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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in the State of Mississippi?

Currently, medical marijuana legislation has not been passed in the state of Mississippi. As of 2020, the state has no medical cannabis laws in place. However, there is some allowable access to medical CBD for patients with a qualifying condition. CBD prescriptions can be obtained from a licensed physician. Additionally, recreational cannabis use, possession, and cultivation remain prohibited. Even industrial hemp cultivation is not allowed. Hemp is an industrial crop; these cannabis plants are negligibly low in THC, and are used to make commercial products like textile, paper, and rope. Many other agricultural states allow for the cultivation of this easy and productive crop, even if they don’t allow cannabis consumption. Regardless of your state’s position on cannabis cultivation, you can legally buy ungerminated cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice Seeds. Because ungerminated cannabis seeds are considered novelty gifts, they are not prohibited for sale or possession in the US. Order your ungerminated cannabis seeds today.

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Anxiety affects everyone at some point in their life. Whether caused by job related stress, tension in your relationship, social situations and expectations, or other pressures, anxiety can seriously impact your life. Marijuana is a natural way to potentially relieve anxiety by providing relaxation and a sense of calm. Try these cannabis seeds for reducing anxiety:

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