joint and muscle tension as you drift off.

    Thanks to ruderalis, our Kush XL plants are hardy and quick to flower, and deliver good yields for such comparatively short plants. Perfect for a tiny grow closet, Kush XL deserves a place on this list for its powerful OG Kush lineage, alone!

  8. Skunk Kush

    If you like ‘em smelly, Skunk Kush is your perfect strain! But this strain delivers more than just a classic skunky scent – the combo of Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush offers impressive evening effects, including relaxation, happiness, and euphoria that paves the way to sleep by eradicating anxieties and stressors that have been plaguing your mind all day.

    This medium-height strain bulks up considerably during the flowering period, putting on as much as 550 grams of fresh bud before harvest. The thick, dense buds can be a welcome hideout for mold, though, so be sure to keep an eye on the plants and your humidity levels as those flowers flourish.

  9. Candy Kush Auto-Flowering

    Relax without the z’s with Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Mild to moderate pain and nagging stress will seep away as you chill out with this Cotton Candy-derived strain and feel your blues lift off. Candy Kush has moderate levels of CBD and can help people relax, de-stress, and feel more at ease.

    After automatically beginning to flower in just two or three weeks, you’ll find Candy Kush auto-flowering isn’t quite as speedy to the finish as some other auto strains, but the wait is worth it. Look for good yields of up to 400 grams per square meter from this short, easy-growing strain.

  10. Afghan Auto-Flowering

    Last but certainly not least, let’s take a gander at Afghan Auto-Flowering. Though “kush” doesn’t appear in the title, you might guess from the name of this strain that it can nevertheless boast some Hindu Kush heritage. A combination of Lowryder auto and pure Afghani, this popular pick can fight insomnia and anxiety, increase relaxation ten-fold, and do it all with a sweet, citrusy flavor.

    You’ll get good yields from this strain, though it takes a bit longer to harvest than most of our automatic strains. It’s still easy to grow and great for indoor or outdoor gardening though, with its short stature really ideal for small spaces.

Buy Kush Seeds from Growers Choice

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