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Can I plant weed seeds in South Burlington?

Vermont happens to be one of those progressive states (woo!) where the use of medical cannabis has been legal since 2004, and the medical marijuana program states that patients in the state can have up to nine plants at any given time, of which only two can be mature (flowering). If you get your timing down to a science, you can always have two plants to switch to flowering come harvest time!

Cannabis seeds South Burlington

Legal cannabis means easy access for anyone looking to get their hands on top notch strains, right? Wrong. Cannabis might technically be a “weed” (hence it’s most commonly known moniker) but that doesn’t mean just anyone can produce the enviable, crystal-covered buds that leave you feeling weak in the knees with relief. First things first, start your ganja gardening journey with South Burlington cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we offer a range of high-quality strains from across the world, and delivery to your doorstep.

Is it easy to grow cannabis?

Society is all about going green nowadays – yes, we mean both environmentally friendly and a little pot crazy, if we do say so ourselves. This has a lot of benefits for consumers turning to cannabis for its healing benefits. Not only do you have immediate access to high quality, potent, and – most importantly – effective medication, you also know exactly where it’s coming from and what’s been used to help it grow. That’s valuable information in times like these.

Cannabis seeds for sale in South Burlington

We won’t tell you growing weed is all sunshine and flowers, because it isn’t. You’ll need to invest some time before hand to figure out the best location for your grow room (inside or out?), the equipment you’re going to need (hydroponic or soil? LED bulbs or fluorescent?), and what seeds you want to plant.

Once that’s all sorted, you’ll need to germinate your seeds and guide them through both the vegetative and flowering stages to ensure they thrive and develop fat, sticky colas.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds in South Burlington?

When marijuana is legal, you’re likely to find cannabis seeds most places you look, heck, even friends might try to generously share their own with you. But when you shop online for South Burlington cannabis seeds with a vendor like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, you’re guaranteed tried-and-true genetics that will produce enviable cannabis plants time and time again. We’ve put our strains through the ringer, and every seed has been cultivated by one of our team of experts, hand-picked and inspected for freshness and viability before we seal them in medical-grade glass vials for shipment. Your satisfaction is our driving force – if you don’t get 90% germination, we’ll happily offer you a replacement.

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