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Is marijuana legal to use in Passaic?

Medical cannabis is legal in Passaic, NJ, but the story is a bit convoluted. Back in 2010, on his final day in office, outgoing governor of the state Jon Corzine signed a “flurry” of bills into law, including bill 119, which permitted the use of medical cannabis for a handful of patients with one of the listed qualifying conditions (including cancer, Lou Gerhig’s disease, severe muscle spasms, and inflammatory bowl disease). Though Governor Chris Christie has always been vocally opposed to the legalization of cannabis in his state, in 2013, a successful bid by the parents of a two-year-old with Dravet syndrome (a form of epilepsy that is resistant to conventional treatment) saw Christie approve a new bill (later dubbed “pot for tots”) that would now allow sick children to benefit from the healing prowess of weed. Once again, in 2016, Christie defied his own stance when he agreed to include post-traumatic stress disorder to the existing list. Looking for the best quality medical Passaic cannabis seeds? You can find them online when you shop with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We deliver!


How can I get a medical cannabis card in Passaic?

Passaic patients have to put in a little work if they want to register for the state’s medical cannabis program, and you have to follow a few steps before you can get your card.

  1. Acquire legitimate medical records or documentation from your primary care giver describing the diagnosis of your qualifying condition
  2. Obtain a signed Physician’s Statement from a physician licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey
  3. Be diagnosed by a physician as having one of the qualifying list of debilitating medical conditions identified by the law (including seizure disorders, severe pain, HIV/AIDS or cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD).

Cannabis seeds for sale in Passaic

Once certified, your physician will begin the online application process for you, and, when completed, you can submit your application to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. Registration with the program is mandatory in order for patients to be protected under state laws.

How can I get weed seeds in Passaic?

Though cultivating cannabis at home is still on the horizon for pot proponents in Passaic, it’s still possible to get your hands on top notch cannabis seeds since they’re considered collector’s items and carry no penalty.

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Rather than run all over the place to find the best quality Passaic cannabis seeds, why not shop online from the comfort of your home? You can find the strains you’re looking for, like Critical Purple and Cinderella 99, all in one place. Our seeds are carefully cultivated, hand-picked and inspected for quality. Each order is sealed in medical-grade glass vials to ensure freshness on delivery, and we ship anywhere in the United States.


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