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Want to start cultivating cannabis in Rochester? Unsure of what New York’s marijuana laws are? Confused by terms like “regular,” “feminized,” and “autoflower seeds”? Well, all of these questions and more are covered in the article below–so, keep reading!

Quality Cannabis Seeds for Rochester, NY

Medical marijuana patients in Rochester, along with the rest of the State of New York, have had access to the state’s medical marijuana program since 2014, and adult recreational users have been able to possess and use cannabis and marijuana products purchased from state-licensed recreational dispensaries since 2021 with the passing of the Marijuana and Taxation Act (MRTA) on March 31 of that same year.

As such, it’s surprising that even though patients and caregivers registered with New York’s medical marijuana program are allowed to cultivate their medical weed at home, recreational users are still waiting, two years later, for their state’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to issue its cannabis cultivation regulations. Fortunately, all signs are currently pointing to this happening sometime in 2024.

The other good piece of news for recreational growers in Rochester who are waiting to be able to start legally growing their favorite seed strains at home is that the legality of cannabis seeds in terms of buying and owning ungerminated seeds from different types of seed banks is not an issue. This is because the cannabinoids, including THC, contained in a marijuana plant aren’t “activated” until the ungerminated female seeds are germinated. Due to this fact, Rochester at-home growers have already begun ordering their marijuana seeds from online seed banks like Pacific Seed Bank (PSB) and Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) and storing them until the OCM issues its regulations.

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Explore New York’s medical and recreational cannabis laws, and where cultivation laws stand
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Rochester’s Cannabis Laws for Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis

To start with, medical and recreational users who are 21 years of age and older may smoke and/or vape their marijuana any place where smoking tobacco is legally permitted. However, the exceptions are that this is not legally allowed in the outdoor dining area of a restaurant, schools, workplaces, or on federal lands.

Medical Marijuana Laws:

  • To become a medical marijuana (MMJ) cardholder in Rochester you must be 18+, or you must have a designated caregiver who is 18+.
  • MMJ cardholders can buy a 60-day supply of medical marijuana, and medical marijuana products as determined by their healthcare provider.
  • MMJ patients and their caregivers who are 21+ may cultivate up to 3 mature cannabis plants, and 3 immature plants at home.
  • Registered designated caregivers who are 21+ and are caring for 2 or more patients are allowed to cultivate up to 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants in total. This limit also applies to households that have two or more registered medical marijuana patients, and cannot be exceeded beyond that.
  • Those who are growing medical marijuana plants must make sure that they are secured in order to prevent any unauthorized access.

For those who are new to Rochester and are seeking more information on New York’s medical marijuana program and its medical cannabis cultivation laws refer to here.

Laws Around Marijuana for Adult Use

  • An “adult-user” is anyone who is 21 years of age or older.
  • Adult-users are legally permitted to both purchase and possess a maximum of 3 ounces of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concentrated marijuana products from dispensaries.
  • As of the time of this writing, it remains illegal for adult-users to cultivate their own cannabis crops at home, but this will change–most likely sometime around the spring of 2024.
  • Once New York’s OCM finalizes and issues its regulations for at-home cannabis cultivators, here is what will, most likely, be permitted:
    • You must be 21 years of age or older.
    • You’ll be allowed to cultivate 3 mature plants and 3 immature marijuana plants, with a maximum of 12 plants per entire household–regardless of the number of adults living in the same abode.
    • Recreational at-home indoor or outdoor cannabis gardens will have to be secured so as to prevent unauthorized access.

Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflowering Seeds

While regular cannabis seeds are incredibly important to cannabis breeders and highly experienced growers who are creating new marijuana strains due to the fact that they will produce both bud-bearing female plants and pollinator male plants, your everyday Rochester at-home grower has little use for male plants because they do not produce buds. As such, the majority of trustworthy seed banks like GCS and PSB only sell feminized cannabis seeds and feminized autoflowering varieties, as they have a 99% chance of blossoming into all-female cannabis plants.

Feminized Seeds

In order to successfully grow your feminized pot seeds, you will have to know the basics about light cycles as feminized strains are not able to automatically transition from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering phase on their own. However, since GCS also offers incredibly informative blogs on almost everything you need to know about marijuana, including how to grow your cannabis crops and when to flip your plants to their flowering time, even first-time growers should be able to successfully cultivate low-maintenance strains, such as Candyland and Kimbo Kush, with relative ease.

Autoflower Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are feminized seeds that grow into plants that can automatically flip to flower without outside intervention in their light/dark cycle requirements, and generally will produce smaller, more robust plants. In addition, the majority of autoflower strains tend to be fast-growing seed strains with an average flowering time of 6-8 weeks, although some can take as long as 12.

The reason that auto-flowering weed seeds contain all of these amazing attributes is because they contain ruderalis, which is a landrace strain that originates in areas of Central Asia like Russia and Mongolia that traditionally experience prolonged winters with little sunlight, and very short summers. As a result, ruderalis evolved to be able to thrive in these inhospitable environmental conditions, and these traits are embodied in autoflowers.

High-quality autoflowering cannabis seed strains, like Ripped Bubba and medical-grade Midnight, are an incredible option for medical cannabis growers and soon-to-be recreational cultivators in Rochester, which on average has a frost-free growing season that can start as early as the last days of April and as late as late-May and potentially go until mid-October. However, due to the realities of climate change, the growing season for any region in the world is becoming more and more uncertain with it being shorter one year and exponentially longer the next.

Why Rochester Residents are Buying Cannabis Seeds from Seed Banks

Upstate New Yorkers have a reputation for valuing up-front honesty, not suffering fools, and not being easily fooled. As such, the fact that Rochester growers choose to invest their hard-earned money in procuring their favorite strains from reputable online seed banks like GCS speaks volumes about their belief in the assured quality of the cannabis seeds they can procure from GCS.

Some other reasons why Rochester medical, and soon-to-be, recreational growers flock to GCS are provided below.

  • Extensive Selection: Due to the fact that Growers Choice has a direct working relationship with numerous reputable and prominent breeders around North America, they are to provide a wide selection of cannabis strains, which include a rich selection of landrace strains, indica-dominant hybrids, and sativa-dominant hybrids, that even local medical dispensaries in Rochester can’t provide, and that recreational retail dispensaries won’t be able to even once recreational cultivation is fully legalized in New York.
  • Affordable Prices and Exclusive Offers: Not only does GCS offer incredibly affordable prices, but they are also able to provide customers with exclusive offers on wholesale weed seeds and regular, rotating monthly sales on their high-quality cannabis seeds.
  • Speedy and Discreet Shipping Methods: Even though Rochester already has a legal cannabis market that permits medical users to grow cannabis, and it not being illegal to buy or possess ungerminated marijuana seeds, the majority of Rochester growers want their seeds to be delivered both quickly and discretely, in part so as to prevent would-be cannabis thieves from stealing packages of weed seeds from their front door.
  • Germination Guarantee: The fact that GCS provides a germination rate guarantee that 90% of the high-quality seeds you buy from them will sprout, and if they don’t they will send replacement seeds for free is another huge selling point with Rochester growers as it speaks to GCS’ confidence in the high-quality weed seeds they make available for purchase. The only “condition” that comes with this guarantee is that you strictly adhere to their easy-to-follow germination guide.
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The top 10 cannabis seed storage mistakes
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Rochester’s Environment for Outdoor Growers

Rochester is located in what is known as a “humid continental climate zone,” and experiences four full seasons in the year with warm summers; winters that are freezing, snowy, and windy; and springs and autumns that are both mild and unpredictable with both heavy rain and snowfalls that can happen as late as May and as early as October. In general, Rochester, which has a relative humidity level of 77-84% throughout the entire year, rarely has summer temps that exceed 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and its average outdoor growing season is just over 160 days.

Outdoor growers in Rochester should be able to get a couple of fruitful harvests from their feminized and autoflowering crops during the growing season, and once the first frost of the year hits they can grow indoors in the autumn and winter months.

Short List of Cannabis Strains to Cultivate in Rochester

1. Red Congolese autoflower: this pure sativa, which is immensely popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs, is a phenomenal way to start your day off right in Rochester.

2. Wedding Cake feminized: this indica-dominant hybrid has a reputation in the cannabis community for hitting quickly, with a head-rush of euphoria that physically unwinds stressed and tired muscles.

3. Platinum Bubba autoflower: this indica-dominant pest-resistant seed strain is an easy one to grow both indoors and out no matter your cultivation skill level.

4. Cereal Milk feminized: this relatively new evenly-balanced hybrid that’s a highly pest, mildew, and mold-resistant seed strain is the ultimate blend of cerebrally rousing and physically soothing effects.

5. White Buffalo autoflower: this fast-acting, fast-flowering seed strain that instills a can-do, positive spirit is one of the hottest strains around for fans of euphoric wake-and-bake sativas.

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