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Nebraska has had a love-hate relationship with the marijuana industry for decades. While plenty of Omaha residents love it, the state has yet to legalize weed either recreationally or medically. Yet, many citizens are still interested in learning more about marijuana seeds. Read on to learn how to grow marijuana seeds at home.

Throughout its history, cannabis has played a role in shaping Nebraska. Industrial hemp was first brought to the state in the 1880s. While it was used for many purposes, Omaha residents soon learned that smokable marijuana could also be cultivated. Although many residents enjoyed the beauty of smoking some natural herbs, lawmakers cracked down and restricted recreational cannabis in 1927.

However, by the late 1970s, Nebraska decided to partially decriminalize marijuana. The harsher penalties were eased and possession was knocked down to a civil infraction for first-time violators. By 2014, lawmakers discovered that differing cities and counties enforce cannabis laws differently, where some places didn’t see weed as much of an offense and others saw it as a major issue. And while weed is illegal, CBD is legal, so Omaha has cannabis dispensaries throughout the city, meaning there’s still a thriving cannabis community in Omaha!

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Growing cannabis plants at home may save you money in the long run
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Benefits of Cannabis

For centuries, people all over the world have marveled at the wonders of marijuana. While many turn to the cannabis plant for its THC and that classic high it provides, others are interested in various effects. These include upliftment, euphoria, relaxation, and creativity.

On the other hand, many medical patients turn to medical marijuana for its benefits for various ailments and symptoms. These people typically get a prescription from their physician to use marijuana for seizure disorders, chronic pain, and much more. 

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Just as there are numerous reasons to use marijuana, there are also numerous cannabis seeds to choose from. Although they’re all different, they each offer distinctive advantages and disadvantages. The hardest choice is finding your favorite one!


Female plants are the hallmark of feminized weed seeds since that’s all they produce. You don’t have to worry about male plants creeping up on you with these feminized seeds! That means you don’t have to deal with cross-pollination and taking the time to remove unwanted male plants. Instead, healthy, bountiful female plants grow that are synonymous with high-quality weed. 

Feminized seeds are an excellent choice for growers who want more smokable bud since these female plants produce larger yields. They’re also easier to grow and require less work, germinating with ease. With feminized seeds, you can also optimize your space since these marijuana plants don’t take up as much space.

Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana seeds are bred specifically to provide therapeutic effects to medical patients. These cannabis seeds grow into the marijuana that helps individuals suffering from a wide array of medical conditions, both physical and mental. These high-quality seeds are bred specifically to have higher amounts of THC and CBD to give patients the most benefits possible. 

Since they have a higher potency than regular seeds, individuals should follow their doctor’s orders as closely as possible.


When it comes to recreational cannabis, you can choose virtually any type of marijuana seed, including feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, or regular seeds. Any kind will provide you with some of the most popular marijuana strains that smokers enjoy for a wide variety of reasons. Smokers can indulge in countless strains for pure leisure and pleasure!

Recreational smokers typically enjoy their weed for high THC levels that take them sky high to feel bliss and euphoria! Weed enthusiasts also enjoy recreational cannabis to wind down and relax during stressful times.

If that’s not a good enough reason, you can also use this weed for its ability to sedate you to achieve that couch-lock sensation that will make you not want to get up! Plus, recreational cannabis is perfect for socializing since some strains make you more talkative and interactive thanks to its energizing effects. Virtually anything you need, recreational weed has your back!

Hemp Products

Not only are cannabis seeds used for smoking purposes, but also to produce a wide array of cannabis products. They are a top choice for producers since they create so many needed and wanted products like fabric to create clothing, paper, ink, rope, and so much more.

Additionally, hemp is a sustainable crop that’s environmentally friendly since they don’t require any pesticides and much less water than comparable crops. By the way, you should know that hemp products are legal everywhere, including in Omaha and all through Nebraska.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer marijuana seeds produce — you’ve got it — the awesome Jack Herer strain! It’s named after the famous and renowned marijuana activist and is a combination of Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Shiva Skunk. As a result, smokers get a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain that provides a powerful cerebral high and plenty of energizing effects.

Since JH was distributed through a pharmacy, it’s often called a medical-grade strain because many patients have reported that it alleviates numerous symptoms. Also known as Premium Jack or Platinum Jack, Jack Herer is at the top of the list for a reason when it comes to smokers’ favorite marijuana strains!

Selecting the Right Seeds

How do you select the right marijuana seeds? Well, it all depends on what you want your seeds to do for you. Let’s say you’re looking for fast-flowering seed strains. In that case, you want to go for autoflowering seeds since they flower automatically to provide you with bud quicker compared to other seeds. If you’re looking for something easier to grow, you might want to choose autoflowering or feminized seeds since they have high germination rates and can flower regardless of light cycles.

More experienced growers can choose virtually any seed, including regular. These are the perfect seeds to breed to create exciting, new strains that can be customized to suit your needs. And, of course, if you’re looking for physical or mental relief, you can choose medicinal seeds to help you on your quest toward improved well-being. 

Factors When Growing Omaha Cannabis Seeds

If you’re growing cannabis seeds in Omaha, there are several factors to consider. Since marijuana is illegal in the state, the first thing you want to consider is law enforcement because there’s a very real possibility you could face some repercussions. Besides that, you also have to take into account where you purchase your seeds, Nebraska’s unique climate, and the specific environment where your marijuana plants will grow.

Law Enforcement

One of the main things you should consider when planting marijuana in Omaha is the fact that you can face prosecution that could land you in jail or cost you money in the form of hefty fines. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, you must exercise extreme caution because you don’t want to find yourself behind bars.

Seed Bank

This may go without saying, but if you want quality weed, you need to start with a high-quality seed, and that all begins with choosing a trusted seed bank. These online banks are renowned for their ability to offer fresh seeds that will germinate and flower with ease. 

To ensure you’re choosing the best online seed bank, check out customer reviews. They should give you a good inkling of what you have in store. You can also get recommendations from trusted weed growers who know the best when they see it!


If you do decide to grow marijuana in Omaha, you need to consider Nebraska’s unique climate. Nebraska is known for extreme weather, which can include tornadoes with super-strength winds that can do total damage to marijuana plants, including obliterating them.

Outside growers would also have to contend with huge temperature fluctuations, where summers can be extremely hot and winters extremely cold. Due to this, you have to be careful with which strains you choose. Go for sturdier, hardier strains that are known to be able to hold their own in trickier climates. 

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Learn how to keep marijuana plants healthy and free of diseases
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Pests and Diseases

Omaha may not want to admit it, but the state has plenty of pests and diseases that can harm your burgeoning plants. Since Omaha is so involved in agriculture, this news isn’t surprising, so over time, growers have learned how to deal with these unwanted nuisances.

Besides keeping a watchful eye on your plants to be on the lookout for problems, you might want to consider indoor growing as this can be a safer option for many plants. When growing outside, it’s best to start with strains that are pest and disease-resistant. If you don’t, choose organic fungicides and pesticides.

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