High Yield Cannabis Seeds

The average yield of a weed plant is measured from different growers. The cannabis is dried and weighed to calculate the overall yield of the harvest. The highest-yielding seeds will produce a large number of dried marijuana. All cannabis seeds vary in yield.

Advantages Of Choosing High-Yield Seeds

1. Saves Money

High yield seeds have better value as you will harvest significantly more cannabis.

2. Saves Space

Cultivating high-yield seeds is a perfect way to save space, especially when growing indoors. You can top them and use methods such as low-stress training without retarding the yields.

3. Quality And Quantity

Choosing high-yield seeds comes with substantial harvests.

4. Better Time Management

Planting high-yield seeds allow growers to manage the crops better. Instead of growing numerous weed crops, you can manage a few high-yield seeds.

5. How To Choose High-Yield Cannabis Seeds

There are different kinds of techniques that weed growers use when it comes to selecting premium seeds. Here are some of the factors to consider when picking quality seeds.

6. Ease Of Growing

If you’re growing cannabis for the first time, try to avoid seeds that need too much maintenance, topping, and pruning for your first grow cycles. Look for seeds that are resistant to mold/disease and easy to grow (like the ones listed below).

7. Yield

Remember, the goal of growing cannabis seeds is to get the best out of the process. After all, you don’t want to put in all the effort and get low yields.

8. Germination Guarantees

Buying marijuana seeds from a seed bank that backs their strains with a solid germination guarantee helps growers germinate quality weed.

9. Breeder

Not all breeders maintain well-preserved genetics. Some breeders sell unhealthy male and female seeds with weak genes.

10. Potency

THC content is an important factor to consider when selecting your seeds. After all, it’s the main reason you’re cultivating cannabis seeds. Pay extra attention to the entourage effect, the strain’s terpene profile, and its CBG/CBD content.

Our Recommended High Yield Cannabis Strains

Finding the best high yield cannabis strains may be difficult, but luckily Growers Choice has a large database of top quality strains.

All strains in the following list produce large harvests when grown outdoors and at home:


Banana OG feminized Cannabis Seeds

Banana OG feminized marijuana seeds are well known for their good yields. It is a classic Sativa-dominant hybrid that produces highly resinous buds with bright orange hairs. Banana OG flowers are tall and lanky, with long leaf formations, making them ideal for growing indoors and outdoors. Banana OG is a feminized seed, meaning it produces only female plants. The plants that yield these quality cannabis seeds are highly recommended for outdoor grows where they can be grown in full sun and kept under control with a high-quality pest control spray. The banana aroma and taste are experienced, and the chunky trichomes give this variety a satisfying scent when smoked.

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