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Not sure where to find Pasadena cannabis seeds? Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds has you covered. Find over 20 varieties on our website, along with fast and discreet shipping options. Buy from us and get a 90% germination guarantee—we’ll even replace the seeds that don’t germinate! With our team of researchers, we provide you with the highest quality pot seeds in the industry!

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

American Haze 80S / 20I 20.04 THC Daytime
Moby Dick CBD 60S / 40I 5%/5% Anytime
Blueberry CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Evening

Pasadena cannabis seeds for sale

Our researchers have over 20 years of experience in the industry, so their process is very unique. They test every seed to ensure the quality, and then package them in medical-grade glass vials so they stay fresh. You can have these premium seeds shipped out to you with just a few clicks.

What does indica do?

Indica is a type of cannabis plant that is short with fuller leaves. Indicas generally tend to have high levels of THC, although some strains don’t. This often acts like a sleeping pill, and can sometimes stimulate the appetite. These strains work best for people with anxiety, sleeping disorders and eating disorders. You can often find hybrids of indica and sativa, which is a strain often used to boost energy levels, to target other, harder to treat, medical conditions.

Can I legally buy cannabis seeds in Pasadena?

Purchasing Cannabis seeds in the U.S. and Canada is absolutely legal. Texan laws restrict cannabis use to treating those with seizure-inducing disorders with CBD oil.

What are good indica strains?

Growers Choice has several indica-dominant Pasadena cannabis seeds. For easy reference, check out our THC chart for more information on any strain.
Take a look at our Northern Lights cannabis seeds, which is an 80% indica strain. The small amount of sativa gives you an uplifting feeling, while the indica sooths any anxious thoughts. Northern Lights is also an auto-flowering strain, meaning that it will go to the vegetative to flowering stage without changing the hours of lights.

Another great option is the Mazar feminized cannabis seeds. This body-soothing strain will relax you and even induce you into sleep. It also has anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects, so you will definitely want to keep this around for nighttime use.

Sightseeing in Pasadena

Pasadena is a popular tourist area, filled with plenty of fun things to do. If you’ve never been to the Gamble House, it’s worth checking out! The architecture is beautiful, and there are tours that you can set up. Take a gander down Old Pasadena, which is 10 miles from downtown LA! There is over 200 specialty boutiques for you to browse through. While you’re there, take in some culture by visiting the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Filled with both contemporary and historical art, the museum features many craftsmen, and also hosts various events throughout the year.

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I wasn’t sure where to start with getting cannabis seeds. I came across Growers Choice, and along with their website, their team really helped me figure out what was best for me.

Nick D., Pasadena, TX