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If you’re in the market for high quality Brandon cannabis seeds, then look no further than Growers Choice Seeds. We’re your source for the best fully feminized cannabis seeds online today. All of our cannabis seeds are fully feminized and completely ungerminated, making them legal to buy and own throughout the United States. To get your cannabis seeds delivered fast, order online today. We’ve got dozens of cannabis seeds for you to choose from, including all of your favorite indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, plus high content CBD seeds for medical marijuana patients. Order your seeds online today using our secured server, and we’ll provide fast and discreet delivery right to your door in as little as one week. Shop our extensive selection of high quality marijuana seeds now to get started.

Can I Grow Cannabis Plants Legally in Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi does not currently have any medical marijuana legislation in place at this time, and also prohibits the use and possession of recreational cannabis. However, there is some access to medical CBD allowed for patients with qualifying conditions. The cultivation of industrial hemp is also prohibited. Even though you can’t grow cannabis plants, you can still buy cannabis seeds, as long as the seeds are ungerminated. Cannabis seeds that are not germinated are considered novelty gifts and are legal to buy and own in the US. Find the ungerminated seeds that are right for you in our online inventory today. Growers Choice Seeds carries a huge selection of high quality cannabis seeds, all completely ungerminated. If you’re tired of the draconian cannabis laws in your state, become an advocate and help fight for better access to medical marijuana for residents in Mississippi. Get involved with your local marijuana activism group, call or write your local lawmakers, and make sure you’re registered to vote.

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