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Kansas City has long been at the forefront of fighting for the legalization of marijuana. Thanks to plenty of hard work, both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Missouri. The state realizes the wide range of benefits of cannabis and wants its residents to be able to access products that best serve them. And, for all you growers out there, you can even cultivate marijuana at home, so there’s something for everybody!

Marijuana in Kansas City, Missouri

Sprawling and diverse, Kansas City is the most populated city in Missouri and is also the largest in terms of land size. With a nickname like the “City of Fountains,” there’s no wonder that there are more than 200 beautiful and ornate fountains throughout the town. These fountains are a core part of the city’s culture, but there’s something else that’s also critical to this thriving metropolis area: marijuana! Thanks to the unrelenting spirit of marijuana advocates, the city’s residents can enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana and recreational.

Before we get to the good stuff of how to get your favorite strains, let’s take a look at the history of marijuana, the city’s cannabis industry, the types of seeds available, and where to get your favorite marijuana. After all, marijuana and Kansas City go hand in hand!

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Latest on the current cannabis laws in Missouri
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History of Cannabis in Missouri

Even before cannabis was legalized in Missouri, Kansas City was at the helm. Due to a 2017 ballot measure, voters approved decriminalizing possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana. It was approved overwhelmingly with a vote of 75%. Yes, KCMO was ready for legal weed! Other cities followed suit and decriminalized small quantities of cannabis. 

The state’s voters approved medicinal marijuana for residents with various health conditions in 2018. Official medical cannabis sales began in 2020, and currently, there are more than 200 licensed dispensaries in Missouri.

Joining medical cannabis, recreational weed was placed on the 2022 ballot, where voters were eager to approve it. Under the new law, adults over the age of 21 can legally possess up to three ounces of marijuana. For a $100 yearly fee, growers can cultivate up to six mature marijuana plants at home, up to six immature plants, and up to six clones. Additionally, marijuana consumers can purchase their favorite strains at licensed dispensaries. 

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Advantages of purchasing wholesale seeds
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Cannabis Culture in Kansas City

As one of the most rapidly growing industries in the metro area, cannabis is booming and helping to drive the local economy. Boosted by retail sales, weed products are taxed, which adds an influx of extra money that serves a wide range of purposes in the community. In fact, in the first few months after its legalization, the state passed the $1 billion mark in sales.

Since its legalization, the city has enjoyed various marijuana-friendly events like festivals and concerts, as more and more people feel comfortable displaying their love for all things marijuana!

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Advantages of growing autoflowering seeds
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Types of Cannabis Seeds

As Kansas City’s community of growers continues to blossom, you might be interested in learning more about cultivating plants at home. Regardless of your skill level, you need to start with the right weed seeds. Determining your needs and what you’re hoping to accomplish is the first step in deciding which type to choose. The top options you should consider are regular, feminized, autoflowering, and hybrid. 


To all you skilled growers out there, regular seeds are a no-brainer. As far as they go, they are all-natural and have a 50/50 probability of producing male and female plants. Better yet, you can cross the genders to develop an entirely new strain. All you have to do is pick out your two favorite strains, grow them, and cross a male and female from each one to develop your new child with superior genetics!


As far as seeds go, a clear favorite is feminized since they have been cultivated for the sole purpose of producing only female plants. Feminized seeds are ideal for growers who don’t want to have to mess around with male plants. By eliminating them, you reduce the risk of accidental cross-pollination. Further, there’s no time wasted on removing these unwanted male plants. Feminized seeds save you time for improved efficiency!

Why do growers love these seeds? Female plants produce buds that are potent since they are high in THC. Best of all, feminized cannabis seeds produce buds that you can smoke and enjoy. And, if you think about it, these seeds are more economical since you can smoke all the premium flowers!


Beginner growers, don’t worry because there’s something for you as well. The solution is autoflowering seeds since they automatically flower. Thanks to specialized cultivation techniques, these marijuana plants seamlessly go from a state of vegetation to one of flowering without you having to figure out how many hours of light or how much darkness these plants need to move to the flowering stage.

Because they flower so quickly, autoflower strains can start to flower in a mere 7-8 weeks. Additionally, growers can get more harvests in a single season, which means a bountiful load of your favorite marijuana. Since these plants are more manageable due to their size, you can grow them in the smallest of spaces.


Breeders use an extensive process to produce hybrid cannabis seeds, which provide growers with the top characteristics of both sativa and indica. As a result, you can expect some top-notch genetics to give you a premium strain you won’t want to put down! That also means you’ll enjoy classic sativa traits like euphoria, upliftment, and intense focus. With indica, you can expect to feel relaxed and mellow, which is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Benefits of High-THC Strains

Strains are considered to be rich in THC when they contain more than 20% THC. With these high levels, you’ll get more potency, so you’ll feel the effects harder and often for an extended period. The physiological and physical effects can allow you to feel this strain from head to toe, perfect for those who want something stronger.

Benefits High-CBD Strains

Medical marijuana patients often turn to high-CBD strains since they are lower in THC to prevent the classic high while enjoying all of marijuana’s benefits. You can expect these strains to have between 10% to 20% CBD content. Some cannabis users regard these strains as helpful for improving sleep, enhancing mood, and providing varying levels of pain relief. 

Many smokers enjoy high-CBD strains because they are known to be more relaxing to give you a more mellow, chill experience. Without the high, you can expect to feel more clear-headed and able to get more done without worrying about being fuzzy-headed!

Where to Purchase Seeds

By now, you should be a cannabis expert thanks to all this helpful info! The only thing left to do is purchase your seeds to get you started on your journey. That can’t be accomplished without choosing from a reputable seed bank. One of the most reliable ones you can trust is Growers Choice!

We provide the supreme experience from beginning to end. It all starts with our user-friendly website where we give you all the information you need to choose the right seeds. Besides that, we offer an extensive selection of seeds that cover virtually every strain imaginable. With our competitive prices and fast shipping, there’s no better choice than Growers Choice!

Popular Strains in Kansas City

  1. Trinity Feminized Seeds – a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s typically been hard to get but is available for those who want to feel uplifted and euphoric with a high THC content
  2. Platinum Wreck Feminized Seeds – for some wake-and-bake action, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain is what you need to feel energized and uplifted, ready to take on the day
  3. Kandy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – sweet and tasty, this well-balanced hybrid gives you the perfect blend of relaxation and euphoria with a moderate THC level
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