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Weed Seeds for Sale in USA

There might be a few places you can find weed seeds for sale in the USA, but Growers Choice is undeniably your best option. Here are just a few of the reasons we think you’ll agree – Growers Choice should be your choice!

The Best Weed Seeds for Sale

Lots of Weed Seeds for Sale

At Growers Choice, we have more than 25 weed seed strains for sale, and we’re adding more to our shelves every week! Why wander from storefront to storefront hunting for the perfect strain when you can just hop online from the comfort of your own home and find an outstanding selection at the click of a mouse button! Here are just three of our wildly popular weed seed strains:

High-Quality Weed Seeds for Sale

Not only do we offer a lot of different strains from which to choose, we also guarantee the quality of our seeds. We aren’t a seed bank – that means we don’t source seeds from tens or hundreds of different vendors. Instead, our seeds come from a small, intimate community of breeders whose credentials and expertise are familiar to us. As a result, we feel comfortable guaranteeing the quality of our weed seeds. We also have all our strains tested to ensure authentic genetics.

A 90% Germination Guarantee?

Whether you’re new to growing and nervous about your products, or you’re old hat at this and know that nothing is for sure when it comes to natural items, we’re proud to offer you an industry-leading germination guarantee. We know our seeds are high quality and fresh, but sometimes a seed is a dud, and there’s really no way to tell until you try to germinate it.

That’s why our 90% germination guarantee is in place, to keep your investment safe and sound, and to keep you feeling secure in your choice to grow your own weed seeds. If fewer than 9 out of 10 of your Growers Choice weed seeds germinate (that means if only 2 out of 3, or 4 out of 5 sprout), we’ll send you a replacement seed for that non-viable one – you only need to pay the shipping. Weed seeds aren’t cheap (though we do offer some of the best prices on feminized varieties), and we take the risk out of buying your own by absorbing some of that risk!

Weed Seeds, Freshness Guaranteed

Not only are our genetics and our germination guaranteed, we also promise that your weed seeds will arrive nice and fresh, well-sealed in our custom packaging. We enclose all our seeds – which are hand-selected for you when you order – in medical-grade glass vials that ensure sanitation and freshness. Once sealed, if you store your Growers Choice weed seeds properly, they can last up to three years, so you can grow at your own pace, or wait until the laws in your state catch up with the times!

Weed Seeds for Delivery

Our delivery methods are tried and true, and ultimately reliable. No need to worry about seizures or other mail issues: ordering, buying and shipping weed seeds is legal in North America (it’s just the germination of them that might not be – so check your local laws!). Our weed seeds always come packaged in informative casing that provides great details about your chosen strain, with unbranded outer packaging to ensure your natural medical preferences remain your business. We ship quickly to all our North American customers!

Growing Cannabis Information

We don’t just sell seeds. In addition to our selection of dozens of specialty strains, at Growers Choice we’re proud to offer an extensive resource section as well, one that can help you through every step of the preparation, growing, and harvesting process. Here are just three of the fantastic articles in our Grow Advice section:

  1. How to Preserve Cannabis Seeds
  2. What is the Vegetative Stage?

In addition to this useful section, we also have a medical section that shares many research and anecdotal evidence results surrounding the use of weed for a variety of different conditions. Every week, there is new evidence surfacing around the medical uses of marijuana, and we’re keeping an eye out for you!

Our Customer Service is Top-Tier

Much like we don’t want to leave you hanging with questions about growing, and want to make sure you have a great selection of reliable weed seeds to choose from, we’re also happy to be here for you for any unforeseen or unanswered issues that might come up. All you need to do to reach out to us is give us a call or send us an email (see our contact us page for details) with your inquiry, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also drop us a line from the comment box on our website, or reach out through social media (though that’s probably the slowest way – if you have an important question, please call or email)!

USA Weed Seeds Online

Everything is going online these days, and sometimes that means buying from huge companies with no real people manning the customer service desk, with ticket numbers for comments and questions, and wait times longer than shopping mall queues on Christmas Eve. But at Growers Choice, even though we’re based on the web, we really are a small business that’s sole goal is to bring you the finest weed seeds for sale in the USA, and help you get the most from your eventual harvest. So please, take a look through our weed seed selection, read the detailed product descriptions that accompany each strain, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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