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The government may have yet to recognize PMS and PMDD as qualifying conditions under the state’s Compassionate Use Act, but that doesn’t mean women in Mansfield and statewide shouldn’t try their hand at managing their symptoms with a little MJ by cultivating their own in-home cannabis gardens. Your search for the best quality Mansfield cannabis seeds should start and end at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

Buy cannabis seeds in Mansfield

We carry a curated selection of popular cannabis seeds, all chosen for their excellent reputation and potency. Our seeds are carefully picked and inspected for freshness and quality before being sealed in glass vials for shipment, unless otherwise requested.

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Every purchase comes backed by our 90% germination guarantee – if your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll gladly replace them free of charge! For more information, or to request stealth shipping, speak with one of our friendly customer service agents, available online via chat during business hours or via email.

Can weed help with symptoms of PMS?

Can weed help with symptoms of PMS?

Women worldwide know the discomfort associated with “that time of the month.” What female isn’t looking for a safe, effective and all natural solution to ease period cramps and maybe calm the raging sea of hormones that affects us on a monthly basis? Don’t pop a pill. Instead, see what weed can do for you. Not surprisingly, cannabis has played a her-storical role in women’s health for centuries. A 2002 review noted that even as early as 2000 B.C., tonics made of hemp seed, saffron, mint, and beer were given to women to ease labor discomfortness. Even the Queen Victoria famously used indica to find relief from cramping. Shop for high quality Mansfield cannabis seed strains online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

We already know that cannabis is great for chronic and acute forms of discomfort (thank you, CBD), but THC is also considered a muscle relaxant, and when applied topically has been seen to help relieve cramps locally. The right cannabis strain can also help with those PMS/PMDD-related up and down mood swings. In preclinical studies, small doses of cannabis compounds can have antidepressant effects, and many individuals have been experimenting with microdosing cannabis, a practice that involves taking small doses to reap the rewards without the negative side effects of hallucinogenic strains.

What cannabis strains treat PMS?

Try a strain like White Widow. Relatively high in THC (about 26%), you’ll get an uplifting, energetic high with a healthy dose of that indica “couch-lock”. known for its energetic and long-lasting effects, Super Silver Haze may pose another great option. Users report lower levels of stress and relief from symptoms like nausea.

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TSo far, I’ve ordered twice here to my place in Texas and they’ve made it without incident. Very well packaged compared to the others, and I prefer their stealth a lot more. They keep it legit, and there’s no reason for the packages to be inspected, unless they’ve been tipped off. I haven’t had to deal with customer service, yet, but I’m assuming they’re professional. Took about 5 days for my shipment, and they kept me up-to-date.

Matthew R., Mansfield, TX

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