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To grow marijuana in Texas, you’ll need to invest some money into your at-home grow, especially if you grow marijuana indoors, but all in all, you can save a lot of cash, especially if you get high yields.

What are Texas Marijuana Seeds?

Cannabis seed cultivation is becoming increasingly popular, but before you can grow your plants, you have to get some viable weed seeds. Marijuana plants can be grown in one of two ways. One is thrown clones, which require clippings from a plant. The other way, the easier way, is to go with cannabis seeds, like the kinds of high-quality seeds purchased from a cannabis seed bank. As an aside, the compounds found in cannabis plants are called cannabinoids, and these include THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana products their psychotropic effects. So, when we are talking about marijuana seeds, we are explicitly focused on the type of cannabis plants with enough THC to make you feel high.

Benefits of Growing Weed Plants from Weed Seeds in Texas

Marijuana growers around the globe have different goals. Some use marijuana for certain medical conditions, as medical cannabis has the potential to benefit you in a variety of ways. It may be an excellent choice for dealing with a wide range of issues, from discomfort to stress to a lack of appetite. These are just a few of the anecdotal benefits of using cannabis for its unconfirmed, but possible medical properties. Others simply engage in recreational marijuana use for fun, for enjoyment, and relaxation.

Now, this is all true for cannabis users of all sorts, but what about cannabis growers? What do cannabis cultivators get out of it? Why buy marijuana seeds when you could just buy marijuana that has been grown, harvested, and handled by others? Well, growing marijuana can be relaxing, for starters. However, there are other practical reasons why the exciting cannabis culture development of at-home growth is burgeoning. Buying weed seeds, for example, is a way to save a lot of money as a weed user. When you buy weed from a dispensary, think about all the work you are paying for. Now, you’ll need to invest some money into your at-home grow, especially if you grow marijuana indoors, but all in all, you can save a lot of cash, especially if you get high yields.

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Types of Marijuana Seeds Available to Texas

Not all cannabis seeds for sale are cut from the same cloth. There are hundreds of marijuana strains out there, from classic favorites to new, exciting offerings in the world of cannabis products. Exceptional strains can be found in many different flavors of marijuana, but here are a couple of types of marijuana to know about.

Auto-flowering strains: Most cannabis strains are photoperiod. These plants flower based on exposure to a specific light cycle. However, there is a type of cannabis plant known as Cannabis ruderalis. Ruderalis plants are not turned into cannabis products themselves, by and large, because they have basically no THC in them. What they are, though, is incredibly durable. Also, when you crossbreed a few ruderalis into a strain, it will flower based on the age of the plant. That makes these plants easier to grow, especially for newbies.

Hybrid strains: In nature, you can find Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. There are still pure indica and pure sativa strains, but they are increasingly less common. Most strains these days are hybrid strains. Exceptional strains exist among sativa-dominant strains, indica-dominant strains, and balanced hybrids. Sativa is energizing and gives you more of a heady high, while indicas give you more of a stone felt through your entire body. Oftentimes, indicas, and indica-dominant strains, are favored among medical marijuana patients, as they can handle body tension and chronic conditions dealing with pain.

Feminized seed strains: The at-home growing area of the cannabis sector is built on fully-feminized seeds. There are male marijuana plants and female marijuana plants, and if you are in cannabis seed cultivation for large-scale breeding, you’ll need marijuana plants. However, at-home growers actively don’t want male plants in the mix. One, only female cannabis plants have buds, and buds are where the key cannabinoids in marijuana like THC are found. Not only that, if a male marijuana plant is in the midst of your female plants, it will fertilize your female plants and that will ruin your harvest. If you want to enjoy the benefits of marijuana growing for personal use, you’ll want to go with fully-feminized seeds.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Texas

If you want to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, an online seed bank is a great way to go. These companies will offer you an excellent selection of strains, not to mention speedy shipping times for your deliveries. Most cannabis seed banks also offer discreet shipping. One such online seed bank is Growers Choice Seeds, a company that delivers seeds around the globe. Growers Choice cannabis seeds are well respected, but the cannabis sector is larger than one company. Royal Queen Seeds, Pacific Seed Bank, and more are also in the mix.

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Cannabis Law in Texas

The world of marijuana is full of beautiful things. The potential to maybe relieve body tension. Alluring smells. Fruity flavors. Yes, a lot of people around the globe are loving their cannabis experience. However, it’s not all ideal. Legal cannabis use can be thorny, particularly in relation to marijuana, a psychoactive substance. Now, we’re not saying marijuana shouldn’t be a controlled substance. For many years in the United States, legal use of marijuana wasn’t a thing. Then, some states began medical marijuana programs. These days, many states have legalized recreational cannabis use, including being able to smoke marijuana. In fact, states, where marijuana is fully illegal, are now the clear minority.

Texas is, unfortunately, one of the states where marijuana is illegal. In fact, for many years, into the 1970s, Texas was infamous for having the harshest cannabis laws in the country. Prior to 1973, possession of any amount of marijuana was a felony drug offense that could lead to up to two years of jail time. That year penalties were drastically lowered but still were harsh.

As of right now, possession of up to two ounces of marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor. That could lead to up to 180 days in jail or a fine of up to $2,000. This is needlessly severe by modern standards. Medical use of cannabis is limited to low-THC cannabis oil for things like intractable epilepsy and terminal cancer. In 2023, the state house voted in favor of making possession of up to one ounce of marijuana a Class C misdemeanor which would mean zero days in prison and no fine larger than $500.

Cities in Texas to Purchase Marijuana Seeds in

With state governments falling behind the time, some counties and cities in the state of Texas have lowered penalties, and some cities have taken a major step forward. These efforts were led, unsurprisingly, by the city of Austin. Austin has ended the enforcement of most cannabis laws within the city. For possession of moderate levels of marijuana, there will be no criminal charges in any circumstances. Law enforcement does not arrest, and no fines are assessed. Your plants may be confiscated, but that would be the end of it. In addition to Austin, the following cities in Texas have ended enforcement of many marijuana laws: Denton, Elgin, Harker Heights, Killeen, and San Marcos.

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