buy the best cannabis seeds in Tupelo

Seeds, whether they be pumpkin, sunflower, or cannabis, can go bad. What does that mean? You invest precious money and time into a garden and for what? Bupkiss. You don’t have to be a horticultural expert to recognize a good seed from a bad, but rest assured when you order your Tupelo cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online you’ll get top quality, fresh seeds delivered to your doorstep, every time.

Is it legal to have weed seeds in Tupelo?

Mississippi is not known for being the most liberal state in the Union (a badge of honor that actually goes to California), but the local government did make the effort to allow patients residing in the state to access medical cannabis as treatment for intractable epilepsy. Access is still quite regulated, with patients only being able to get their hands on CBD-rich extracts.

Best cannabis seeds in Tupelo

That doesn’t mean you can’t purchase top-quality weed seed strains online, however, since weed seeds are considered an adult novelty item when they aren’t germinated, and you can purchase and own them without fear of any kind of penalty.

high thc cannabis seeds for sale in Tupelo

Cannabis seeds for sale in Tupelo

No weed seed collection is complete without the top-quality Tupelo cannabis seeds available for purchase online from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We have combined the experience of our team of horticultural experts to bring out customers the best seed strains available from around the world. Cultivated at our facility, every seed is hand-picked by our team and inspected to ensure viability. We carefully seal every order in medical-grade glass vials, and ship everywhere in the United States.

Buy cannabis seeds in Tupelo

A reputable online vendor like Growers Choice will take the all-important step to inspect each seed before shipping a purchase to a customer, but that doesn’t mean consumers shouldn’t be aware of the signs to look out for that will explain whether your purchase is likely to germinate or not.

What color are the seeds? You want black (or even green!) with a shiny shell, not grey.
Can you crush them if you apply pressure? A fresh seed will be able to withstand the force if you give them a gentle squeeze. A bad one will easily break.
Are there any visible cracks in the shell? Cracks allow the elements access to the delicate material enclosed, causing faster deterioration.

How can I tell if my cannabis seeds are bad?

There’s little more annoying than receiving that much-awaited package of cannabis seeds in the mail only to discover that some (or, worst case scenario, all) of the seeds are not viable, won’t germinate, and therefore won’t produce those sticky, resin-covered colas you’re hoping for. Cannabis seeds are organic material and subject to the laws of nature. Once picked, if they aren’t properly stored and preserved, their quality will deteriorate over time.

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Second time ordering. Great service. Discreet packaging. No way customs would know what was inside. I’ve ordered seeds to my MS home a few times and some of those orders have gone wayward. Friends told me about GC, they had good experiences. I switched it up and I’m impressed. Seeds always fresh, I only let one go at a time but every plant has been beautiful. Highly recommend.

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