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Are you a cannabis enthusiasts looking to start growing your own cannabis in Virginia? How does one become a cannabis grower? Personal cultivation of cannabis plants has become more and more popular, and starting out as an at-home cannabis grower can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, we here to help, and you’ll be able to find everything you need to know about growing your own cannabis below:

Cannabis Cultivation in Virginia

Well, it starts with seeds. Cannabis seeds are available out there for you. It’s not just all about commercial cultivation, leaving you to buy your marijuana plants from other people. Yes, we did just move from discussing cannabis to marijuana, but it’s the same plant. Marijuana growers are cannabis growers. Marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds. So are weed seeds and pot seeds. The only concern would be if you got hemp seeds since hemp cannabis products lack THC. Don’t worry. When you set out to buy cannabis seeds, they are going to be marijuana seeds almost assuredly, since at-home growers want to be marijuana growers, not hemp growers.

Why to be a Cannabis Grower in Virginia

If you can buy popular strains like Northern Lights, Durban Poison, White Widow, Blue Dream, and Jack Herer marijuana products already grown, why bother with personal cultivation? Well, many experienced growers of marijuana plants enjoy the hobby, but there is a practical reason to buy weed seeds as well. Virginia has made significant progress in legalizing cannabis, providing a safer environment for growers. The cannabis industry is booming, providing potential economic benefits for growers.Growing your own cannabis can ensure a reliable supply for medical use. Growing your own plants, and getting the kinds of grams per plant that may wow you, will help you realize how much it is worth it. That’s especially because growing your own plants at home is cheaper than buying your marijuana harvested. When you grow your own Durban Poison or your own Jack Herer, you will save quite a bit of green on your green, if you know what we mean.

Now, should you try outdoor cultivation? Or should you be an indoor grower? An outdoor plot packed with cannabis plants has its benefits. You will save even more money growing your seed strains with outdoor cultivation, and if you care about scale-breaking yields, seed strains grown outdoors tend to have higher yields. However, there are some common issues to be found with an outdoor plot, to be fair.

It’s simple, really, and perhaps obvious. Marijuana seeds planted indoors are protected from the weather. You create the environment for your Northern Lights plants or your White Widow seed strain. What’s the weather like in Virginia for growing cannabis outdoors? Most of the state has a humid subtropical climate, but the climate west of the Blue Ridge mountains is humid continental, or oceanic. Elevated humidity levels arrive in the summer, and there are ample levels of rain. However, severe weather is a common issue. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes that can hit the Chesapeake Bay are not rare. A subtropical climate works for growing marijuana seeds into plants outdoors, so if you make plans to deal with potential common issues of severe weather, you could manage.

Types of Seeds to Know and Our Seeds for Sale

We’re not talking about exciting seed strains like Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, and Orange Haze, at least not yet. No, we are talking about other matters related to marijuana seeds. For example, regular seeds versus feminized seeds. If you are an at-home marijuana grower, you want female seeds. Since you want female seeds, you want fully feminized seeds each and every time. Only female plants in the cannabis family have buds, and buds are where almost all the THC is found. A strain like White Widow might have eye-popping potency, but if you don’t have a female plant, you’re out of luck. Feminized seeds almost guarantee female plants, while regular seeds might yield male plants, which won’t have buds. Not only that, your male plants will try to pollinate your female plants, which will hurt your yield. Thus, avoid regular seeds, and always go with fully feminized seeds.

Another option for marijuana seeds is auto-flowering seeds. Most marijuana seed strains are photoperiod. These plants flower based on a light cycle. Auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, flower based on the age of the plants. That makes auto-flowering seeds good for beginners. There is nothing wrong with photoperiod seed strains, though. This is not like feminized seeds versus regular seeds.

If you’re interested in growing indoors, here is a yield calculator you can use.

Cannabis Yield Calculator

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Medical marijuana became legal in Virginia in 2018
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Cannabis Laws in Virginia—Listen Up, Cannabis Growers!

There is a wide range of seed strains out there. High-CBD seeds are perfect for medical use, offering therapeutic benefits without the high. We’ve already named a few of that wide variety of options, such as Northern Lights and Orange Haze. However, what about the legality of cannabis and the legality of cannabis seeds? Before you spend money on a feminized seed strain, and before you pick from the vast selection of strains out there, you should know the status of marijuana products in Virginia.

Medical marijuana became legal in 2018, though it took a little time to roll out. The first medical marijuana dispensary didn’t open until 2020. At that point, medical marijuana patients with a medical marijuana card could get access to marijuana products. After a couple of years of the presence of the medical marijuana dispensary here and there, recreational marijuana was legalized as well. The legalization of recreational marijuana occurred in 2021. However, once again things are taking a little time to roll out. Recreational cannabis won’t technically be legal until 2024. Retail sales, and retail dispensaries, will take some time to roll out. However, what do the laws look like in terms of recreational cannabis? What about the legality of cannabis seeds?

The legal possession limit, related to what you buy from retail sales, will be one ounce of cannabis, but as far as legal possession limits go, that is not uncommon. Additionally, you will indeed be able to buy marijuana seeds and grow your own plants. The limit will be four plants per household, and when you consider the grams per plant you can get from that, it probably feels exciting.

Online Seed Banks for Virginia

There is a huge selection of marijuana seeds out there, but where to get them? If you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale, an online seed bank is the way to go. All the best seed banks have a vast selection of top-shelf weed seeds for many exciting seed strains. When you get seeds from seed banks, there are some things to keep in mind. A wide variety is nice, and cheap cannabis seeds are nice, but the quality is what matters. Reliable seed banks will make an effort to make sure the genetic material of the seeds you buy is of the highest quality.

The quality of cannabis products is part of the process, but so is the quality of the customer service. Online seed banks of quality will offer a germination guarantee on every order, and seed banks should also offer reliable, discreet shipping. There is a wide variety of online seed banks out there, just as there is a variety of cannabis seeds out there to consider. The legal cannabis market, which includes the many top online seed banks out there, includes places like Growers Choice Seeds, Herbies Seeds, Seed Connect, Pacific Seed Bank, and more. With these online seed banks, you can get strains with sky-high potency, fast-flowering cannabis seeds, and more. You might also be able to get seed packs from your favorite seed bank. Some seed packs are seasonal, while some focus on being good for beginners, or high-THC strains.

With legal recreational marijuana around the corner, Virginia may soon be the hottest location for cannabis growers. Online seed banks will be there once growing your own plants is legal, but that also gives you plenty of time to research companies like Pacific Seed Bank and Herbies Seeds. Online seed banks make it easy for people all over the world to grow their own plants, offering exciting seed strains and the types of seeds you are looking for. Soon, you will be able to legally have an ounce of cannabis, not to mention four of your own plants at home. That gives you time to look into the online seed banks out there and to find your favorite seed bank. Check out their seed strain lists, look at the types of seeds they have, and see what Herbies Seeds, Pacific Seed Bank, or Growers Choice Seeds are all about.

And hey, medical marijuana patients can benefit from online seed banks as well. Cannabis patients looking for benefits related to medicinal reasons can grow their own plants with seeds from seed banks as well. Maybe you currently don’t have a medical marijuana card, but marijuana products could still benefit your health! Your dream seed strain might be out there waiting for you. Why not find it? Happy growing!


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