cannabis seeds for sale in Canton

Can I legally use medical cannabis in Canton?

It is currently legal to use cannabis in Ohio for a range of medical conditions. In addition, cannabis possession has been decriminalized in the state, with first-time “offenders” facing punishments similar to speeding tickets. Hopefully this will only continue to improve!

Cannabis seeds for sale in Canton

Though medical cannabis is legal in Canton, and cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh passed legislation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of weed, cultivating cannabis seeds is still a pipe dream for locals in the area. Hopefully, the recent legalization for patients helps pave the way for home gardening opportunities and recreational use. For the time being, you can stock up on your favorite old and new Canton cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry a variety of top-quality strains from around the globe, all hand-picked and inspected for freshness and viability before being shipped from our facility in Canada to your home address. With proper care and storage, your seeds can remain viable for up to two years, and in some cases, longer.

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What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis” is like a badge of honor, used to distinguish legal versus illegal substances, but the reality here is there is very little difference between cannabis that is used for medical purposes and marijuana strains that are used for recreation. Usually when you hear talk of medical cannabis seeds, they are referring to strains that are higher in CBD, a cannabinoid that does not have any psychoactive side effects, unlike its sister cannabinoid THC, which has strong mental and euphoric effects.

Is it safe to use medical pot?

When people think about cannabis, often they only consider the image given to “pot-heads” by the media – stoners who enjoy snacks and playing video games until all hours of the morning. But there’s so much more to this versatile plant than making movies seem a little bit funnier or colors a little brighter. Both CBD and THC have proven clinical track records and when used responsibly, patients have found great success treating conditions that have heretofore been treatment resistant.

The biggest hurdle is often the psychoactivity, and no doctor is willing to prescribe a therapy to patients, particularly children and the elderly, that has uncomfortable, heady side effects. Cannabis seed strains high in CBD, like our own CBD Blueberry or CBD Critical Mass, bridge the gap, providing the medical benefits of pot without the characteristic high.

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What are customers in Canton saying about Growers Choice?

Such great customer service from a reliable and cheap company. Grower’s Choice Tangerine Dream seeds are among my faves. Ordered seeds from them on more than 10 occasions and I’ve never been let down. I used to grow before I moved to Canton, but now I’m just waiting on a green light. I know I’m going to get some good pot, I can’t wait!

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