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Blueberry 80I / 10S 16% THC Evening
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Looking to learn more about cannabis seeds? Grower’s Choice has all the answers you need. Supported by 20 years of industry research, our company is a top resource for learning about and purchasing top-quality weed seeds.

Whether you want to learn more about the different types of O’Fallon cannabis seeds, discover advancements in weed science, or understand how to grow marijuana plants, our website’s learn section is the place to go. Or, if you’re looking to buy some seeds for yourself, you can check out our wide variety of medical, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds.

To make your life even easier, we’ve streamlined our service: now, our top-notch strains are delivered discreetly to your door, removing any bother from your buying experience.


Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in O’Fallon?

Unfortunately, the possession, cultivation, and use of cannabis remain criminally punishable in O’Fallon—even when it comes to medical strains. That being said, cannabis seeds are now legal to purchase across North America: if they have not yet sprouted, they are legal to purchase as “collector’s items” or as “adult novelty souvenirs.”

With this in mind, cannabis laws in the U.S. are changing at a breakneck pace. Now, legalization issues are being debated frequently across the country, with different support groups vying to make it available for both recreational and medical use. To learn more about American cannabis laws and to stay up to date, head over to our blog.

How Do Medical Weed Seeds Work?

Today, medical marijuana is at the forefront of scientific study. In recent years, researchers have found that certain weed seeds can treat different physical and mental disorders, including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and even cancer. This is due to the tiny but mighty cannabinoids, or molecular compounds, that reside in cannabis.

Other ailments that may be treated with medical cannabis include:

  • Tourette Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in O’Fallon

With your wellness and safety at the forefront of our operations, we offer only fresh O’Fallon cannabis seeds with the best genetics on the market. Before our products are even put up for sale, we thoroughly evaluate and test them. This means that you can count on a trustworthy, secure sale—every single time.

Furthermore, we offer a unique 90% germination rate on our cannabis seeds—the highest in the industry. As the primary step in the growth cycle of cannabis, germination is imperative in growing healthy, holistic plants. As such, if you receive any non-viable seeds, we will replace them right away.


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The level of information available on the Grower’s Choice website was extremely useful—especially for a newbie to the world of cannabis seeds like myself. Plus, once I did make my order, my seeds were delivered so fast, I could hardly believe it. The discreet packaging also won in my book. Overall, Grower’s Choice is a great service!

Joseph F., O’Fallon, MO