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Cannabis seeds for sale in Pharr, Texas

Medical cannabis use in Texas has been legal since the state passed their Compassionate Use Act in 2015, but for a small number of child patients who suffer from severe epileptic conditions. Although a bill was introduced in 2017 that sought to expand the list of qualifying patients, it didn’t reach debate, and will be put forth again in 2019, and cannabis proponents in Texas will continue to advocate tirelessly to make this potent plant available to the masses.

Order Texas cannabis seeds from Growers Choice today, to start your collection of legal “adult novelty souvenirs”.

Buy cannabis seeds in Pharr

The best way to experiment with cannabis is start with plants that have been grown in the comfort and care of your own home. When you’re ready to stock up on popular Pharr cannabis seed strains for your therapeutic garden, navigate your web browser to Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds and peruse our online selection of world-class strains, cherry-picked from the best of the best.

Once you place your order, your seeds will be shipped in a sealed glass vial from our headquarters in Canada to your home in the US. We provide stealth shipping options for customers who are worried their seeds will be confiscated by customs, and a 90% germination guarantee. If more than 9 out of 10 of your cannabis seeds don’t germinate, we’ll replace them.

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What is cannabis kief?

What is cannabis kief?

You may be hip to some of the lingo cannabis lovers throw around, like “THC”, “CBD”, “hash”, and other terms, but you may not have heard of kief. Kief, aka crystal or pollen, is the fine powder made from the dried resin glands (trichomes) found on the leaves of the cannabis plant. Kief can contain high levels of the psychoactive compound THC, highly sought after by recreational users for the euphoric feelings provided when used. The trichomes of your cannabis plant play an important role in the plant’s preservation – any hungry herbivore looking to chow down on a pot plant will get a super heady high, theoretically disorienting the animal and keeping it from eating the rest. Fascinating stuff. Get high-quality THC-rich Pharr cannabis seeds when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

What does kief mean for you? We did mention above that kief can be potent. Terpenes and cannabinoids exist in high concentrations in the resin glands, and separating kief crystals is a good way to take advantage of potent compounds without the toxins and carcinogens involved in burning plant material.

How do I extract kief from my cannabis plants?

Extracting kief from your cannabis material isn’t as easy as making hash by hand, but it’s pretty simple. You’ll need something like a three-chamber herb grinder, which will help you finely grind your cannabis while letting the kief crystals fall through a screen and collect into a small compartment.

Now you’re wondering what to do with that kief. You can use it to “crown a bowl”, or sprinkle a generous dusting of keif over a bowl of cannabis, or you can add a bit to a joint. You can turn kief into hash or rosin, or just add some extra potency to your homemade cannabutter.

With its high THC content, a cannabis strain like White Widow will yield the kind of plant material you’re looking for if you want to harvest kief. Alternatively, OG Kush’s neon green buds offer a THC-packed high ideal for experimentation.

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We’re growing on our customers in Pharr

I love ordering from Growers Choice, waiting for the mail to show up, I’m like a kid at Christmas. The quality of the seeds are great, I’ve grown some seriously potent pot from mine. I haven’t felt the need to go for the stealth shipping yet, no problems with customs. Excellent germ rates. I’ve already told a handful of friends about this company, so I definitely recommend anyone buy their seeds from here.

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