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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Cotton Candy Kush AutoFlowering 10% Ruderalis, 30% Sativa, 60% Indica 18% THC Anytime
Moby Dick CBD 40% Indica, 60% Sativa 5%/5% Anytime
Strawberry Cough Feminized 20% Indica, 80% Sativa 18% THC Anytime

Where to Get Mason Cannabis Seeds for Quick Delivery

Getting high quality cannabis seeds delivered to your door has never been easier, thanks to Growers Choice Seeds. We are the premier place to buy Mason cannabis seeds online, with a huge selection of popular sativa, indica, and hybrid strains in stock now, as well as high content CBD seeds and easy to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds. Shop our digital catalog to find the seeds that are right for you, and check out online using our secure server and your payment method of choice. Delivery is fast and discreet, with tracking provided on each order. Find the seeds that fit your needs to get started today.


Is Growing Cannabis Plants in the State of Ohio Legal?

Growing cannabis plants is not permitted in the state of Ohio at this time. Although medical marijuana legislation was passed in 2016, medical marijuana patients may not grow their own cannabis plants at home for personal use, and must purchase their cannabis and cannabis products from licensed dispensaries. Recreational cannabis is still prohibited in the state, although it has been decriminalized to some degree in recent years. Even though you cannot grow cannabis plants, you can still buy ungerminated cannabis seeds online, such as those sold by Growers Choice Seeds. Ungerminated cannabis are considered collector’s items, and are legal to buy and own in the US. Want to help fight for greener cannabis laws in your state? Sign up to volunteer with your local cannabis activist group or chapter of NORML, call or email your local lawmakers and representatives, and make sure you’re registered to vote.

Find the Best Cannabis Seeds to Relieve Insomnia

Insomnia is a serious issue that affects millions of people.Sleep loss is a serious issue and can lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, cannabis is a natural way to relieve insomnia, by causing drowsiness in its users and promoting restful sleep. We carry a large selection of cannabis seeds for insomnia relief in our digital catalog, including

Order your cannabis seeds for insomnia relief from Growers Choice Seeds today for fast delivery right to your door. Browse our digital catalog today to get started.

Get High Quality Weed Seeds Delivered Fast Now

Ordering high quality weed seeds online is easy when you choose Growers Choice Seeds. We’re your source for the best Mason cannabis seeds for sale online today, with all of your favorite strains in stock and completely ungerminated. Order the seeds you need online today, and we’ll ship them straight to your door using our fast and discreet delivery. Check us out on social media for more marijuana news, cultivation tips and trick, and upcoming sales, and sign up for our email newsletter for a chance to win free seeds.

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Huge Selection of CBD Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking for high content CBD cannabis seeds, this is the place to get them. Growers Choice Seeds has a ton of different CBD seeds to choose from, and their prices are super fair. I would recommend them to anyone looking for CBD cannabis seeds online.