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Start your therapeutic garden off on the right foot when you purchase Pearland cannabis seeds online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry a world-class selection of popular auto-flowering cannabis strains including AK auto-flowering and Critical Purple.

Each seed is carefully hand-picked and inspected before being sealed in a glass-vial and shipped to your US home address from our offices in Canada. We provide stealth packaging for customers worried their seeds might not make it across the border, and a 90% germination guarantee. If a cannabis seed fails to sprout, let us know and we’ll send you a replacement!

Can auto-flowering stains have CBD?

Are some weed strains easier to grow than others?

There’s a reason cannabis has the nickname weed, it literally grows like one. But if you want to yield potent, high-quality, medical grade cannabis for personal use, there’s a little more work involved. Cannabis can be grown both indoors or outdoors, but indoor growing gives gardeners more control over important conditions like light and humidity. First timer? You’ll want to set up a grow room, either a closet or small room in your house. Next, you’ll want to consider which Pearland cannabis seeds (check out our selection on Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds), to purchase to populate this therapeutic garden.

It’s important to note that not all pot seeds are created equal. Some strains take a little more care than others, but strains that have been labelled as auto-flowering require less attention and often have a shorter overall growing time than traditional feminized plants. Cannabis is a photoperiod plant that will enter the flowering stage from the vegetative stage when the light changes to about 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. Auto-flowering strains, on the other hand, will automatically enter the flowering stage at a certain stage of development.

Can auto-flowering stains have CBD?

Breeding ruderalis with indica or sativa will not have an effect on the cannabinoids present in the original strain, which is good news for newbie growers looking to plant a crop of CBD-rich medical cannabis seeds!

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Just got my first order from Growers Choice and I know it won’t be my last. I’ve been buying cannabis seeds online for a few years and there’s always so much drama. Why do shops have to be so sketchy? Growers Choice came across as professional, their prices were reasonable, and the whole process of ordering was super easy. When I had questions, they were quick to answer. I heard about GC through a friend, and now I tell people they should shop here too.

Jamie D., TX

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