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Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Woonsocket

When you make up your mind to buy Woonsocket cannabis seeds to grow your own medicinal garden, you don’t want to go through a slow period of crappy products that don’t germinate, or don’t flower, or don’t produce good bud – right? That’s where Growers Choice comes in.

We sell only fully feminized, lab tested and reliable cannabis seeds, and that means you don’t have to stress over the little details – you can just focus on growing great cannabis. Our 90% germination guarantee makes sure you’re covered if your seeds happen not to sprout, and our discreet, speedy delivery ensures you get your order quietly and quickly.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Rhode Island?

It’s always legal to order cannabis seeds, but you might even be allowed to germinate and plant them in Woonsocket, RI! People with certain medical conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, Hep C, Alzheimer’s, and more are entitled to grow up to 12 plants (plus another 12 seedlings) indoors.

Best Cannabis Seeds in Woonsocket

At Growers Choice, we’re dedicated to high-quality cannabis seeds, and that’s why we only work with a couple of trusted breeders – we aren’t sourcing our seeds from hundreds of different locations with questionable quality standards. You know you’re getting good seeds when you order from us, and our selection is wonderful. Choose from

  1. Regular feminized,
  2. Autoflowering feminized, and
  3. Medical, High-CBD feminized cannabis seeds

Once you go Growers Choice for your Woonsocket cannabis seeds, we’re convinced you’ll never go back!

Why Buy Autoflowering Weed Seeds?

Why Buy Autoflowering Weed Seeds?

Are you pondering picking up one of our autoflowering strains? There are a few good reasons to go with automatic cannabis seeds and, honestly, not many not to!

  • First of all, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are no different to germinate than regular seeds, do you don’t have to relearn any processes.
  • Secondly, auto-flowering plants start flowering on their own after two or three weeks in the vegetative stage. That means there’s no need to figure out the perfect time to start the flowering period – they do the math for you!
  • Third, because you don’t have to worry about timing your lighting change, auto-flowering plants are great for beginners.
  • Fourth, auto-flowering plants are smaller thanks to their ruderalis parentage. This means you can have more in a smaller space, and you don’t need as much height (remember, you need ceilings high enough not just for your plants, but for the lights, and to make sure there’s enough space between the lights and plants – this can add up when you’re growing leggy strains).

Order Cannabis Seeds Online

It’s so easy to place an order online with Growers Choice. Our checkout is secure and safe, and we never share your information with any third parties. All you have to do is choose your strain, select a seed count (3, 5, 10, or 25), and click buy now. You’ll be taken to our cart and can just sit back and wait a mere minute or two later!

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