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Can I legally buy weed seeds in Springfield?

The use of weed in Springfield has been legalized for patients taking part in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, which was only recently instituted (2016), though medical cannabis use was decriminalized first in Philadelphia in 2014, then Pittsburgh followed suit in 2016. You can legally buy cannabis products for use in this state, but growing your own is an option that’s on the horizon.

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Shopping around to stock up on top quality Springfield cannabis seeds makes sense, as we at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds and the residents of Pennsylvania foresee a bright future for home-therapy gardeners. Visit our website and you’ll find a wide selection of world-class strains, superior genetics cultivated at our facility in Canada. Every seed is inspected for quality before being sealed in medical-grade glass vials and shipped to your doorstep. We also off our customers a 90% Germination Guarantee – if your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll replace them!

Is it safe to use cannabis for mental health conditions?

Many people still consider cannabis a no-go because of the associated psychoactive “high” the plant has become stereotyped for. Yes, you will experience a euphoric trip if you take the right strains, particularly those higher in THC. But for every person smoking up to make a movie better, there are more who turn to cannabis for it’s variety of clinical applications. Even high THC strains can be medically beneficial for patients who understand the practice of microdosing, which involves taking small, measured doses at regular intervals to reap the rewards without the negative side effects.

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Wasn’t sure about Growers Choice at first so I did a test. Ordered the same seeds from here and another company I was considering to see the difference. First off, Growers Choice made it a lot easier to pay, and the seeds showed up earlier than expected. Nice surprise. Second, the quality was way over the other company. Two of the other brand seeds were cracked, no good. Still, I chose a seed from each company and germinated them. The GC seed was good to go in a few days where the other seed took over a week for a taproot to sprout. GC has impressed me so far, I hope they keep up the good work.

Cameron C., Springfield, PN

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