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The stereotype of students partaking in the sticky icky has been a long standing one, and popular culture has immortalized the idea in television, movies, and music. But does that mean that students – young people in general – should be sharing a smoke and a toke? High-quality cannabis (produced from Rutland cannabis seeds available online for delivery from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds) should be used responsibly, and this means that anyone under the age of 25 should steer clear.

Can I legally use cannabis in Rutland?

As sanctioned research into the benefits and efficacy of cannabis continues across the world, it’s likely that the US federal government will reassess their stance on the plant, especially in light of positive legislation in states like Vermont, and we should see either just the use of medical cannabis or both medicinal and recreational cannabis made legally available to US citizens.

Cannabis and young people

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is arguably the most well-known cannabinoid, having developed its reputation over decades of discussion in popular culture thanks to its ability to provide a trippy, hallucinogenic experience.

Why is cannabis a controlled substance?

People bounce around ideas as to why cannabis has been labelled a Schedule 1 narcotic by the federal government, one of those theories being that the man who was put in charge of the unsuccessful alcohol prohibition back in the early 1900s needed to justify his position, so he introduced a new prohibition on narcotics, lumping marijuana in with the lot.

Is it safe to buy weed seeds online?

There may have been a time where buying your weed seeds online was more of a crap shoot but thanks to a new generation of vendors, you know that when you shop online with retailer like Growers Choice you’re going to get a top-quality product in record time. Digital vendors have the luxury of funneling their funds into production as opposed to maintaining a brick and mortar store, which means they can focus on developing stronger, better breeds for your therapy garden, as well as providing a wider selection of strains for you to choose from.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Rutland

The Internet is open 24/7, and you’re welcome to visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds anytime to order your top-quality Rutland cannabis seeds. We have compiled a collection of popular strains – our favorites and yours – and offer door-to-door delivery to your Rutland home address.

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