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What are the best ways to germinate cannabis seeds?

Amateur or expert, the most important step to growing a healthy crop of cannabis is to germinate your seeds. The paper towel method involves placing a damp towel on a tray and spacing out your seeds on top. Place another damp towel over the seeds and cover with an opaque lid or plate. Check daily to monitor moisture and to see if taproots have appeared. Alternatively, place cannabis seeds in a cup of water. The seeds will sink to the bottom when they’ve absorbed enough water, and you can remove them when the taproot is 2 to 3 cm long. Lastly, plant the seed directly in high quality, lightly packed potting soil. Wet the seed slightly before placing it into a shallow hole and covering with dirt.

How long does cannabis grow before I can harvest it?

Every cannabis strain is a different, but generally it can take up to six months for cannabis to enter the flowering stage (which can last upwards of 90 days) from the vegetative stage. Once it has reached the flowering stage and developed healthy buds thick with resin, you’re ready for harvest!

Buy Oregon City Cannabis Seeds in Oregon

Does cannabis last long once it’s been picked?

Depending on how well you dry and store your cannabis once it has been harvested, it can last up to two years. Dry cannabis slowly, leaving in an airtight jar in a cool dark place.

Legally, Oregon City residents in the medical cannabis program can grow up to 6 mature plants, while recreational users can grow up to 4. Ready to start your own Oregon City cannabis seed garden? Find top quality seeds online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry only the finest cannabis seeds, bred and cultivated by gardeners with decades of experience in the field, and back every purchase with a 90% germination guarantee. Seeds didn’t germinate? We’ll replace them on our dime.

History and nature in Oregon City, Oregon

Designated the “End of the Oregon Trail”, Oregon City, Oregon was the first town of incorporated in this state, which you can learn about this history in depth at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Enjoy the natural splendour of Oregon City at Willamette Falls on the Willamette River, Mount Talbert Nature Park, or the Molalla River State Park.

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Oregon City residents are passionate about Growers Choice cannabis seeds

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with my Growers Choice seeds. So far I’ve had great success with both medical strains for Blueberry and Moby Dick, and they were a dream to grow and they’re a dream to smoke! My dad loves them too…

Charlie M., Oregon City, OR

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