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The Green Mountain state is known for its natural beauty, frosty winter season, and sugary maple syrup. Whether you’re a longtime resident or simply a visitor looking to explore the state’s small-town charm, below are the cannabis basics as they pertain to Vermont. 

Overview of Cannabis in Vermont

The following section covers essential facts on the plant’s characteristics and seed types, as well as recommendations for thoughtful cannabis cultivation. Read on for a brief history of the Green Mountain State’s history with cannabis, the legality of cannabis seeds, as well as cultivation laws in the Green Mountain state. You’ll find detailed information on how Vermont has progressed from strict prohibition to allowing medical and recreational use. Understanding these basics will help you cultivate cannabis responsibly and legally.

History of Cannabis in Vermont 

The legality of cannabis continues to evolve in Green Mountain State. Recreational cannabis consumption was legalized in Vermont in 2018; it is also legal to grow and share. However, there are limits to this and we recommend thoroughly doing your research. In short, consuming cannabis is not permitted in places of public accommodation such as restaurants, stores, etc. nor is it permitted outdoors. Understanding these regulations is crucial for responsible use and cultivation.

In 2022, the state’s governor, Phil Scott, announced the green light for recreational cannabis sales and retail dispensaries. This new option for residents allows access to a variety of products for enjoying marijuana indoors. Moving forward, more retail dispensaries are expected to open, expanding the legal cannabis market. These developments mark significant progress in Vermont’s cannabis industry, offering new opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.

Historically, the state enacted legislation in 2011 that permitted up to four dispensaries to provide cannabis to 1,000 registered medical marijuana patients. In 2014, the cap for medical patients was removed, delivery was authorized to patients, and naturopaths were able to receive permits that would, in turn, allow them to qualify individuals as medical marijuana patients for the registry. This expansion of medical marijuana laws laid the groundwork for the broader acceptance and legalization of recreational use in the state.

Vermont cannabis laws state that individuals age 21+ have a possession limit of: 

  • One ounce of cannabis
  • Two mature and four immature cannabis plants

Understanding these limits is essential for staying compliant with state regulations while enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

Additionally, individuals may cultivate cannabis indoors in a private residence. This is limited to two mature plants and four immature cannabis plants. You can find more details here.

Recent Changes to Cannabis Laws in Vermont

While recreational cannabis use was legalized in 2018, cannabis dispensaries opened just recently. As of 2022 recreational sales are permitted via these establishments. Additionally, the application window for adult-use licenses is now open. More information can be found here.

Cannabis Control Board has given priority to the smallest cultivators. These “tier one” cultivators are defined as Having less than 1000 square feet or 125 total plants. As a result of these changes, there are now over 100 licensed outdoor and mixed-use growers. More information is available here.

While recreational cannabis use was legalized in 2018, cannabis dispensaries opened just recently. As of 2022, recreational sales are permitted via these establishments. Additionally, the application window for adult-use licenses is now open. More information can be found [here]( The Cannabis Control Board has given priority to the smallest cultivators. These “tier one” cultivators are defined as having less than 1,000 square feet of growing space or 125 total plants. As a result of these changes, there are now over 100 licensed outdoor and mixed-use growers.

These smaller growers benefit from reduced fees and simplified application processes, encouraging local participation in the cannabis industry. This focus on small-scale cultivation helps ensure diversity and sustainability within the market. The state aims to support these growers with educational resources and community support networks, promoting best practices and innovation in cannabis farming. The growing community in the region continues to expand, contributing to the local economy and providing high-quality cannabis products to consumers.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

The cultivation of cannabis can be a complex yet rewarding process. The unique challenges and rewards you face will, in part, depend on the type of seeds you select. Whether you’re a gardener, a  recreational user, or both, we recommend familiarizing yourself with three, distinct types of seeds that will comprise your marijuana crop. 

Keep in mind that there are a variety of seed strains within each of these three categories. Some are suitable for growing cannabis indoors, others better for outdoor cultivation. For example, indoor friendly strains often thrive in controlled environments where you can manage light, temperature, and humidity. On the other hand, outdoor strains are typically more robust, able to withstand varying weather conditions and pests. Understanding the best conditions for each strain will help you decide where to grow your plants for optimal results.

Whether you’re seeking the body-numbing effects of indica, the cerebral boost of sativa, or a combination of the two, there are top-rated cannabis seed strains in each of these categories. indicas are known for their relaxing effects and are ideal for evening use. Sativas provide an uplifting, energetic high, making them perfect for daytime activities. Hybrids offer a balance of both, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs. Any of these can be excellent options, and familiarizing yourself with these key categories is an essential step to refining your skills. By experimenting with different strains and seed types, you can discover what works best for your specific growing conditions and desired effects.

Feminized Seeds

Gardeners in the Green Mountain state seeking to optimize their yields may want to consider feminized seed strains. These high-yielding marijuana seeds grow into mature plants that boast buds rich in THC and CBD. Accordingly, they are desired by growers seeking the highest yields possible. Feminized seeds eliminate the guesswork involved with sexing plants, ensuring that every plant produces buds. This leads to a more efficient use of space and resources, ultimately increasing your overall yield.

Differences and Characteristics 

Gardeners in the Green Mountain state seeking to optimize their yields may want to consider feminized seed strains. These high-yielding marijuana seeds grow into mature plants that boast buds rich in THC and CBD. Accordingly, they are desired by growers seeking the highest yields possible. Typically, feminized seed strains, when pollinated by males, will produce seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in buds with reduced potency. Feminized seeds bypass this issue entirely by eliminating seed production.

While regular seeds will produce approximately 50% male plants, feminized seed strains are bred to produce only female plants. Therefore, growers who opt for feminized over auto-flower seeds can expect a crop of seed-free plants, higher yields with greater grams per plant, and maximized bud production. This leads to a more efficient use of space and resources, ultimately increasing your overall yield. Additionally, there is a wide selection of feminized weed seeds available to meet a huge variety of preferences, from indicas and sativas to hybrids, catering to various effects and flavors.

Feminized plants may be better suited to versatile growers, as there are additional essential steps in tending to immature crops. They tend to be a slightly less fast-flowering seed strain, typically ready for harvest 7-9 weeks from germination. They are also more sensitive to climate conditions. Humidity levels, temperature, and lighting will all require careful adjustment. Finally, they may need additional care to ward off pests. We recommend applying organic pesticides with 2-3 separate applications per week—although this will vary depending on your specific growing conditions and pest challenges.

If you’re a beginner, or simply looking to brush up on your gardening, here is an in-depth article covering aspects such as the vegetative stage, flowering stage, and more. 

Auto-flowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds originate from cannabis ruderalis. These seeds grow into mature cannabis plants that are short in stature—and most notably, tough. They are resilient to mishandling, can flourish in smaller spaces, and are particularly disease and pest-resistant seed strains. They may be especially apt for Vermonters given the state’s frosty winter climate. Autoflowering seeds also require less maintenance, making them an excellent choice for beginners. They don’t need as much light as traditional cannabis plants. With their fast growth, robust nature, and ease of care, autoflowering seeds are a versatile and convenient option for any cannabis enthusiast.

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Differences and Characteristics

Although auto seeds will yield fewer grams per plant than feminized seeds, they have other benefits: not only will they flower on their own without adjustment of light cycles, they are particularly well-suited to chillier weather and tend to be mold-resistant seed strains. 

Auto seeds are not only fast-flowering seed strains; they are resilient marijuana plants that can thrive in even tiny environments. What’s more, as a fast-growing seed strain, they can be ready to harvest in as little as 35 days from germination.  

These features all make for an easier-to-grow plant that requires far less management.  As such, they may be especially well-suited to beginner growers, those with smaller cannabis gardens, and those looking to grow cannabis indoors. However, they can be equally appropriate for licensed outdoor growers in Vermont, as they are uniquely equipped to endure the Green Mountain state’s harsher winter climate. With all these advantages, auto seeds offer a convenient and efficient option for both beginners and experienced growers alike. 

Regular Seeds

Although regular seeds will produce both male and female mature marijuana plants, this characteristic has its own beneficial effects: Regular cannabis seeds have both male and female genetics. This allows for the natural breeding of plants and the creation of new strains.

Additionally, regular seeds are typically more affordable and best suited to experienced growers.  Although they do not produce the most high-yielding cannabis crops, they are ideal for growers with specific needs and preferences. 

Regular seeds also offer a unique advantage for those interested in cultivating cannabis for breeding purposes. With both male and female plants, growers can cross-pollinate to develop new strains, enhancing specific traits such as potency, flavor, or resistance to pests and diseases. This ability to create custom strains makes regular seeds highly valuable for breeders and those looking to experiment with different genetic combinations.

Additional Gardening Considerations

While cultivating a select number of plants (or fewer) in your private residence is permitted in the Green Mountain state, some individuals may still want to keep their weed garden under wraps, given those nearby could be sensitive to unwanted aromas or light. 

Regardless of which variety of marijuana crops you’re tending to, carbon filters will help remove any cannabis aroma, while a grow tent will prevent any bright light from pouring through your window. Finally, if you’re especially shy about your cannabis crops, add some tomato plants.  They are similar-looking plants to mature weed plants and will help camouflage your garden.This additional layer of security can help maintain the secrecy of your cannabis cultivation.

If you want to grow indoors, you may want to be able to estimate your harvest ahead of time. Here’s a calculator that can help with that.

Cannabis Yield Calculator

Disclaimer: The yield calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only, and the information obtained by using the online calculator is not, and should not be taken as legal advice to any person or company. Results may vary depending on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information you provide while using the calculator.

We’re here to help you every step of the way in your marijuana-growing journey
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Where to Buy Vermont Cannabis Seeds

Whether you’re considering an online seed bank or looking to buy usable cannabis at your local retail dispensary, below is a brief overview. Either can be an excellent option for residents depending on their needs; thankfully, many Vermonters have access to both. By exploring these various options, Vermonters can find the best sources for high-quality cannabis seeds and products, ensuring a successful and enjoyable growing experience.

Online Seed Banks

Residents of Green Mountain stare permitted to have two mature and four immature plants in their private residences. Yet, there’s a wide variety of options for which plants to select. As such, locals seeking marijuana seeds for sale may want to look into a reputable seed bank. 

While the retail sale of cannabis became legal late last year, a nearby dispensary may not yet be open. (Or perhaps you’re in the midst of Vermont’s frosty winter and would prefer to order from home.) Thankfully, online banks have their own distinct benefits, such as stealth shipping and oftentimes, a more extensive seed selection. 

There are different types of seed banks; typically a reputable establishment will offer dozens if not hundreds of seeds. They’ll also provide educational information on the beneficial effects, growing properties, and other characteristics of all cannabis strains. 

For those new to the process, we recommend doing your research. A trustworthy seed bank will provide top-rated cannabis seed strains, but a number of other features, too. Below are some green flags to look for in an online seed bank. 

  • A broad selection of strains: The consumption of cannabis—as well as gardening—are both highly-customizable experiences. A reputable seed bank will carry a wide variety of cannabis seeds—from heavy-yielding seed packs to auto seeds and more.  This is especially important if you have specific requirements for your gardening, or particular preferences as to the strain’s effects. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, this information may help you find your favorite seed strains. 
  • Educational information:  The online seed bank you choose to purchase from should also have comprehensive information including strain profiles. These will include characteristics such as CBD and THC levels, indica/sativa dominance, as well as the distinct flavor profile and aroma.  Additionally, a trustworthy seed bank will likely provide an overview of indoor cultivation and outdoor growing, and offer other insights on topics such as the individual phases of plant growth, how to store your pot seeds, and more. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Purchasing pot seeds from seed banks should be a pleasant and fulfilling experience. You should receive exceptional customer service—this includes ensuring you’re satisfied with your order. A trustworthy seed bank will not only provide a variety of cannabis seeds, ultra-fast shipping, and more—notably, they should provide products of real quality. Check and see if the online bank you’re considering provides a return policy if consumers are dissatisfied with the product. 
  • Filtering options: There are countless top-shelf seed strains and weed seeds; the real question is do you have a way of efficiently whittling them down to find precisely what you’d like to buy? Perhaps you’re looking for mind-melting levels of THC; perhaps you’d like to avoid it entirely? A reputable seed bank will allow you to find what you’re looking for. 
  • Even if your marijuana seeds arrive early from an online seed bank — wait to germinate them until the garden is ready. Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Residents in Vermont? Next, let’s talk about two different types of seed banks and which is the best option for residents in Vermont. Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Vermont since it’s legal to grow cannabis seeds in Vermont — you’ll find a handful of local seed banks or dispensaries that have marijuana seeds for sale. Here’s a short list of local seed banks or dispensaries that may carry cannabis seeds: thousands upon thousands of top-rated cannabis seed strains — look no further than online seed banks. Luckily for you, we’ve done the necessary research and found the best online seed banks that ship directly to Vermont: ILGM and Herbies USA are world-renowned for their exceptional customer service, daily discounts, unbeatable pricing, extensive seed selection, and ultra-fast shipping. From stealth shipping to direct-from-the-breeder cannabis seeds — you’ll find everything you need for this year’s growing season and Herbies USA Express or ILGM. Herbies USA Express – 24 Hours Order Dispatch.

Local Dispensaries

Vermonters may possess up to one ounce of weed; the next question is: Which kind? As the legality of cannabis seeds and cannabis products, sales continue to evolve in the Green Mountain state, the number of retail dispensaries is expected to rise. As of late 2022, dispensaries providing cannabis product sales for recreational purposes rose from just three to approximately twenty-five. This progressive step provides a new option for residents seeking usable cannabis. With the increasing number of dispensaries, Vermonters now have more choices than ever to find high-quality, legal cannabis products. Whether you are looking for seeds to grow your own plants or ready-to use cannabis products, local dispensaries are a reliable and accessible resource.

Purchasing from a Vermont Dispensary

There are several benefits to purchasing products from dispensaries, outlined as followed.

Brick-and-mortar stores provide the commercial sale of different forms of marijuana, and in doing so, support the legal cannabis market. Additionally, Vermont dispensaries are permitted to display their cannabis on the counter for prospective buyers to see and smell.

The quality of cannabis products will be top-notch. Unlike unverified seed strains, you’ll know precisely what you’re getting when purchasing marijuana at dispensaries. From flowers to vape pens to edibles and more, there will likely be a variety of usable cannabis products and forms of marijuana for retail sale. 

Additionally, many of the employees are highly knowledgeable and provide insightful customer service. If you’re unsure of where to start with cannabis consumption, they may be able to point you in the right direction when browsing products at dispensaries and help you identify several excellent options.

For Vermonters looking to support their local, legal cannabis market, retail dispensaries are an efficient way to obtain access to adult-use cannabis the very same day. Whether you’re stuck inside during the cold winter season or are seeking an intensely mellow summer day, the retail sale of cannabis products and weed seeds in the Green Mountain state is an essential step in providing local access to many forms of marijuana. 

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Rated 5 out of 5

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Rated 5 out of 5

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