Uncovering The Medical Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis

Unveiling the Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis

For thousands of years, various cultures have noticed the therapeutic potential of marijuana to possibly ease a wide range of conditions (source 1). With changing medical cannabis laws in the U.S., it is commonly used for patients. As such, an increasing number of doctors in states where medical marijuana is legal are prescribing cannabis for all sorts of conditions, however, the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment is still being researched.

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Discover all of the way that marijuana might benefit you!
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Overview Of Potential Benefits

Thanks to a shift in medical cannabis laws, the door has been opened for more clinical trials. Although research is limited in the U.S., the potential health benefits of using marijuana have been highlighted (source 2).

Before using cannabis for any purpose, it’s always a good idea to understand how it interacts with your body. Also, you should always speak with your healthcare professional before you begin your cannabis journey.

The potential of cannabis for relief is due to its active compounds, namely THC and CBD. Besides offering psychoactive effects, when THC is consumed, it stimulates the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, according to Medical News Today (source 3). Afterward, the reward system in the brain is activated. THC “binds to cannabinoid receptors and produces an elevated state of mind, known as a high.”

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t produce a high like THC but has potential therapeutic properties. Since the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill (source 4), CBD-based cannabis products have been in high demand since they are non-intoxicating but still send signals to the brain.

The medical cannabis laws in a state determine the type of products medical cannabis patients can choose. In some cases, only CBD-based cannabis products are permitted. In other places, high-THC cannabis products are allowed. It can also depend on what the patient is looking for. If they don’t want to deal with a classic marijuana high, CBD is the way to go. For patients who want the psychoactive effects, high-THC cannabis products are a better choice.

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CBD could be the perfect choice for you!
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A Good Night’s Sleep

Many people use recreational marijuana to help them feel sleepy. There are plenty of cannabis strains that might help cannabis patients feel more relaxed and in some cases, sedated. As a result, they will feel sleepier and get the good night’s rest that’s often evaded them!

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Cannabis might help you feel sleepy at night
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Is Marijuana Right For Me?

Since every person is different, not only is marijuana not right for everybody, but it doesn’t affect each individual the same. That’s why a person must consult with their physician beforehand. You and your doctor can go over your condition, symptoms, and goals to determine whether cannabis is right for you.

Since marijuana is still in its relative infancy as a therapeutic choice in the U.S., there are a lot of variables to contend with. There is no set dosage like with conventional pharmaceuticals, so you might have to do a bit of trial and error to find your sweet spot. If you use too much as a newcomer, you might experience negative side effects.

Also, with thousands of strains, it might take quite a while before you find your favorite that gives you the effects you’re seeking. It’s always a good idea to do some research to discover what works best for you. You’ll also need to find out if you prefer higher THC or CBD levels or a good mix of each. It’s all a personal preference.

As a medical marijuana patient, you need to be aware of your area because different states have different laws. That means while you can use marijuana in your neck of the woods when you travel, you may not be permitted. Also, based on law, patients need to know what form of marijuana they can consume. In some states, you can smoke marijuana, but in others, you can only use pills, creams, or sprays. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your due diligence to know what to expect. 

Grow Your Own Marijuana

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Popular Strains

  1. Harlequin Medical Feminized Seeds – sativa-dominant strain with high CBD and a just-right amount of THC perfect for relaxation and boosting the mood for intense euphoria
  2. Valentine X CBD Medical Feminized Seeds – a highly-potent strain that’s a well-balanced hybrid to help you focus and concentrate while providing relaxation
  3. Medibud Feminized Seeds – perfect for beginners since it’s not the most potent strain, it provides users with euphoric and soothing effects to uplift the mood

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