Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Columbia

buy top cannabis seeds in columbia

Cannabis seeds for Columbia, Missouri? That sounds cool to us

We’re big proponents of cannabis here at Growers Choice Seeds. The therapeutic and medical benefits of marijuana are quite clear at this point. Specifically, we’re here for the people all over the country that want to grow their own cannabis plants in Columbia, Missouri. Get the benefits of cannabis from your own plants. Here, check out these five top cannabis seed strains!

buy top cannabis seeds purple haze

Purple Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Called the ultimate mood-booster, Purple Haze cannabis seeds produce a happy, cheerful, and euphoric high that also helps in insomnia and restlessness at night. Many users find this strain’s blueberry flavor delicious!

buy the best top cannabis seeds strawberry cough

Strawberry Cough feminized cannabis seeds

As you’d expect from the name, Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds smell like a field of strawberries. This sativa-dominant strain comes with a highly-easygoing and smooth experience without unwanted side effects.

the best top cannabis seeds for sale Zkittlez

Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds

Zkittlez cannabis seeds smell and produce a fragrance that’s reminiscent of sweet candy. This 50/50 strain leans heavily on the indica side in terms of effects, meaning you can count on it to alleviate insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Basically, Zkittlez may get you your “Zs.”

buy top feminized cannabis seeds Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold feminized cannabis seeds

A sativa-dominant strain that’s all about boosting mood and energy, Acapulco Gold leaves you feeling cheerful and euphoric, and it delivers these caffeine-like effects without those pesky jitters.

top cannabis seeds for sale panama red

Panama Red feminized cannabis seeds

Somewhat of an old-school strain, Panama Red marijuana seeds deliver a gentle rush of euphoria to the brain to combat worrisome thinking. This pure sativa can help put you on the right track for the day with a good mood.

Is marijuana legal in Columbia, Missouri?

Part of being a company that deals with customers beyond the borders of our home state of California is knowing every state’s marijuana laws. Here, adults 21 and over are allowed to use marijuana. There is no requirement for a medical license or anything like that. Missouri is a different state, and you have different laws.

Your state does have medical marijuana, but so far that’s as far as things have gotten. Maybe at some point you will join us among the states that have recreational marijuana. It hasn’t happened yet. Now, you may have a medical marijuana license, which means you are allowed to use marijuana. However, states that only have medical marijuana tend to regulate who is allowed to grow it. Although, personal use and commercial business are quite different. After all, you’re not going to be growing plants to sell them.

Top-notch cannabis seeds for you in Columbia

Every cannabis seed isn’t the same. Sure, they may all look somewhat similar. They are seeds of the same type of plant, after all. Every strain we sell is still a strain of cannabis, after all. However, we assure you that cannabis seeds aren’t interchangeable.

Growers Choice puts in the effort to provide the best possible seeds out there. Our fully-feminized seeds all come with a germination guarantee. Your seeds are going to germinate, you can count on that. If they don’t, hey, we’ll stand by what we’ve said and make amends for letting a fault seed slip through the crack. We don’t expect that to happen, but if it does you’re off the hook.

buy top cannabis seeds in columbia

The best way to get cannabis seeds in Missouri

Once you have found the strain or strains you’re interested in, you can order them online through our web store. As soon as your order is placed, your seeds will be hand selected, and then your seeds will be delivered right to you. On a cold day during a Missouri winter, you can stay at home in Columbia and let your cannabis seeds come to you. Growers Choice will make that happen.

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