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Epilepsy and the case for cannabis use

If anyone ever tries to tell you that cannabis is good for nothing, you can tell them for a fact that they’re wrong, and here’s why. More than just a mood enhancer and pain reliever (one which, we might point out, has been prescribed in such cases for centuries), scientific research has and continues to prove that the chemical compounds that occur naturally in this still controversial plant can work near miracles on cases of children with intractable, or treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy. The most (in)famous case is that of young Charlotte Figi, whose debilitating and life threatening seizures were reduced dramatically thanks to CBD. Have high-CBD Lynchburg cannabis seed strains delivered to your door when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.


How does cannabis help treat epilepsy?

Research studies are still underway to prove unilaterally the effect of both THC and CBD on epilepsy, a brain disorder that is characterized by unpredictable and recurrent seizures. One widely held belief attributes the plant’s success to its natural anticonvulsant properties, though researchers are still unsure exactly what it is cannabis does to reduce seizures.

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Some studies suggest that activating the CB1 receptor in the brain may be the key to weed’s antiepileptic effects, while others have found success in activating the CB2 receptor, as well. Relief has also been attributed to the link between cannabis and a brain chemical called GABA, which works by decreasing brain cell excitation.

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Cannabis use continues to be a bone of contention for Virginia residents, with locals advocating for more lenient legislation, and lawmakers staying firm on their existing consideration, which grants affirmative defence to patients with intractable epilepsy (treatment-resistant forms like Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) using CBD-rich cannabis strains as a form of symptom management.

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Non-germinated cannabis seeds are considered collector’s items, so even in a city with slightly stricter views on cannabis use, you can have your favorite Lynchburg cannabis seed strains delivered right to your door when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We offer a curated selection of both high-CBD and high-THC strains like White Widow, both of which have shown potential in epilepsy treatment.

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