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You can now buy cannabis seeds online so that you can grow your own plants at home. Do you like the idea of growing your own marijuana for personal use? Then we bet you’ll like at least one of the strains we have at Growers Choice. Grow quality marijuana plants at home using our premium cannabis seeds.

The Type of Cannabis Seeds You Want in Chesapeake

The benefits of cannabis use are something you might be intimately familiar with. However, what about the benefits of growing your own cannabis plants at home for personal use? It’s a great way to enjoy your cannabis experience to the highest level. We are talking about cannabis seeds, but specifically marijuana seeds. You may call them weed seeds or pot seeds as well. In the world of cannabis products, mostly what we think of is marijuana, which is cannabis. The cannabis plant is the scientific name. Now, hemp is also cannabis, and hemp-derived products exist out there. We will get you pointed in the direction of marijuana seeds, though.

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Buy feminized weed seeds online using our online seed bank
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Feminized Seeds for At-Home Growers in Chesapeake

A huge variety of cannabis strains exist. There are ones teeming with THC, the psychoactive chemical compound found in weed plants. Out there you can find energizing sativa, relaxing indicas, and delightful hybrid strains. Some medicinal users have reported that marijuana has helped them with stress, chronic pain, insomnia and more. Maybe you already have a favorite strain and are thinking, “Thanks for the suggestions, but I know exactly the weed seeds I’m looking for.” Perhaps, but also perhaps not. Are you aware of the difference between fully-feminized seeds and regular seeds? We hope so, because if you buy regular cannabis seeds instead of fully-feminized cannabis seeds, you may be very unhappy. We mentioned THC, and here’s the thing. When it comes to marijuana, only the female plant has buds, and the buds are where almost all the THC is found. With regular seeds, you might be a female plant, but it is just as likely you will get a male plant. If that happens, well, you have no harvest from that plant. When you get fully feminized cannabis seeds, though, you can almost guarantee female plants each and every time.

Auto-Flowering Seeds for Chesapeake

You definitely want fully-feminized seeds, but you may also want to consider the type of cannabis seed known as auto-flowering seeds. This is not as imperative, but for beginner growers, it is good to know about auto-flowering seeds. Mostly weed seeds are photoperiod. They begin to flow only after being exposed to a certain light cycle, which you bear responsibility for. Auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, flower based on the age of the plant. That makes auto-flowering marijuana seeds a popular choice for inexperienced growers but even experienced growers like them sometimes. That’s especially true for growers with limited space. Auto-flowering plants are smaller in stature.

The Legalization of Cannabis in Virginia

Before you get to planting those pot seeds, can you do it legally? What is the status of marijuana legality in the state of Virginia? Well, the state made history when it became the first state in what is classified as the American South to legalize recreational marijuana use. Medical marijuana was legalized first, though no medical marijuana dispensaries were introduced until 2020. One year later, in 2021, recreational cannabis was legalized. That included making it legal to grow your own plants at home. You are allowed up to four plants per household, so go ahead and buy seeds for your favorite cannabis strains and get to growing. Recreational weed is legal in Virginia!

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Buy feminized weed seeds online using our online seed bank
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Finding High-Quality Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Chesapeake

So where do you get those pot seeds? The best option to find the best seeds for sale is with an online cannabis seed bank. What you need to do is to find the best online seed bank for you. Most seed banks offer a huge variety of strains, but when it comes to where you get your pot seeds, there’s more to look for. Obviously, you should be offered fully-feminized seeds, not regular seeds, but customer service is key to a good seed bank. That means a germination guarantee on every order, though be sure to see if your seed bank has germination guidelines you need to follow. Fast, reliable, and discreet shipping should be offered. Also, your seed bank should be there if you have questions. Now, they are a seed bank, not a gardening hotline, but if you have pertinent questions, your cannabis seed bank should answer.

If you want a few places to start, some of the biggest cannabis seed banks out there include Growers Choice Seeds, Pacific Seed Bank, Mosca Seeds, Seed Connect, and Weed Seeds USA. Picking from the wide variety of cannabis strains out there is the exciting part, but you have to look through the wide variety of cannabis seed banks as well. This is a good starting point for the new cannabis grower, though. You’ll be able to get auto-flowering strains if you want, but you’ll definitely be sure to get fully-feminized seeds, right?

If you like cannabis, growing your own plants is a great way to go, especially since recreational cannabis is now legal in Virginia. When you realize the grams per plant you get as an at-home grower, for the money you spend, we bet you’ll be glad you made the move. Enjoy the massive variety of strains out there! Here’s hoping growing your own cannabis proves fruitful for you.

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