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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Cheese Auto-Flowering 50I / 30S 10% THC Evening
Moby Dick CBD 60S / 40I 5%/5% Anytime
Blueberry 80I / 10S 16% THC Evening

Order High-Quality Manassas Cannabis Seeds

Premium Manassas cannabis seeds are just a few clicks away from Grower’s Choice Seeds. We are an online cannabis seed retail store that delivers high-quality seeds directly to our customers. If you want great seeds discreetly delivered to your doorstep, go with Grower’s Choice Seeds!


Buy Weed Seeds On Sale

Grower’s Choice Seeds carries cannabis seeds on sale! These seeds are a great opportunity to save some hard earned cash! We are always updating our inventory of high-quality weed seeds on sale, so be sure to check back regularly to see if your favorite strain is discounted. Remember, seeds from Grower’s Choice can maintain their excellent germination rates for up to 3 years if stored properly. That means you can take advantage of today’s low prices even if you aren’t planning on growing plants right away. Grower’s Choice Seeds is the marketplace for budget-minded growers! Order now!

Medical MJ in Virginia

If you are looking for premium medical seeds in the state of Virginia, look no further than high-CBD medical seeds from Grower’s Choice Seeds. What is CBD? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occuring compound in marijuana that has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This makes it an important compound of interest for those seeking medical relief. The other main compound in THC, is responsible for the euphoria and headrush feelings associated with MJ, while CBD produces zero psychoactive effect. What can medical marijuana help with? Here are some conditions that have been proven to be greatly helped by plant medicine:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle pain
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping

And much more!

Make Grower’s Choice Seeds your trusted source for premium medical cannabis seeds. Start your legal delivery today!

Virginia Cannabis Laws

Did you know that you can legally order cannabis seeds online from Grower’s Choice Seeds? You can! Even in the state of Virginia. Though it is not yet legal to grow plants at home, you are legally allowed to purchase cannabis seeds for your private collection. Just leave your seeds from Grower’s Choice ungerminated and unplanted so you are following the law. Lawmakers in Virginia took a huge step forward with medical marijuana legalization in 2019. This means that approved patients now have legal access to their medicine. The lives of thousands of people in the state will be greatly helped by this new law. Hopefully soon, patients will be able to legally grow their medicine in their own backyard! Until then, legally stock up on your favorite seeds from Grower’s Choice Seeds.

Get Premium Cannabis Seeds Delivered to Your Home

If you want high-quality Manassas cannabis seeds delivered to your doorstep, Grower’s Choice Seeds is here to help. We deliver legal seeds around the USA daily, so feel free to get started on your premium cannabis seed order today!

Rated 5 out of 5

Great Source For Quality Seeds

I have been sourcing my seeds from Grower’s Choice for a few seasons now, and I can say they are the best company to work with. They are responsive to questions, and even take suggestions for what seeds to carry! Their quality is second to none, and you can count on great results from their seeds. I highly recommend Grower’s Choice to fellow growers!