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Although recreational weed is illegal in Laredo and throughout Texas, medical marijuana is now legal. Furthermore, residents are able to purchase marijuana seeds as a novelty item as long as they don’t plant and cultivate them.

Sitting right on the Rio Grande in South Texas, Laredo is a city with a rich history, including being the capital of the former Republic of the Rio Grande. With its hot temperatures in the summer and mild winters, the city seems like an obvious choice for growing marijuana. However, that’s not possible since recreational marijuana is illegal in the city like it is across the rest of the state. On the other hand, medicinal marijuana is legal, so there is somewhat of a cannabis industry in the area. As always, it’s important to understand what’s going on with marijuana in Laredo.

History of Cannabis in Laredo

Texas has been notoriously tough on the sale and possession of marijuana, where violators could face serious jail time and hefty fines. But, as attitudes toward marijuana have changed over the past several years, the state has loosened up. For example, in April 2023, the Texas House advanced a bill to decriminalize people caught with small amounts of marijuana. Instead of heading to jail, the violator would get a ticket and be made to pay a fine. Even though recreational smoking is still illegal, things are starting to look better.

One big stride that Laredo residents can enjoy is the fact that medical marijuana patients can legally purchase and use marijuana products. The governor signed The Compassionate Use Act in 2015 which allowed people with certain disorders to get their hands on various cannabis products to alleviate symptoms. 

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Texas’ recreational and medical marijuana laws
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Types and Varieties of Cannabis Seeds

Considered adult novelty items, marijuana seeds are technically legal in Laredo. The thing to keep in mind is that it’s illegal to germinate and grow these seeds. With that out of the way, you should know that there are several types of weed seeds for purchase, including feminized marijuana seeds, autoflower cannabis seeds, and regular seeds. You should know the advantages of each type to ensure you choose the best one to meet your needs.

Feminized Seeds

To get that rare feat of only growing female plants, the obvious choice is feminized marijuana seeds. These seeds are carefully cultivated to produce only female plants with a less than 1% chance of growing male plants. What does all that mean? You’ll get marijuana plants that are extra-fertile and provide larger yields of your favorite cannabis strains. Feminized seeds are also known to produce higher-quality marijuana that any smoker will immediately appreciate!

As far as growing goes, feminized seeds are less maintenance since you don’t have to worry about cross-pollination. As a result, you don’t have to spend time removing these unwanted plants. Growing these seeds is also more efficient since all the space they take up will yield premium smokable buds. Plus, smokers can appreciate that these seeds produce plants with higher concentrations of THC and CBD.

Autoflowering Seeds

When it comes to growing, perhaps there are no seeds that are easier and more convenient than autoflower cannabis seeds. That makes these seeds an excellent choice for beginner cannabis growers. These seeds are synonymous with automatically flowering regardless of you switching up the light cycle, making them ideal if you’re not experienced with dealing with varying light cycles.

Additionally, autoflowering strains are shorter, meaning they won’t take up much space, so they’re great for growers with limited space. These seeds also flower quickly, so you can expect to have buds in no time. Since they flower so quickly, you can even expect multiple harvests during the growing season. With higher concentrations of CBD, these are the perfect seeds for medical users.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are a favorite among experienced growers since they require a bit more care and expertise. Despite the extra work, they are well worth the time and effort. With these seeds, growers have a 50/50 probability of growing female or male plants. This means that you can cross them to create new hybrid strains. On that note, you can also use the clippings from these plants for cloning purposes.

With regular seeds, you also reduce your chance of growing hermaphroditic plants that are a mix of both genders. That’s one less thing you have to worry about! These seeds also grow sturdier, more robust plants that can withstand temperature fluctuations and other changes in the environment. Even if you encounter unexpected climate changes, count on these seeds to get the job done!

Selecting the Best Cannabis Seeds for Growing

As always, when it comes to choosing the right marijuana seeds, it all depends on your preferences and needs. Are you interested in only feminized strains? Do you want something that’s easier to grow? Are you low on space? These are all the questions you should consider beforehand. 

One of the first things cannabis cultivators should think about is whether they’re going to grow indoors or outdoors. Since regular seeds produce sturdier plants, they are perfect for outdoor growing. With autoflower seeds, since they flower automatically, they’re ideal for indoor or outdoor growing. In addition to where you’re going to grow, think about how much space you have. Some plants grow bigger and taller than others. 

When you’re thinking about your favorite strains, consider their characteristics and what’s more desirable for you. If uplifted and euphoric is more your thing, go for cannabis sativa. Now, if more mellow and sedated is your jam, go for cannabis indica. There are also hybrids if you want a blend of the two. Basically, the possibilities are endless!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis from Seed

Cannabis seed cultivation has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages that you must consider to ensure it’s the right choice for you. Growing cannabis from seed can allow you to grow your favorite strains in your own space at your own time. You can also tweak how you grow your plants to ensure you get the best possible plants. Cultivating your own marijuana can be more cost-effective since you can grow large yields from only a few seeds. That means you won’t have to pay for already cultivated marijuana which can get pricey.

On the other hand, growing cannabis can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you grow regular seeds and don’t know whether to expect male or female plants. Once they grow, you might have to spend too much time separating the genders to prevent cross-pollination. In other cases, your plants might not be pure female or male and could be a mix of the two, which could prove to be useless. 

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A beginner’s guide to cultivating cannabis
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Steps to Properly Planting and Germinating Seeds

Germinating seeds is simpler than what many growers expect. One of the top choices is the paper towel method, where you place seeds onto a damp piece of paper towel. You’ll place another damp piece of paper towel on top. The key is to ensure the seeds and paper towels are damp and not saturated. Next, you’ll place the seeds and paper towels in a cool and dark place to let them germinate.

Once the seeds have germinated, you’ll plant them indoors or outdoors. You can start off by placing your seeds in sterile containers. Make sure you plant them a few inches apart to give them enough room to grow. Rockwool plugs are great for your hydroponic setups since you won’t have to bother with trays of soil or pots. Whichever way you decide to germinate and plant your seeds, there is a wide range of choices to get the best results.

Different Stages of Growth for a Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plants go through four specific growth stages, including germination, vegetation, flowering, and harvest. To properly germinate your seeds, start off with mature seeds to ensure they sprout. After a few days, a root will develop downward as a stem grows upward. The cannabis plant enters the vegetative stage once pointed leaves become visible. This is when you can transplant the growing plant to a larger pot as it continues to flourish. The stem will grow taller and thicker, as well as the leaves, branches, and root system.

During the flowering stage, this is when lighting becomes important; plants will typically need 10-12 hours of darkness. The plant will also begin to change colors, including the trichomes, symbolizing that it’s almost time for harvest. Harvesting is the fun part when you’ll finally be able to enjoy your marijuana. At this time, you can cut the plant into smaller pieces to allow them to dry out to create usable flower. 

Purchasing Seeds in Laredo

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