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Where to buy cannabis seeds in High Point?

You can buy High Point cannabis seeds via the Growers Choice website. Place an order from a North American company with assurance, as we have the highest germination guarantee in the industry at 90%. Browse our website and read our positive reviews and we are certain that we will gain your confidence as an online buyer.

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Are cannabis seeds legal in High Point?

Cannabis seeds are considered adult novelty items and are therefore always legal to own. Additionally, if you live in High Point or within the state of North Carolina and, you can legally choose to use cannabis as an alternative medicinal treatment for your condition.

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Can I buy High Point cannabis seeds?

Growers Choice is all about customer service excellence. Call us if you need immediate assistance in choosing the correct High Point cannabis seed strain for your individual purposes.

Visiting High Point

High Point is a city in North Carolina that is also known as the “Furniture Capital of the World”. It is home to the yearly High Point Furniture Market with about 100,000 buyers and exhibitors attending. No wonder the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library exists and is considered the largest collection of books on interior design and the history of furniture. Three universities are found in High Point, which are High Point University, John Wesley University and South University.

What is the difference between sativa and indica strains?

Sativa strains are known to generate energy and have uplifting effects that are great for get-togethers, parties and even when working on creative projects. Those who suffer from depression or fatigue can effectively treat their conditions in the daytime using a Sativa strain.
Indica, on the other hand, is effective for use at night for people who have pain or insomnia. Indica strains typically provide sedation and relaxation that is perfect for a night in or sleep aid.

How long do cannabis seeds stay fresh?

Just like other gardening seeds, cannabis seeds last for at least two years if properly stored. For best results, ensure that your seeds are stored in a cool, dark place inside a sealed container. Although cannabis seeds may have a lifespan of longer than two years, it is recommended that they be germinated within two years as the likelihood of germination drops the older they are.

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Only superior quality cannabis seeds for our customers!

Originally I ordered seeds from Growers Choice solely based on their 90% germination guarantee as it seemed like a safe bet for growing my medical cannabis. As a repeat customer, I can confidently vouch for the quality of their seeds.

Stanley P., High Point, NC

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