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Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Bothell

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Bothell Washington

Washington Cannabis Laws

If you live in Washington, you can now legally buy cannabis seeds from Grower’s Choice Seeds! Just place your order and premium seeds will be discreetly and legally delivered to your doorstep. Even though the state of Washington has laws against growing marijuana at home, purchasing and collecting ungerminated seeds from Grower’s Choice is 100% legal. Just keep your seeds unplanted until the home cultivation laws change and you are good to go!

Buy Now and Get Premium Bothell Cannabis Seeds Delivered

Premium Bothell cannabis seeds can be purchased from the comforts of your own home from Grower’s Choice Seeds! Just make your selection from our online store and premium seeds will be shipped to your home. What are you waiting for? Start your cannabis seed delivery today with Grower’s Choice Seeds!

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Bothell Washington

How to Store Weed Seeds Long Term

Not planning on growing your Grower’s Choice cannabis seeds immediately upon receiving them? Don’t worry! You can store your weed seeds long-term. Many of our customers find that they have some extra seeds that they haven’t planted and want to hold onto them for a while. Remember, seeds from Grower’s Choice can maintain their excellent germination rates for up to 3 years with proper storage! We ship our seeds in medical-grade and vacuum-sealed glass vials to help maintain their quality and viability, but loose seeds can still be preserved. Just grab a sealable container, some seed envelopes for labelling, and remember these 3 tips for choosing a storage location:

  • Low humidity
  • Low light
  • Low temperature

Grower’s Choice Seeds has more information on preserving cannabis seeds to help you maintain great germination rates for years to come. Order high-quality cannabis seeds from Grower’s Choice!

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Since a growing number of states have legalized cannabis either medically or recreationally, medical researchers have finally been allowed to study the health benefits of the plant. We know that millions of people have experienced the powerful healing properties of marijuana, but what exactly is going on? A major reason for MJ’s therapeutic benefits is a natural chemical compound called cannabidiol, or CBD. This compound has strong anti-inflammatory effects on the body, making it an important compound to be studied by the professional medical community. Companies are even allowed to extract CBD from marijuana and add it to products, such as topical creams, packaged foods, and drinks for an added health benefit. Grower’s Choice Seeds carries special high-CBD medical cannabis seeds for those seeking plants that grow flowers rich in CBD. Interestingly, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not cause any euphoria or “high” feeling, making it great for those only interested in the stress reducing aspects of marjuana. Grower’s Choice can deliver premium medical cannabis seeds directly to your door. Order now!  

Order Premium Seeds from Grower’s Choice

If you need Bothell cannabis seeds, Grower’s Choice Seeds has got you covered. Browse our online store and make your selection today. Go with Grower’s Choice Seeds!

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Grower’s Choice is my New Source For Seeds

I’ve tried many companies in the past and I have finally settled on Grower’s Choice Seeds. When it comes to quality, they beat everybody. You definitely get what you pay for, so don’t be afraid to invest in high-quality seeds. I will use Grower’s Choice as my regular supplier from now on. I highly recommend this company!

Ryan L., WA

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