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buy the best cannabis seeds in Oregon

Learn how to grow cannabis in Oregon with our helpful germination guide and educational blogs. Oregon has the best weather for homegrown cannabis plants, plus it’s an incredibly marijuana-friendly state. Look no further for the widest selection of cannabis strains and the best genetics the world has to offer.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

You understand how plants work, right? They start with seeds. Cannabis plants are no different. You can plant cannabis seeds, and before you know it your favorite popular strains will be popping out of the dirt, waiting to be harvested in time. A worthwhile cannabis crop is more than feasible for the at-home grower, and at-home cultivation is a popular choice for many cannabis aficionados. However, when we talk about cannabis cultivation, are we talking about marijuana cultivation? Almost assuredly, yes. Marijuana plants are cannabis plants, and so marijuana seeds are growing a type of cannabis. Cannabis is the scientific name for the plant marijuana seeds, weed seeds pot seeds, or what have you, and the only reason for any clarification is that hemp is also cannabis, but hemp is not psychoactive. Don’t worry, though. Cannabis seed cultivation is an industry entirely dedicated to marijuana seeds. Calling them auto-flowering seeds is just scientific, and also an easier sell than saying you are providing weed seeds, for example.

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Growing Cannabis Seed Strains in Oregon

After you buy your marijuana seeds to grow your plants, you have to decide if you want to be an indoor grower or an outdoor grower. Growing your cannabis crop outdoors is even cheaper than indoor growing, with the only major concern with outdoor environments for cannabis seed cultivation being the weather. With indoor plants, you control the climate of the grow space with much more specificity. Now, the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon specifically, has long been associated with cannabis. While winters can be harsh, that isn’t cannabis growing season anyway. The weather of the Pacific Northwest, especially on the coast, suits outdoor growing quite well. Of course, there are still risks. Harsh weather and inclement weather are still possible in a way that isn’t the case indoors. An indoor crop removes some risks, even if it will cost a bit more money, and indoor-grown cannabis plants often have less yield as well.

Cannabis Laws in Oregon

Oregon has often been at the forefront of cannabis regulation, so it’s a little surprising it wasn’t the first state with legal cannabis for recreational use. In 1973, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Then, in 1998, it was one of the first states to introduce medical marijuana. Given that, it felt like Oregon had a great chance of being the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. Instead, in 2012, Colorado and Oregon’s neighbor Washington struck the first big win for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

Recreational users would eventually get some good news as well. In 2015, recreational cannabis became legal in Oregon, which was great for a state already steeped in cannabis culture. What about growing your own plants from weed seeds, though? If you are growing your plants for medicinal purposes, which means having a medical marijuana card, you are allowed to have up to six mature plants growing, plus 12 non-flowering times, immature plants. The legal regulations for recreational users are a bit less robust. Every household is allowed up to four plants in total. Hey, a cannabis crop of four plants is not too shabby, as that provides plenty of cannabis for most people’s purposes.

The Importance of Feminized Seeds for Cannabis Seed Cultivation

Experienced growers familiar with an at-home cannabis crop know the importance of feminized seeds. Only female marijuana plants have buds, which is what you harvest and will enjoy. Not only that, but male plants will pollinate your female plants eventually, and that’s not good for your crop. When you get cannabis seeds, go with feminized seeds each and every time.

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Learn how to grow cannabis in Oregon using our helpful online blogs and articles
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Online Seed Banks for Cannabis Seeds

If you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale, an online seed bank should be your first stop. What makes for a good cannabis seed bank, though? Well, fully-feminized seeds, of course. However, make sure your seed bank is indicating how they make an effort to give you high-quality cannabis seeds. A great selection of marijuana strains is nice, and you can find that from basically every online seed bank, but high-quality marijuana seeds are key to enjoying your favorite strains. The best online seed banks also offer germination guarantees and fast, reliable, discreet shipping. Some popular choices among online seed banks include Growers Choice, Pacific Seed Bank, and the local Oregon Green Seed.

If you have been enjoying cannabis, it makes sense to start growing your own plants, especially with how easy the best cannabis seed banks make it. Find a seed bank you trust, order seeds for your favorite strains – or try a new one – and get to growing. Be it indoors or outdoors, Oregon is a great place for cannabis lovers. Happy growing!

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