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Will I get in trouble if I use cannabis in North Charleston?

For the time being, South Carolina laws allow medical cannabis use, although it is restricted to those strains that are highest in CBD. In addition, the state operates tax stamp laws, meaning that you must purchase and affix state-issued tax stamps to your cannabis.

Visit North Charleson

In North Charleston, South Carolina, head up to the H.L. Hunley a waterfront museum where you’ll find weekend tours of a 19th-cenury submarine. If you’re interested in maritime history, you’ll also want to visit the Charleston Naval Shipyard, a one-time ship building and repair facility located along the west bank of the Cooper River. For the family, head to Frankie’s Fun park for high-energy indoor and outdoor entertainment, like go-karts, arcades and other amusements.

What does cannabis treat?

Can I use cannabis as medicine?

Using cannabis as a medical purpose isn’t new, this practice is decades old, but only recently has the medical community at large begun to catch up with what proponents have known all along. The compounds that occur naturally in cannabis have a variety of therapeutic effects, especially cannabidiol, or CBD, which has analgesic, anticonvulsant and antioxidant properties. In addition, CBD doesn’t give a hallucinogenic high, like its partner tetrahydrocannabinol.

What does cannabis treat?

As mentioned above, cannabis can be used for a wide variety of conditions, and as a solution for headaches, migraines and more. The two strains of cannabis seed, indica and sativa, are both have their own unique properties, although indica cannabis strains, like Cheese, are best suited for reducing aches, discomfort and the like, sativa dominant strains like Tangerine Dream are more often prescribed to help lift your mood.

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A+ for Growers Choice. I know a few people who have been using this service and they all say the same thing. Consistently providing good service and good seeds.

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