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Germinating Auto Pot Seeds

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How To Germinate Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds

Did you recently pick up a pack of auto-flowering pot seeds from Growers Choice (perhaps Blueberry or Gorilla Glue)? Perhaps you’re wondering how to go about germinating auto pot seeds, and it’s a fair question! Read on to learn about our tried-and-true germination method.

How Are Autoflowering Pot Seeds Different from Regular Pot Seeds?

Autoflowering pot seeds are harvested from plants that have been bred with ruderalis. Ruderalis is a species of cannabis native to Russia, where the shorter summers and cooler temperatures necessitated an evolution: these short, bushy, industrial hemp-like plants don’t need to wait for a change in seasonal lighting to begin flowering – they start automatically after a few weeks in the vegetative stage.

Botanists bend on creating a quicker, smaller cannabis variety jumped on this handy trait, and today you can find hundreds of different cannabis strains – many of which were already popular as regular seeds – with auto-flowering versions, for your gardening pleasure.

What Is The Best Way To Germinate Pot Seeds?

Here at Growers Choice, we encourage our customers to follow our germination guide when germinating their auto-flowering pot seeds.

This is partly due to the fact that the method we recommend – generally known as the water glass and paper towel method – is a tried-and-true process that produces good results. It’s also easy to do and doesn’t require any fancy tools. But there’s another reason you should really try this method:

Seeds that have gone through our recommended germination method and failed to germinate are covered by our germination guarantee! Our 90% germination promise is a pinky-swear with each of our valued customers – if your seeds don’t germinate (duds are possible with any all-natural product), we will replace them up to a success rate of 90%. We can’t guarantee 100% success because nature just isn’t 100% predictable, but we can do our best to make sure you get the most out of your natural medicine investment.

Check out the guidelines below, and begin germinating your seeds. Be sure to check the troubleshooting option at the end – these are great steps to try if a seed doesn’t germinate, to ensure it isn’t just a bit slow before you talk to us about a replacement!

A Guide To Germinating Autoflowering Pot Seeds

As we mentioned above, the water glass and paper towel method is almost ridiculously easy. Don’t be fooled into thinking your entire cannabis cultivation experience will require this little effort – rather, enjoy the leniency while you can!

Step One: Soak Your Auto Pot Seeds

The vital first step of your germination process involves gently softening the outer shell of the seeds so when they awaken from their dormant state, the little taproot (first white root) doesn’t have to work so hard to break through that tough exterior.

This is done by soaking the seeds in water for up to 18 hours.

Simply fill a small glass with fresh water (distilled, or spring, or rain water only) and drop in the seeds. Avoid touching them with your fingers if possible, and only place a maximum of 5 seeds in each cup of water.

The seeds will bob about on the surface for the first few hours, until the water begins to penetrate the shell and weigh them down. About 14 hours later, most of the seeds should have sunk to the bottom. If one or two haven’t, try gently tapping them with the back of a spoon or another clean object – water tension could we all that’s holding them up. If they still won’t sink, you can let them soak for another few hours, but it’s best not to exceed 18 hours in this step.

Bonus suggestion: if you want to speed this process along a little bit, and further facilitate the taproot’s ability to break through, consider “scuffing” the seeds before soaking. Make a little tube of fine grind sandpaper, with the gritty part on the inside. Put your pointer finger over one end of the tube, and drop the seeds into the open end. Put your thumb over the open end and shake the tube about 20 times, letting the sandpaper gently scratch the outside of the seeds.

Step Two: Spread Out Your Seeds

If one seed is still floating after 18 hours, you may want to set it aside to soak a little longer, or you can take your chances and include it in this next step. It’s likely that seed will just take a little longer to sprout.

In this step, prepare the “paper towel” part of your process. Place a few unbleached paper towels on a glass or plastic plate (not paper). Pour the glass of water and the seeds onto the plate.

With tweezers or another small implement, gently move the seeds so they are about 1 inch apart. This will ensure the taproots don’t get tangled as they grow. Also move the seeds so they’re centered on one half of the paper towel.

Step Three: Cover and Tuck Them Away

Fold the other half of the paper towel over the seeds. Don’t worry about sealing the paper towel around the seeds, but do make sure they are suitably covered. The paper towel should be saturated, but no extra water should be sitting on the plate – you can drain this off.

Place your paper towel and plate in a warm, dark spot. You want to leave the plate alone, for the most part, but put it somewhere you can check on it about once a day without overly disturbing it, or subjecting your seeds to too much light. All you need to do is check the progress of the taproot.

Step Four: Wait for Sprouts!

Your seeds could take anywhere from 2 to 7 days to sprout and grow a good-sized taproot. Keep the paper towel wet but not soggy, and check the seeds once or twice a day.

You want to plant your sprouted seeds when the taproot is about ½ to ¾-inch long. Once your seeds have reached this point, check out our article Following Germination to find out the next steps!

Troubleshooting Pot Seed Germination

If, after spending a week on the plate and your cannabis seeds haven’t sprout like they’re supposed to, try this “last-ditch” method before you reach out to us to activate your germination guarantee:

Return the unsprouted seeds to a glass of fresh water and leave them to soak. Eventually, the seeds may crack open and a white spot (the taproot) may be visible within the shell. When this happens, put the seeds back onto the paper towel and continue from Step Two.

Buy Auto Pot Seeds from Growers Choice

Germinating auto pot seeds couldn’t be easier! And when you choose Growers Choice for your premium auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you get the added benefit and safety net of our 90% germination guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Order your feminized autoflowering pot seeds, today!


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