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Can I have cannabis seeds in Tualatin?

Since 1998, medical cannabis has been legalized in Tualatin, Oregon. The state also recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis, and growing cannabis at home has become popular here. Medical users can legally cultivate up to six mature plants and 18 seedlings, while recreational users can grow up to four.

For the best Tualatin cannabis seeds, come to Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. You’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for (and even a surprise or two) among our selection of world-class feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Our seeds ship worldwide, along with our 90% germination guarantee – if your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll replace them at no further cost.

How do I know if cannabis is ready to harvest?

There are many factors that will influence a plants readiness for harvest. That said, there are two common ways to know your cannabis is ready to be picked:

Your plants pistils will change their physical appearance. During the flowering stage they appear as the white hairs that stick out from the bud. Come harvest, they will begin to curl in on themselves and change colour. Generally, when 50-70% have changed, the plant has reached its highest level of THC. Wait a little longer and the THC will be converted to CBN.

Alternatively, and often considered the most reliable method, pay close attention to the trichomes. These are tiny, crystal-like extensions that give your cannabis plant it’s “frosted” look. When roughly 30% of the trichomes have changed color it’s time for harvest.

Buy Tualatin Cannabis Seeds in Oregon

What happens after I’ve harvested my cannabis?

Once you’ve harvested your healthy cannabis buds, the next step is to dry and cure them for later use. With buds attached, hang separate branches with a fair amount of space between to allow for air circulation and prevent mold and fungus growth.

Out and about in Tualatin, Oregon

For an afternoon or a weekend, the best way to spend some time in Tualatin, Oregon is at one of the city’s local green spaces. The Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is a suburban nature preserve, and local parks like Cook Park, the Graham Oaks Nature Park, the Tualatin Community Park offer trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and more to the community.

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The cannabis seeds I bought from Growers Choice were great. They got here fast, they were super fresh and they all germinated. I get a nice, soothing high from my Diesel, if it is a little strong. I think I’m going to order Blueberry next, because the idea of fruity cannabis is interesting.

Patrick R., Tualatin, OR

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