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What is the legal status of cannabis in West Jordan?

For the time being, the residents of West Jordan are not legally allowed to use cannabis for medical purposes, although the state has enacted tax stamp laws, which require anyone with a legal supply to purchase and affix state-issued tax stamps to their cannabis. Cannabis seeds, on the other hand, are considered an adult novelty item and you are free to purchase and possess them without penalty.

Can I get cannabis seeds in West Jordan?

The easiest way to get cannabis seeds in West Jordan is visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. At Growers Choice, our mission is to support your healthy and happy lifestyle, and we carry high quality cannabis seeds for both personal and medical use. We ship our seeds worldwide, so once you place your order it will be carefully packaged and delivered directly to your door.

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Visit West Jordan

West Jordan is a small but growing suburb of Utah, with a number of popular city parks, like the Conservation Garden Park, located on the grounds of the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. Here you’ll also find Gardner Village, which was established in 1850, and the South Valley Regional Airport, which also serves as a base for the Utah Army National Guard for Apache and Black Hawk helicopters.

Why should I use medical cannabis?

If you are looking for an all natural alternative to conventional medicine, look no farther than cannabis. This potent plant has been used for decades by proponents and practitioners who understand and respect its ability to provide effective relief for a variety of conditions and ailments. Anecdotal evidence even suggests that cannabis can be more effective in some instances than harsh courses of pharmaceuticals.

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The service was very quick! I placed my order on 10/05/17 and received it on 10/11/17. I didn’t choose stealth packaging, I was a little worried, but the seeds got here no problems. I have already germed 3 of the 5, so far so good!

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