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Yes, you heard right, you can now buy cannabis seeds online through Growers Choice. What’s even better is that we deliver these high-quality cannabis seeds right to your home in South Carolina.

Buy CBD In Spartanburg

Technically speaking, CBD is legal in all 50 states as it does not contain the same chemicals found in cannabis plants and flower. The main one we’re talking about is THC, of course. THC is the chemical that makes users feel “high” or different in a certain way. Unlike THC, CBD won’t change your natural state to affect your speech, actions (such as driving), and overall behavior. Most people turn to CBD to help reduce stress/anxiety, and inflammation.

Want to try one of our high-CBD cannabis strains? Buy Spartanburg cannabis seeds today from Growers Choice!

International Cannabis Laws

Steps are being made to legalize cannabis around the world! Even though you may not think so in South Carolina, where cannabis is currently illegal, trust when we say that progress is happening. Every year, more and more states/countries pass updated cannabis laws to allow the medical use of the plant. In North America, Canada legalized recreational cannabis in 2019, and the United States is catching up as well. 2020 could be the year that cannabis finally becomes federally legal in the US.

How Cannabis Affects Men Vs. Women

Did you know that cannabis can affect men and women differently? Not only that, but the same strain can have the opposite effect on two people. It’s important to know that no two cannabis experiences are ever the same. A strain that makes you lively and upbeat may make your friend tired and lethargic. The good news is, we have so many seed strains to choose from so you can find the one that works specifically for you. Buy Spartanburg cannabis seeds today and see what magic you can unlock with our products.

Choosing The Right Weed Seeds

Is this your first time shopping at a seed bank? How about your first time at Growers Choice? We understand that buying your first batch of seeds can be intimidating, and for that reason, we’re always here to help. Our customer service lines can help you pick the right weed seeds for your needs, wants, and general lifestyle. We have hundreds of weed seeds to choose from. To get a better sense of the cannabis experience you’d like to have, ask yourself the following questions…

  • Am I in pain?
  • Am I under lots of stress?
  • Am I having trouble falling asleep?
  • Am I constantly tired and unmotivated?

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