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Is it true that cannabis seeds are legal in Oregon?

Cannabis seeds are legal, like cannabis itself. The minimum age for recreational users is 21 years. The maximum number of plants they can own is four and they can buy a maximum of ten seeds in one day. Medical users of cannabis who live in urban, residential areas can buy no more than 50 seeds/day. They can own a maximum of twelve plants.

Where to get cannabis seeds in Corvallis?

Corvallis has the vibrant spirit unique to small towns with big colleges. It wasn’t long after the legalization of cannabis in Oregon that the people of Corvallis started wondering about growing their own cannabis. For these DIY-ers, the question was no longer where to cannabis, but where to get cannabis seeds. And while some chose to get their seeds from the nearest outlet that sold them, others who wanted to be sure of their success sought out the best seed products with the best customer service. The most trusted seed supplier in Corvallis is the North American company Growers Choice Seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds offers considerable variety of cannabis seeds, all of which are feminized and ideally suited to grow in the soils of Corvallis. The 21 strains of seed available count among them classics like Power PlantMazarCheese, and CBD Blueberry.

Cannabis seeds in Corvallis

Is there a way to get cannabis seeds shipped to me in Corvallis, OR?

There is nothing easier than shipping or receiving a parcel of seeds. It is safe and legal via USPS—the favoured shipping service of Growers Choice Seeds—and costs a flat rate within the United States.

Is it a good idea to grow cannabis for its medical benefits?

As a state hub of medical research, Corvallis has more than its fair share of people interested in the treatment and relief of various diseases and medical conditions. Little surprise, then, that people are curious about cannabis. Numerous articles in scientific and medical journals attest to the value of cannabis seeds and cannabis as medicine.

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How do Corvallis locals feel about Growers Choice cannabis seeds?

You couldn’t ask for a better, more involved company. As a newcomer to growing cannabis, I had so many questions and their customer service team was super patient with me, walking me through which seeds I should buy for my mother’s illness and then explaining the best ways to grow. Thank you so much, Growers Choice!

Margaret D., Corvallis, OR

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