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Feminized Cannabis Seeds vs. Regular Cannabis Seeds

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What Is a Feminized Seed?

Feminized seeds are those that have been specially bred to produce only feminized – essentially female – cannabis plants. This is done by gently stressing female plants to encourage them to pollinate themselves. The fact that cannabis has this ability makes it the perfect plant to undergo this process.

Because feminized seeds come from a female plant that was not pollinated by a male plant, the seeds have no male chromosomes. As such, they are 99% guaranteed to grow into flower or bud-producing plants.

The Germination Guarantee at Growers Choice

Not only do we guarantee that our feminized seeds will grow into harvestable female plants (no males, no hermies), we also guarantee that the seeds you buy from us will germinate! At Growers Choice, we offer an outstanding, industry-leading 90% germination guarantee.

As long as you follow our easy germination guide, you can rest assured that every order you place with Growers Choice is covered by our guarantee. In other words:

  • If you buy a 3-seed pack of Amnesia and only two seeds sprout – we’ll send you a replacement seed!
  • If you buy a 5-seed pack of Jack Herer and only four germinate – we’ll send you a replacement seed!
  • If you buy a 10-seed pack of Blueberry Kush and 2 don’t sprout – we’ll send you a replacement seed!

It’s a pretty great way to ensure the safety of your investment, wouldn’t you say? Beginning your own cannabis crop can be a costly endeavor, once you purchase all the equipment and materials, and at Growers Choice we respect your hard work and hard-earned money! Don’t stress about your crop – just enjoy the process.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds VS Regular Cannabis Seeds

Now, onto the reason we’re all here – a look at feminized seeds versus regular seeds! What are the benefits, and are there any drawbacks?

Benefits of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Male Plants Don’t Produce Buds. Male plants produce pretty flowers, and they produce pollen sacs, but they don’t produce medicinal marijuana buds. Therefore, if therapeutic flowers are what you’re after in your garden, male plants are essentially useless and there’s little point in spending money on their seeds if you don’t have to.
  2. Male Plants Pollinate the Females. Everyone who’s studied basic biology knows this. But what you might not know is why this is problematic. You see, pollinated female plants develop seeds, but they don’t develop high-THC or CBD buds for medical use. Pollinated females are essentially useless if buds are your goal.
  3. You’ll Harvest What You Sow. If you think about it, there’s a major drawback to buying regular cannabis seeds, though it’s nothing new in the world of gardening. When you plant, say, six germinated cannabis seeds in six pots to fill your grow room, you have to wait until they begin to mature during the vegetative stage before you can identify the males, which means by the time you remove them, it will be too late to fill in those gaps with new plants (which could still turn out to be male).

Drawbacks of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

People continue to buy regular, unfeminized cannabis seeds, right? So there must be a reason the production and sale of these traditional seeds hasn’t completely disappeared. And yes, there is.

Some people want to produce their own cannabis seeds, for future growing. They might have two harvests going at once – one for bud production (perhaps using feminized seeds) and one for seed production. But again, if what you want is buds, you don’t want regular seeds. If you really want to avoid having to buy feminized seeds again, you can always clone your feminized plants. One of our talented growers has done this to great success, as you can see here.

Additionally, some people just want to grow the old fashioned way, with sexing, weeding, and all the skills this requires. But if your end goal is medicinal marijuana, you’ll want to buy feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice!

Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

You’ve already heard about how we’re dedicated to quality, and how our germination guarantee can help you make the most of your marijuana investment. But did you know we’re also dedicated to customer service, and making sure you’re educated about this – possibly new – experience you’re about to undertake?

At Growers Choice, our customer service reps are quick to respond, and eternally helpful. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find out, so don’t ever hesitate to ask. You can get ahold of us on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), or you can shoot us a message at our support line or on our contact us page.

You may also have noticed our extensive Resource Section, which delivers detailed articles on everything from preserving your feminized cannabis seeds til you’re ready to plant them to harvesting your cannabis plants at the end of their life cycle> Basically, if you want to know about it (and it has to do with cannabis, of course), you’ll find it either here or on our blog>

So, what are you waiting for? If this article has settled the feminized cannabis seeds vs regular cannabis seeds debate for you, place your order today>


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