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Is it legal to plant weed seeds in Renton?

Not only is it legal to cultivate cannabis at home in Washington, it’s encourage! Okay, we may be taking liberties with that statement but it’s safe to say that locals in Renton and Washington wide are happy with the state’s decision to legalize the use and cultivation of cannabis for medical use.

Adults 21 and older (participating in the state’s medical cannabis program) are allowed to grow up to six plants on private property, inside or out (provided the plants are enclosed and locked at all times). On top of that, patients with a proven need can grow up to 15 plants for personal use, as long as their doctor has recognized the need.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Renton

Within a few days you should begin to notice the signs of nitrogen deficiency: dark green leaves turn light, and eventually yellow, and leaf stems begin to redden. You can test if your flush was successful by snapping off a leaf and tasting the juice (not the most scientific method but it gets the job done). If the juice tastes bitter, there’s still food in the plant’s system. When the juice tastes clear, the plant is clean and ready for harvest.

Buy Renton Cannabis Seeds in Washington

Buy cannabis seeds in Renton

If you’re into cannabis but also convenience, the best way to shop for Renton cannabis seeds is to shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We offer a top notch selection of cannabis strains, like Tangerine Dream and Power Plant, cherry-picked from the best seeds available worldwide. It’s so easy, but don’t let that fool you. We carefully cultivate each weed seed, hand picking to ensure quality, and seal every order in medical-grade glass vials to guarantee freshness on delivery.

How do I know my cannabis is ready to harvest?

You’ve put in months of hard work getting your tiny cannabis seed to flourish and thrive as fully grown, budding cannabis plants. No doubt you’re ready and waiting to reward yourself with the fruits of your labour, but your work ain’t over just yet. Sure, you could start chopping down your trees once the buds look nice and heavy, but it’s possible to miss out on the maximum potential of your plants by harvesting too soon (before they’re perfectly ripe) or too late (and degradation of those potent chemicals starts to take effect). No therapy garden is complete without top notch Renton cannabis seeds, available online at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

There are a few tips and tricks of the trade every beginning cannabis gardener should be aware of:

The pistils: often the first sign of a ripe bud, the pistils (tiny hairs that cover the flower) will change color, progressively becoming more brown. When it appears that about half are brown, you’ll know that harvest time soon come.

The trichomes: the tried and true method of knowing whether your buds are on point, check out the trichomes using a magnifying glass of at least 10x, though 50x will give you the best view. When your trichomes start turning milky (and about 20-30% turn amber), start your harvest!

Should I flush my cannabis plants before harvest?

Flushing your cannabis plants before harvest allows the plant itself to use up its reserved stores of nutrients, the ones you don’t want hanging around when it comes time to burn or bite into a pot brownie. Start flushing about two weeks before you plan on harvesting, by flooding (or over-irrigating, if you will) the growing medium with pure water. Flood the medium once with a heavy dose then wait a few minutes to allow the salts and nutrients to break up. Add more water to drain the first dose.

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Growers Choice is a trustworthy company, they backup their claims and then some. I admit I was a skeptic at first, who wouldn’t be? But after I poked around the site and placed my order, they were super quick to follow up, and kept me in the loop. But the biggest sign that they’re on the up and up is the seeds themselves. Super fresh, a few were even a little bit green, and I’ve had 100% success with my germ rates. And super bushy plants! I’d say it’s all me but I have to give the credit to Growers Choice.

Stanley F., Renton, WA

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