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Is Cannabis Legal in Vermont?

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Considering picking up some Vermont cannabis seeds? Here’s what you need to know.

Since 2004, physicians in Vermont have been able to prescribe cannabis to patients suffering from qualifying conditions. Recreational use is relatively decriminalized, with a small fine attached to a first-time offense.

Though the number of conditions for which cannabis may be approved in Vermont is relatively small, patients still possess the right to plant cannabis seeds and grow their own plants. Restrictions do exist: patients cannot have more than 9 plants at any one time, and only 2 of these plants can be mature (ready for harvest).

5 Conditions legal for cannabis treatment in Vermont:

  1. Cancer
  2. MS
  4. Parkinson’s
  5. Crohn’s
  6. Seizures

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Recreational Cannabis in Vermont

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Amazing news! For years now, Vermont patients have had the right to grow cannabis in their homes under certain circumstances, but as of mid-2018, anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to grow up to two mature (and 4 veg stage) plants for personal use! How cool is that? Considering medical marijuana laws have been in place in Vermont since 2004, this legislation is a long time in coming, and it’s much anticipated. The best part is, you can now put those Growers Choice cannabis seeds you bought into the soil, and start stocking up on more. Need a few suggestions? Check out these fantastic strains:

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Vermont Cannabis Cultivation Rules

July 1, 2018: the day Vermontians can legally grow their own cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes! Here are some things new growers should know:

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Cultivation is permitted in Vermont – buy your cannabis seeds today!

  1. You must be 21 years of age.
  2. Cannabis is still prohibited at the federal level, so laws could change in the future, if “crackdowns” are put in place.
  3. A “mature” cannabis plant is one that is in the flowering stage. Check out our Flowering Stage article for more details.
  4. The plants must be kept in a location accessible only to the cultivator and others 21 years or older.
  5. The harvested marijuana must also be kept in a secure location. Only one ounce of prepared cannabis can leave your property.
  6. The law does not allow for butane extraction in the making of concentrates. Edibles are permitted.

What kinds of cannabis fight depression?

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Cannabinoids can increase serotonin and dopamine production in the brain.

When you use cannabis correctly, you can get “high” for all the right reasons. Though some consider cannabis to be a depressant, CBD has anti-depressant properties, and even THC can help improve mood, energize your body, and give your creativity a boost. Look for Sativa strains like Jack Herer and OG Kush to find relief from depression, anxiety, and stress.

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Cannabis for pain management?

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Cannabis can treat a wide range of illnesses, from headaches to cancer

Although cannabis has received a reputation over the years for being nothing more than a recreational aid, this potent plant has a variety of clinical applications. Indica cannabis strains, which are higher in cannabidiol, are often prescribed as a supplement for pain management. CBD is considered an analgesic, but also has anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety, antiemetic and anticonvulsant properties, making it a well-rounded and all-natural solution.

Cannabis Seed Questions

  • Will my plants need fertilizer? Most growers choose to use a combination of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous during the vegetative stage of cannabis plant growth. Known as an NPK mixture, this balance will help the plants develop strong support for the buds. Often, nitrogen is removed or decreased and potassium and phosphorous are continued during the flowering stage.
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Your cannabis plants will thrive with the right balance of heat, moisture, and light.

  • How much light do my plants need? 18-24 hours of light are recommended for plants during the vegetative stage (for indoor growing). This will encourage the plants to grow to their fullest extent. When the grower is ready to have their plants enter the flowering stage, the lighting is decreased to 12 hours of light (and 12 hours of darkness).
  • How much bud can one plant produce? Plants produce different amounts of flowers based on the strain, the growing conditions, the size of the pot, and other factors. One plant can give you as much as 15 ounces, though it’s important to remember this is the fresh flower weight – it will weigh about 75% less once dried and cured.

Treating Migraines with Cannabis

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Speaking of pain relief from cannabis, a lot of people turn to this medicinal plant for its beneficial effects on migraine headaches. This might seem strange to anyone who has gotten a headache from smoking weed, but there is actually a lot of anecdotal evidence in support of this method of treatment. Though legalization barriers continue to prevent large-scale research from taking place, studies like one done at the University of California in 2013, have found cannabis’ known interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system likely plays a role in its ability to alleviate these brain-breaking episodes. While more research is necessary and said the research will likely lead to more targeted pharmaceuticals before it leads to widespread recommendations of cannabis use in migraine sufferers, it’s a step in the right direction!


Should I buy my own weed seeds?

Using weed seeds to grow cannabis plants for medical use at home means you’ll always know what you’re getting and where it’s coming from, especially when you purchase from a shop like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry a curated selection of Indica and Sativa cannabis seeds, all carefully cultivated, hand-picked and inspected to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Residents can find Vermont cannabis seeds right here at Growers Choice.