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A tour of historical Albany, New York

Albany, New York is a city of great historical significance to this state, with a number of museums, buildings, and districts to speak testament to that. Albany is home to the New York State Museum, New York State Library, and the New York State Archives. Here you can visit the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, a pristine barren complete with interactive nature exhibits and programming. Washington Park is a longstanding local green space and a popular among local residents. The Shaker Heritage Society offers a glimpse of life in 1848, and the Albany Institute of History and Art is a venerable museum exploring local history and culture.

Celebrate the history and culture of marijuana by placing your order for cannabis seeds, today!

Cannabis seeds for sale in Albany, New York

Once you place your order, your seeds are carefully packaged in either a medical-grade glass vial or discreet packaging before being shipped from our offices in Canada straight to your doorstep. We also back every purchase with our limited 90% germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll gladly replace them at no extra cost.

Can I get Albany medical cannabis seeds shipped to my home?

In New York cities like Albany, the use of CBD-rich medical cannabis has been allowed for patients with qualifying conditions such as ALS, cancer, epilepsy, and inflammatory bowel disease. Shipping Albany cannabis seeds to your US address is as easy as opening a web page and placing an order. Peruse the selection of world-class seed strains on Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, each one picked for their well-known quality and potency.

Which weed seeds can I use if I don’t want to get high?

There are many reasons a user may want to take advantage of the healing properties of cannabis and avoid the uncomfortable feelings associated with it, and as the demand for non-psychoactive strains grow, so does the supply.

Buy cannabis seeds in Albany, New York

Medical cannabis seed strains like CBD Blueberry and CBD Critical Mass are both great examples of this. Though each feature THC, the higher-than-average level of CBD can block the THC, providing medical effects without any euphoric discomfort.

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What happens when I use cannabis?

The most commonly known effects of cannabis are well documented. We’ve all seen the stereotypical user, spaced out, playing video games with a chronic case of the munchies. Cannabis is also considered a potent medical alternative, one that has actually been successfully prescribed for centuries. The question is, why? Cannabis plants produce compounds called cannabinoids – you’ve probably heard of the two most popular, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both these compounds react with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system that is responsible for regulating important bodily functions, including sleep, mood, motor control, pleasure and reward, pain, and memory. THC is psychoactive, and when it reacts with the ECS, users experience that high recreational users enjoy. CBD, on the other hand, is an antagonist to THC, blocking the uptake of the psychoactive compound, while providing a host of medically beneficial effects such as reducing pain and muscle spasticity, encouraging appetite, and inducing relaxation and sleep. Find high quality medical Albany cannabis seeds online when you shop with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

Try our Blackberry Kush cannabis seeds

Best known for its distinctive, skunky but fruity aroma, Blackberry Kush marijuana is one of those mostly-indica strains that is powerfully calming, and excellent for managing chronic pain. Clocking in between 16% and 20% THC, Blackberry Kush marijuana is on the potent side, but this heavy-hitter is excellent for reversing a sour mood and delivering a dose of sweet relaxation that removes stress and anxiety. Coupled with its appealing profile, Blackberry Kush has become popular in the medical community for its ability to deftly reverse mental distresses, insomnia, and side effects related to cancer.

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You can really tell the people who work at Growers Choice love what they’re doing, because they’re doing such a great job. From how easy it is to shop on the website, to the speed and expertise of the customer service, even to the quality of the seeds, I’m just always so happy to be able to deal with such a professional company to get my medical seeds. Keep up the good work, guys!

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